* July 25 is the ‘Day out of Time’ & Day of Water *

24 Jul

July 25 in Gregorian Calendar terms is considered A Day out of Time, a ‘vacuum day’ before the New (Mayan Calendar based) 13-Moon year starts on July 26!

The 13 Moons Mayan Calendar New Year is celebrated each year on the first day of the Magnetic Moon (first Moon), on July 26. The year ends on July 24. The day or Kin outside of this time – July 25 – is called Green Day. It was considered by the Maya a special day to prepare the soul for the New, and to create space for play, art, magic, and creativity.
Since 1992 calendar followers gather in different parts of the world to celebrate this special day, with festivals promoting Peace and Unity.
To tune in, in our own nature, we can just co-honour that day by taking Time OUT, and see what emerges in that space…

That July 25 / 26 date was originally correlated with the conjunction of the Sun and Sirius Rising (which will be this year on Aug 8 – stay tuned… J )

Introducing the 13-Moon Calendar http://www.lawoftime.org/thirteenmoon/doot.html states, “The Law of Time distinguishes between a natural timing frequency that governs the universal order, and an artificial timing frequency which sets modern human civilization apart from the rest of its environment, the biosphere. The 13-Moon Calendar is not just a solar-lunar orbital measure but is coded to galactic timing cycles, most notably the Sirius cycle. Through the 13-Moon Calendar, the human consciousness can enter a higher frequency, a galactic consciousness frequency.”



Time is Art. Biospheric Triad: One Earth – One People – One Time


Stepping out of linear Time, into Natural Time, and beyond the 3rd and 4th  dimension into Galactic Consciousness.

This is a BIG theme.

Very apropos the present (2008 – 2023) transit of PLUTO (representing evolution / transformation) through CAP, the Zodiac energy that rules Time. PLUTO’s transit reflects the evolution back to natural law, a resurgence of ancient, timeless wisdom and ways-of-life, and transformation of our human relationship to Time.

What are your experiences of being time bound vs. just-in-time, time-free, timeless?


Astrological timing and working with the time factor for clients is changing now too, with the time paradigm shift.

I keep observing and reflecting back to my clients that the planetary cycles unfold in our collectively conditioned and KNOWN Time, however even more so now in our unique OWN Time:

If our consciousness is ready for the indicated change through an astrological transit (in let’s say 2 – 3 calendar years) we don’t have to ‘go through the motions,’ and ‘wait for the year a transit is ‘due’. It might well be already happening NOW. I’ve seen that over and over in clients and myself. VERY interesting, and liberating. So cool to see and honour this effect. No more ‘old world’ ways of being ‘bound by time’. Our experience of time is so ‘elastic’: speeding up, becoming ‘scarcity’ in a disempowering way, or stretching deliciously, deepening, or ‘standing still’, as it responds to our consciousness.


Timing as syn-chronicity is what I’ve always loved, and it is so cool to attract those when we ‘reset’ our perception and enter IN.

As I did research on Day of Water (which is also associated with July 25) I found the amazing Messages from Water again.


Dr. Emoto’s water crystal research (in short: Water responds to consciousness and intent!). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masaru_Emoto – and  late Dr. Emoto`s birthday was just yesterday, July 22 – Happy Birthday – in Spirit, Love and Gratitude!

Here is one of my favourite Dr. Emoto water crystals:

Water Crystal Sambu-ichi Yushui Spring Water

Sambu-ichi Yushi Spring Water Crystal

Enjoy, take it in, receive its healing information and infusion!


© 2016 by Melanie Lichtinger




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