* MARS Across the ‘Phoenix Point’ (Aug 2) * Freedom to Rise!

2 Aug

Do you feel the energy shifting and lifting?

MARS crossed the ‘Phoenix Point’ and entered SAG, just 3 hrs before the LEO NEW MOON , with MARS already in SAG!



We Rise Again!

The MARTIAN impulse to move THROUGH, up, and out, into the Light, has been strong over the last while. Sooo much has been provoked and stirred up that’s usually hidden, under the ‘radar’, or in our ‘closet’ and keeps us stuck and disempowered: Resentment, shame, repressed anger… MARS actually helped, with deep emotional agitation to get things unstuck. Always important in the SCO domain, to process all the way through! Sometimes a provocation and ‘detox’ is actually ‘good medicine’, at least in hindsight…

  • What has the ‘Inner Warrior’ in you been processing, esp. in the Astro realm of SCO (house, planets, Sun, Moon?) in Your life, in the last 7 months, since MARS first entered SCO, on Jan 3?
  • How did deep, old anger (MARS retro in SCO, mid-April to end of June) transform?
  • What’s the passion, the magic, and the power that came through in the process?
  • What seemed dead and is resurrected now?
  • How has Spirit ignited you to be on your journey? Maybe you’re already embarking on a new kind of journey, or a seed is planted – with the New Moon!


Just one more ‘Initiation’ challenge for MARS to tackle – in 3 weeks (exact Aug 24) it will pass SATURN which will in the meantime (Aug 13) also move out of retro to direct (see SATURN feature below) – catalyzed by the next Full Moon on Aug 18:
Old limiting beliefs and ‘stories’ (SATURN retro in SAG) are being SEEN (SAG) and acknowledged (SATURN), for having served their purpose. Been there, done that. No more need to revisit, if the pattern / conditioning (probably over the SATURN retro time more and more obvious) instilled a fear in us, and has been holding us back from moving forward and upward in true freedom.

An intentional closure ritual would be a great way of boding farewell to SATURN’s old ways in us.

A week after SATURN’s turnaround, MARS passes that ‘old truck’, and the path and vision will be even more FREE.


Apropos FREEDOM:

* URANUS in ARIES turned retro on July 29 (until Dec 29):


Liberation from Within.


The URANIAN Turnaround (twice a year, from retro to direct – recently end of December, and from direct to retro – recently in July) is a stand-still and ‘gear shift’ in a collective (outer) and transpersonal (inner) way.

URANUS went direct on Christmas Day, Dec 25, 2015. Lots of external, collectively experienced explosive, shocking wake-up calls since then (literally explosions in airports, attacks, shootings, bombings, Brexit surprise, shocking deaths of idols David Bowie and Prince….).

Now we are shifting from primarily outward experiences with URANUS to inner ‘revolution’ and awakening.

Not to say there’s a guarantee for calm waters ‘out in the world’ but the theme is more internalized. It is also an integration of the effects from ‘external URANUS’.

The more we dedicate our energy towards embracing URANian Liberation from within the better aligned we are.

You’re FREE. Have always been.

But maybe NOW is the time to fully wake up to it (URANUS) and move from there (MARS in SAG).

MARS in SAG will go into Spirited FIRE Trine with URANUS in ARIES (which is ruled by MARS) on Sept 17. A gift of freedom-in-motion, and motivation to renew from within.


© 2016 by Melanie Lichtinger




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