* JUPITER meets the Lunar North Node in VIRGO on June 25: Initiation into Wholeness

24 Jun

VIRGO themes have been magnified and ‘expanded’ over the last year, since JUPITER, in its 12-year cycle, entered last August the sign of health, wellness, wholeness, service, and alignment.

Big misunderstanding about the astrological effect of JUPITER: It doesn’t just automatically make things ‘good’ and ‘lucky’ – that’s the superficial stereotype, not the Archetype.
With ‘expansive’ JUPITER the themes around its transiting area get bigger, magnified, so that we can SEE (JUPITER literally rules sight, as in eye sight and insight, and outlook) better what’s going on, and what the opportunities for growth (which could mean: outgrowing an old conditioning) are.
So let’s look at it this way…:

Have you also experienced more ‘problems’, ‘technical issues’, misalignment, illness, dysfunctionality, practical things to figure out, fix, and work out, showed up, maybe much more than ‘usually’, in the last while, and over the last year?

“I thought JUPITER was a ‘good thing’!”
Well, with JUPITER things get bigger so that they can get better…

So it’s for example also an opportunity to learn how to become more savvy and self sufficient.
I had my own share of it, playing itself out on my computer… the technician in Delhi who worked via remote control for hours in my computer said in the end, after I had asked him educated questions round updates and drivers (from ‘boot camp experiences’ over the last months):”You’re becoming really tech savvy…”. Well, yeah, something I wouldn’t have chosen to go into, since it’s not my genre but hey, gotta know something about what’s ‘under the hood’.

JUPITER in VIRGO gives us incentive to bring ‘order into chaos’, in our daily life and ‘operations’, to be grounded in a practical, organized way, a
nd to align ourselves with what brings us back to health and wellness, where we operate best.

I know many people with VIRGO accentuation, clients, friends, and my extended family, who’ve had a lot of health issues to deal with over the last year.
The holistic body-mind-spirit ‘system’ showing where things are not aligned and ‘well’ / whole. Symptoms are signals that want to show us something we need to SEE in a BIGGER way…

I’d love to support you and your loved ones with holistic, archetypal astrological perspective if you / they are open to a process that leads to growth from within.
Please feel welcome to contact me any time. 

JUPITER in VIR might bring up (in our conditioned personality) hyper self-consciousness, ‘smallness’, inadequacy, non-perfection.
In ueber-VIR mode, we may tend towards perfectionism, often out of overcompensation for ‘not feeling (good) enough’, and that we have to prove ourselves through ‘doing’. A lot of these limiting patterns that keep us ‘small’ would have become more obvious and ‘bigger’ too, under JUPITER in VIR, so that we can outgrow them through self awareness, and (maybe self-)mentoring.
Practice IS perfect, has therefore been one of my favourite JUPITER in VIR mantras.
And it is good to know that actually, we are whole and complete, as Soul, as Self.


4 R

Virgo and Mercury, by Johfra Bosschart – As Above so Below… Bringing “Heaven to Earth”, and Working in Integrity and Alignment with the Higher Self.

What a beautiful, deeply symbolic depiction of VIRGO the Priestess of purity and integrity…

How have you brought yourself back into integrity this year, into Operating from soul and Higher Self?

Gratitude for the ‘little’ / not-so-little things, like health, being able to being of service, the gifts of nature on a daily basis that we often ignore…. Adopting little rituals and health routines could have been other gifts of JUPITER in VIR.

Still time to ‘harvest’ those, and put then into our ‘cosmic basket’ this Summer – JUPITER will be in VIR for 2 1/2 more months, until Sept 09.

JUPITER turned direct in mid-May, and will speed up in the next while – chance are we actually reap its benefits also externally more clearly, with things improving, and operating more smoothly (maybe because we’ve done lots of ‘homework’ in the last while). It’s becoming also much easier to ‘get organized’, ‘tackle a project’, figure out what’s the best way of being of service, and get back to health and wellness – generally speaking.


Additionally, the Lunar North Node has been in VIR too, since Oct 2015, until May 2017. A cosmic incentive to do what’s in alignment with our Higher Self (as mentioned, VIRGO loves that ‘vertical alignment’), and honour our inner ‘Priestess’ in her ‘Temple of Wellness and Sacred Service’.

A ‘highlight’ time for all our placements in VIR is on now end of June, exact tomorrow June 25, when JUPITER and the North Node align / trade places (JUP goes forward, while the Nodes, as always, go retro) in mid-VIR. You can see the alignment already in the Full Moon and Solstice charts in the last posts.
A double (JUP and NN) incentive, boost, and opportunity.

JUPITER and North Node in VIR are also counter-balanced by NEPTUNE and CHIRON in PISCES where the Universe ‘provides’, where we are all / IT is ALL connected.

Earth YinYang

The MOON in PISCES in unison with NEPTUNE tomorrow Sat June 25, and with CHIRON on Sun June 26 accentuates the need for BALANCE.

So maybe a ‘marriage’ of both the VIRGO and the PISCES qualities is to see how things that are meant to happen align sooo nicely – but some human Piscean flexibility and a little Virgoan ‘work on it’ is necessary too – and sooo rewarding!
And when they aren’t aligned (VIRGOan discernment helps) – can we let them go, with ease and grace? All good, all ONE.

© 2016 by Melanie Lichtinger




My Invitation

If the above described themes speak to you, if you feel the resonance and could use support in your journey drop me a line, and we can set up a private Astrology referenced consult session. Or maybe it’s time to fully benefit from a 3- or 5- sessions coaching sequence? Email me, and we can customize it.

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  1. Melanie Lichtinger August 4, 2017 at 9:44 pm #

    Oh thank you, Fernanda!
    The painting is by Johfra Boschart. Lammas Greetings from Victoria BC Canada! ❤

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