* URANUS Catalyzed CAP – CAN Full Moon (July 19) * Retour a TA Nature – Return to YOUR (True and Free) Nature!

19 Jul

Quite the ‘electrical’, explosive, erratic, unsettling charge has been building up over the last while – mirrored in world ‘shockers’ like the Nice armed truck attack, the attempted military coup in Turkey… in this past SUN – URANUS week (the SUN squared URANUS exactly on Saturday July 16).

The SUN squares URANUS twice a year (next time Jan 10, 2017).

This one was particularly charged, since

  • URANUS is a stationary ‘Focal Point’ now (mid July to mid Aug), as it’s moving very slooowly from Earth perspective, to turn retro on July 29 (until Dec 29).
  • It happened just before the FULL MOON which will be in sharp T-Square with stationary URANUS. Doesn’t happen very often… see Full Moon chart below!

The URANIAN charge that challenges our sense of safety and our need for security (CAP – CAN axis) is like a lightning bolt that kicks us out of our known comfort zone – which could be also a trap in the past, in a buffered, sleepy cocoon that is too comfortable to dare the leap into the unknown.


A very apropos Voyager Tarot card is The Tower (Major Arcana XVI):


Voyager XII Tower with Text

Voyager Tarot XVI – Tower


As you know, I love weaving Astrology (in private sessions, in co-created workshops and classes) together with the Voyager Tarot deck that is very evocative, and even includes Astrology related symbolism…

Looking at the card, and this description, it becomes even more obvious that captures so much that is happening in the Astro sphere, and collective psychic sphere this days.
Let me reference what I mean by that:


The CAPRICORN Full MOON shows us what could happen if we are strongly ruled and controlled by our needs to be secure, and hang on to old patterns and requirements of ‘getting ready, equipped, prepared’ until it’s finally ‘done’ and perfect – which of course never will….

Esp. if we were born under the CAP MOON (a challenging position, furthest away from CANCER where the MOON is ‘at home’ and nurturance is more a ‘given’), or with other CAP planets, incl. SUN. South Node, or Ascendant, we might have been conditioned through childhood circumstances and ‘soul contracts’, maybe mom or the whole family was very occupied, burdened, or for different reasons didn’t have enough time and (esp. emotional) resources to provide for a safe unconditionally loving environment. We might have ‘grown up too fast’, maybe ‘parented’ our siblings or even parents, neglecting ourselves or not being able to meet our own needs.


Naturally, playing ‘secure’ would be a big compensation strategy. Which could be our ‘Tower’ or ‘Castle of the Status Quo’ where everything is set up ‘just so’ – and it works… And time goes by… (all very CAP)… maybe we proclaim we want to get ready for Day X to change, but that can take forever. Late CAP where the Full MOON will fall also has a VIRGO undertone, so there is a lot of busy-ness and organizing involved, sometimes out of compensating for an inner sense of inadequacy if we are ‘just being’ ourselves. Being occupied by the Tower. Trapped in the Tower, whether a personal, interpersonal, or societal one (or many)… either way…
JUPITER is now also moving into late VIRGO, showing us the bigger picture about all these doing-mode patterns. More is definitely not always better… 🙂

Sometimes it takes external, shocking, yet perhaps liberating ‘shake-ups’ to get us out of it.

Now we’re talking URANUS


The purging Fire in the Tower relates to MARS, presently in late SCORPIO where alchemical purification and transformation happen. MARS will cross over the ‘PHOENIX’ (out of the Ashes) Point, from SCO into SAG on Aug 2 – which is also the day of the LEO New Moon!


Old limiting ‘stories’ and beliefs are now under scrutiny, with SATURN in SAG, which is still ahead of MARS, but soon passed (Aug 24)… MARS seems to be doing the ‘garbage cleaning’… so that the path may be clear soon to go ahead, lighter, and from the Heart! Everything in perfect timing!



Ganesha – Elephant headed Hindu god, known to be the ‘Remover of Obstacles’ on the path.


May Ganesh, the ‘Remover of Obstacles’ deity and ‘guru’ that brings us from the darkness to the light help us SEE and release the obstacles that we’ve been blind too (and bound by)! This Full Moon is also the Guru Purnima – celebration of the (inner and outer) Guru!


Lots of purging liberation can happen now – where Time is suspended, and transcended! While we might be conditioned to believe it takes ‘forever’ the shift can happen in ‘no time’ – if our consciousness is free.

July 25 is the ‘Day out of Time’ – and Beginning of the Mayan New Year – with an interesting theme(!)… more about it in another blog post closer to the day.


URANUS now in late ARIES brings the message:

You’re FREE. Have always been. But maybe NOW is the time to wake up to it.


Prometheus, capturing the fire of spirit and creative inventiveness from the Gods for Humanity.


URANUS is the planetary Archetype of Promethean spirit – a revolutionary, liberating, paradigm shifting energy. Prometheus  in Greek mythology brought the Fire of the Gods (guarded away from humans, on their ‘elite’ mountain Olympus) to Humanity. Yes, he was punished for that ‘hubris’ at first, but very resilient, and ultimately liberated through Shamanic Chiron…. http://www.islandnet.com/~licht/lilith_asteroids.htm#chiron


The CAP – AQ cusp where the Full Moon will be is (well, I call it) the ‘Prometheus Point’ (seriously!) of the Zodiac, where we not only climb up the mountain to the very summit (like a good CAP goat) but bring the gifts and ‘trophy’ down to Humanity, for all to share. And we cooperate with people who are also accomplished / masterful / mature, and build networks of co-creation.


Prometheus NYC

Liberating ‘Golden Boy’ Prometheus at the Rockefeller Centre NYC, surrounded by the Zodiac belt..


Hmmm, interesting themes pop up round modern Mount Olympus phenomena nowadays…: Who keeps the Fire from Humanity…?

What matters and empowers is:

What sets us FREE?


The Sabian Symbol for the SUN at the Full Moon opposition says:

‘Retour a la Nature’… (see below).

To which I respond, with the URANUS Catalyst:
Retour a TA Nature – Return to YOUR (true and free) NATURE!


Also very apropos, re: taking the leap, from old limiting beliefs…:
This cartoon to the left by Grant Snider, that came my way last week, via a ‘Daily Good’ blog http://www.dailygood.org/story/900/making-the-leap-grant-snider/ that one of my fb friends posted.


Making The Leap G. Snider

Says it all…

Recognizing yourself in one or several of those? 🙂 I did…


Maybe the FULL MOON isn’t so intensely URANIAN Charged for you, and you experience the liberation in softer and more ‘YIN’ ways.

Then, the Dynamic Polarity between CANCER SUN and CAPRICORN MOON calls to be bridged between


CAPRICORNIAN Lunar responsiveness to Wise and Calm Elders (or be the Elder yourself), walking your talk, and setting an example for simplicity, integrity, high quality, being content with less, while well sustained by regenerative natural powers:

Build the Boat / Abode  / Purpose (or Bridge even) you wish to BE – together with Elders, Spirit Elders, and Masters, for the liberation of all – Full Moon on the ‘Prometheus Point’.


the Solar late CANCERIAN child-like creativity (CAN – LEO is the ‘Creativity Point’ of the Zodiac) and playfulness, in warm, safe resonance: 

Live your Life with Joy, and Go with Your (spirit or blood) Tribe!


The Wise Elders / Grandparents and the Young (at Heart) are invited, if not required, to meet and gather!

And isn’t that what Humanity, societies, families, and groups need nowadays, and we all need to reconcile WITHIN us:

The Elder and the Child. Experience and Innocence.


* The Full Moon Chart

So here’s the Full Picture of the Astro Hologram of the Full Moon in CAP – CAN, and her ‘Entourage’:


CAP - CAN FM 2016 T-Square Uranus


  • Can you see the T-square from the FULL MOON axis to URANUS (which is now stationary – to go retro on July 29)?


  • MARS end of SCO, coming closer to the ‘Phoenix Point’ (cusp with SAG) which it will cross on   Aug 2 – the day of the LEO New Moon!


  • Grand Water Trine, of MARS in late SCO, SUN in late CAN, and CHIRON retro in late PI – softens the influence of the sharp cardinal T-Square, and brings Healing Medicine (MARS trine CHIRON just happened for the 3rd and last time on July 16) as we release, relax, and open up to the gifts of interconnectivity.


  • MERCURY & VENUS both in LEO are still close together (their union was exact on July 16), and in Fire trine with SATURN retro in SAG (MERCURY trine SATURN today July 18, VENUS trine SATURN on July 20): Intentional, grounded, heart-centred communication is very supported – and we might re-connect in ‘no-time’ with people whom we haven’t talked to in a long time – LOVE is the SPIRIT that ‘removes obstacles’!


  • JUPITER is still close to the Lunar North Node in VIR: Practice IS perfect! JUPITER has left the opposition with NEPTUNE in PI that was strong in Spring, esp. May (“Such a mess, so overwhelming, so much to do to bring order into ‘chaos’…!”). Often, the best thing we could / can ‘do’ is to bring ourselves into a good vibration, and act from there.


  • JUPITER will go into opposition with CHIRON in PI (was already last Nov), exact Aug 12: Reaping the harvest of doing our self sufficient ‘smart and crafty thing’, while being open, connecting, allowing, being flexible, receiving, and going with the flow… a balancing practice.



* Sabian Symbol for the Full MOON Degrees (SUN, MOON, and stationary URANUS) *

Let’s see what the Sabian Oracle has to say about the energy of their Zodiac degrees…:

The SUN of the FULL MOON opposition will be at 27°40’ CANCER.

28° CANCER says (please note: Dane Rudhyar’s interpretation was written in 1973 – 43 years ago!):



Re-introducing Myself to Nature (with Capricornian Oaks & Rocks) – Photo by Melanie, July 2016

Keynote: Inner rebirth through a total acceptance of the primordial values manifest in the human body and its natural functions.

Even as this symbol was formulated in the clairvoyant’s mind, a few individuals belonging to the American intelligentsia were trying to find in their absorption into the culture of the Indian pueblos of the Southwest a solution to their intellectual artificiality and personal emotional emptiness. Fifty years later this process has gained great momentum, especially among the disenchanted youth of our affluent middle class. The soul – or in Jungian terms, the ‘anima’ – is leading the sophisticated and colorless (white) intellect to a level of consciousness at which man can again operate in tune with the vast process of the biosphere, and recover the simplicity and the inner peace which city life and business deny…

What is shown here is an emotional and warm commitment to the RETURN TO NATURE which today appeals so strongly to the new generation, but which Jean Jacques Rousseau, , many great Romanticists and Gauguin long ago advocated and exemplified.”


The MOON of the FULL MOON opposition will be at 27°40’ CAPRICORN.

28° CAPRICORN says:



Large Heron ‘Nesting Aviary’ – photo by Melanie, July 2016

Keynote: The enjoyment of spiritual values by the soul able to familiarize itself with their implications.

Birds symbolize spiritual forces, and the aviary presents us with a picture of these forces or desires contained  within a mind open to the light of psychic or Soul realities, and bringing joy and harmony to the consciousness. The strenuous ascent represented by the preceding scene (27° CAP) changes into a picture of familiarity with inspiring experiences. Yet this familiarity may also suggest a lack of spontaneity and of the thrill of discovery. To use modern terms, the peak experiences have become those of a high plateau, at which level one may loose one’s sense of direction at times.

The youthful effort to reach the summits of cultural and spiritual attunement has settled down into a complex state of inspiration, a state which at times may bring confusion because of the multiplicity of the voices to which one has become open. One may speak here of CLAIRAUDIENCE, meaning a capacity for being responsive to many inner voices.”


  • Having ‘found our place’ up in the heights where the air is thinner, and other ‘rare birds’ are nesting…?
  • A sophisticated, perhaps complex ‘nesting place’ – many voices, outer and inner…
  • “Now as I made it up here, and found my place amongst my peers, is that IT???” Hmmm, could be another `Tower`, even!
  • What does the inner Spirit voice say?


URANUS is now stationary at 24°28’ ARIES, and will go retro on July 29 at 24°30’ ARIES.

Since URANUS will go retro before reaching 25°, I chose the 24th degree here:

24° ARIES:


 Curtains Breezejpg

Keynote: Openness to the influx of spiritual energies.

The principle of abundance is brought to a further stage in this rather cryptic symbol. Physical fruition is shown operating at a more subtle and spiritual level. The wind (pneuma, spirit) blows through the open mind-window and brings into the house of personality a promise of more-than-material potency. Wind blown from a region of high pressure to one of low pressure. As the window curtains are blown inward, the individual consciousness represented by the house is receiving a more concentrated influx of spiritual energies, enabling this consciousness to extend the scope of its awareness and creative expression.

This message… is that inner growth demands not just an open mind but one able to provide a container for a spiritual harvest. The cornucopian shape of the window’s curtains suggests that the subtler translucent aspect of the mind (the curtains) has acquired a quality of plasticity enabling it to be MOLDED BY TRANSPERSONAL FORCES.”


Very apropos the present ‘stormy’ URANIAN influence:

  • A fresh Spirit breeze into open minds!
  • Certain liberating realizations might indeed blow our minds!
  • Rather than going for external or sensational thrill (which is abundantly available nowadays) let’s tune into the URANIAN / Promethean gifts that liberate us FROM the mind-matrix and FOR a truly free and open mind!


So what’s this interesting trio of Sabian Symbols for the Cardinal T-Square of SUN / MOON / URANUS telling us, in combination, in summary?

URANUS is guiding, since it will be stationary at that degree all July and August, into mid September!

A theme for the SUMMER:

Back to Nature, to our inner nature, flying high and nesting with our Spirit tribe, yet even there, not getting too settled, and staying open to transpersonal shifts and gifts that truly liberate and change us!


© 2016 by Melanie Lichtinger




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