* CANCER New Moon, with Healing Grand Water Trine… Conceive & Receive!

4 Jul

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‘Beach Perspective’ clears the Mind and Heart, and helps in many ways…
Hope you are enjoying the Cancerian Season thus far, on the Shoreline, and / or with Family or Spirit Family!


Warm Summer Greetings,

Dear Reader in Beautiful Victoria, on Vancouver Island, on the Pacific West Coast,

Or physically further away on Planet Earth, yet well connected, in our Cosmically Attuned Astro Community!



Just in time: Islandview Shoreline with hidden Dog. Walk with friends there this weekend – so good for the Soul! Photo by Melanie



This first summery Astro~News called to be short and sweet…
You might like it just as much as I do…
Keeping it consistent with the themes of the NEW MOON (with MERCURY and VENUS ‘Entourage’) in CANCER (What Nurtures?) opposite PLUTO retro in CAPRICORN (Less is More, Priorities and Essentials Matter).


I had a beauty-full long weekend, with lovely friends and events, ocean walks, great fresh air… so a good night’s sleep into the cozy CANCER NEW MOON is what MY inner Astro Doc prescribed.

Letting the inner conception be planted, in Lunar darkness. Maybe you too… ❤


Since we all ‘survived’ MARS Retro which ended last Wed June 29 we can take a rest from all the stir-ups and provocations now, and be open to receive the exquisite Healing Gifts from the Grand Water Trine between VENUS in CANCER, MARS in SCO, and CHIRON retro in PI (active all July). You can see the triangular configuration in the NEW MOON chart below.


Uhhh, and soo much WATER now astrologically anyhow, with SUN, MOON, and quite a few planets in Water Signs (see chart).

Let’s tune – and dive! – into the Fluidity of Life, as our emotions and needs keep changing (CAN), as deep transformational changes that are ‘out of our control’ keep happening, even in the body (SCO), and as the energetic Fabric of Life shows us that we are, and all is connected. Actually, there is just Oneness of Life (PI).


Dolphin Mates

“How can I be connected with the Quantum Field?” you may ask…. You ARE IN the Quantum Field. That’s like a dolphin asking, “How can I be connected with the Ocean?”



Here it comes:

The FIRST New Moon in Summer 2016 happens tomorrow Monday July 4, at 4:01 am PDT in mid Cancer – La Luna’s zodiacal ‘home domain’.


Johfra Bosschart Cancer

Johfra Bosschart: The Moon Rules Cancer


Can you feel the pull of the Ocean Mama, back to Home Sweet Home? –

Whatever that means to you: Literally to your Home and your Family, to your Spirit Home, to the Land you call Home, or to the Home of your Innermost BEING….?

What are you ‘conceiving’ of these days? Where do you feel you belong?

The CAN New Moon is an excellent time for new beginnings, when it comes to HOME, CARING / NURTURANCE, and BELONGING.
Where mid CAN falls in your chart (houses, planets there) is where a seed is being planted, where ‘conception’ and new Beginnings take place (perhaps ‘in the dark’ for the time being).


Mid CAN in your 2nd house: A new ‘conception’ of your values and assets – and literally your physical home; 5th house: New Beginnings for your Inner Child, your children, and your creativity; 11th house: New start for your home in community….


Voila, here is the CANCER New Moon chart:


CAN NM 2016

Check out the polarity of SUN / MOON / MERCURY and VENUS, all in CAN, with PLUTO in CAP – an invitation / incentive if not necessity to integrate and balance the themes of:

  • Our needs (CAN) and what’s sustainable in the long run (CAP)
  • Family (CAN) and Ancestors (CAP)
  • The needs of the People (CAN) and a change in government (PLUTO in CAP)
  • Home and belonging (CAN) and deep soul purpose (PLUTO in CAP)


Definitely an important New Moon for our neighbours South of the border:


Happy Independence Day, dear Readers in the United States!

May your U.S. Birthday New Moon set the tone for a pre-election time that meets the soul of the country and the people (PLUTO opposition), so that change for the better takes on a life of its own!


Can you see the Grand Water Trine too, with VENUS in CAN, MARS in SCO, and CHIRON retro in PI?

Offering Healing Gifts for the Inner and Outer Masculine and Feminine, and for the Journey from our Power Centre to our Heart Centre.


Couple Sunset


What a nice timing for our Astrology of Relationships Journey that starts on Monday July 11 (5- or 8-week options). https://www.facebook.com/events/919970094816159/

For the more advanced participants. We have 2 – 3 spaces open. Call me if you’d like to find out more about it, and to discuss whether it could be a good fit for you.


A Beginners / All Levels Summer Class (likely Voyager Tarot & Astrology) will start with the Aug 2 LEO New Moon.

I’m open for other suggestions for courses too!

Will post it on Facebook soon. Stay tuned.

Still relatively flexible with timing, except for Mondays. Let me know if you’re interested and only certain days of the week work. Merci!

You can join both courses also via Skype! Virtually in the room with us.


Many Heartfelt Summer Blessings!

Enjoy this Body-Mind-Spirit Nurturing Season!


© 2016 by Melanie Lichtinger





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Web: https://en.gravatar.com/melanieastrology


  • Serving you with astrological guidance and perspective, pointing you to your inner ‘cosmic compass’.
  • I’d love to inspire you to be in alignment with, and smoothly ‘ride’ those (‘auspicious’ or ‘challenging’) waves of cosmic energies that present themselves at a given time, and, similar to climate and weather, affect our human energy field.
    Why? Because it leads to eye opening awareness, growth, healing, release, transformation, and you can feel connected with the bigger evolution. Ultimately, you can dwell in a witnessing place ‘in the hub of the wheel’ where you are less and less affected, and more and more liberated.
  • The birth chart is an incarnational map to identify your ‘original imprint’ and themes that are showing up as ‘issues’ in your life.
    I help you see how you don’t need to be unconsciously identified WITH them, and they don’t have to run your life.
  • I’m always happy to welcome you as a client who is not seeking a ‘reading’ (“What’s going to happen TO me?”, “What am I supposed to do?”) from me, but to be supported in accessing your own wisdom source,especially in times of a challenging transitions, stuckness, transformational crisis, or for perspective at a crossroad, dilemma, or decision making processes. 

This is to empowered and liberating ways of working with Astrology!


During the month of JULY, I’d like to offer you as a NEW Client a FREE 22-min. Short & Sweet Get-to-know Mini Session (available for max. 5 clients per week)!



In person here in Victoria, or via Skype from the comfort of your home or holiday! 

To book, please call me at 250 381 4299, or reply to these Astro~News, with the subject line: 22 FREE.



Let your friends know about this sweet offer too!

Looking forward to meeting you and them!



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