* ‘Blue Galactic’ SAG – GEM Full Moon (II) (June 20): Honouring and Building Tribes in Integrity

20 Jun

Welcome, dear Reader in the Astro Spirit Tribe, to this Summer SoUlstice Full Moon Cosmic Update!

While we’re honouring our Fathers and Forefathers (not just) today, the count-down is ON, for the FULL MOON on the very, very end of Spring, just 11 hrs before Summer Solstice!
Both ‘events’ happen tomorrow Mon June 20! – in the Western World – June 21 will be Summer Solstice in CET and East of that.

This will be the second SAG – GEM Full Moon this year (the first one was on May 21, on the first day of GEMINI) – a ‘Blue Moon’, zodiac wise 🙂

The Full Moon will be at the very end of SAG (pointing to the Galactic Centre!) – I call the SAG – CAP cusp also ‘Integrity Point’ of the Zodiac….

What a powerful energy guiding us into the Sacred Turning Point of the Summer Solstice!



Fragrant Discovery… Rose Garden Bounty – Photo by Melanie, June 2016


Here’s a brief INTRO / OVERVIEW, for those of you who’d like the gist of things first, or are not up for the full-on menu:

How have you been moving with the energies lately?

What’s moving you?

MOVEMENT has been a big theme lately, catalyzed by the Mutable Grand Cross that the GEMINI New Moon on June 4 ‘came with’ – remember? Or have things moved and shaken so much in your life that 2 weeks seem ages ago – all new and different now?

And even if outer movement, going here or there, according to OUR own expectations / agenda, or based on ‘old stories’ has been frustrated and not available, that’s completely ‘normal’ under SATURN in SAG retrograde, and MARS in SCO retro too.

Both are celestial pointers to go inward-backward, and

  • Find our Heart’s Calling first, before aiming to go here or there, since SATURN retro in SAG – still until Aug 13, teaches us a big deal about: It matters first where we come from, before we go ANYWHERE.
  • Another priority has been to bravely approach those dark, hidden, shadowy corners in our psyche and ‘underbelly’ that we usually hide, even from ourselves, AND to find magic and power through transformation of what has been repressed in us, from within, and / or from ‘the past’ (MARS retro in SCO).
  • Just yesterday, June 18,  MARS retro / stationary in SCO was into exact quincunx alignment with URANUS in AR. This transit is in effect (due to MARS’s and URANUS’s slow motion these weeks) since mid-June, and until end of July!
    What’s the gist of their combined energies, in ‘weird and wonderful quincunx’ (5 signs apart)?
    Breakthroughs, revelations, and surprises. Expect the unexpected! Not ‘just’ outwardly in the news etc., but also, and especially, from the inside out.

How about a transformed, and naturally deeply empowered Masculine (MARS retro-to-direct in SCO on June 29) emerging (UR in AR), and stepping forward, in the face of sad recent phenomena of old-world-consciousness that bears violence and wars, through the ‘matrix’ of competition / separation / separateness?

That’s what I hold space for, and invite into our world, (not only) on this Father’s Day weekend!


SUMMER 2016 starts with the Full Moon pointing to the Galactic Centre (very end of SAG) where we are called to bring our spirited wisdom (SAG) into manifestation (CAP), and where stories (SAG) turn into traditions (CAP). Therefore I call that Zodiac energy also ‘Integrity Point’. That’s the Winter Solstice Point in fact – the SUN crosses it on Dec 21.


Today, Sunday, June 19, I was honoured to attend  the Aboriginal Cultural Festival here in Victoria – on Coast Salish Land, with a very moving tour to the Totem Poles with aboriginal artist and anthropologist Andy Everson, stories about their ways of connecting with the Ancestors, their making, their symbolism… and how aboriginal culture had been violated and outlawed, after ‘first contact’ with the colonialists, out of ignorance and arrogance. Thankfully, many peoples persevered (and went ‘underground’) to retain their traditions. How to reconcile, how to honour….?!

Honouring and speaking from the wisdom of the ancestors, our tribe, our origin, our traditions, and Walking out Talk are all big themes for this Full Moon on the SAG / CAP cusp, opposite the SUN on the GEM / CAN cusp.

  • What are you called to speak and act on behalf of?
  • What are the stories and traditions that you pass on?
  • What is our tribe and what are our ancestors anyhow, in this multi-dimensional world? Ancestors and Tribes by blood, through history, through the land and place we share, in spirit…




Totems of the Land – Photo by Melanie, June 2016. This one shows how the supernatural Thunderbird reveals a Human inside. As Andy Everson explained, the Totem Animals can transform, and shed their skin, to show the Inner Human – we’re all deeply connected.


Well, and then, the Galactic Centre with its Supermassive Black Hole https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Galactic_Center that the Full Moon in very late SAG points to is also an energetic ‘Rabbit Hole’ – where anything can happen…

DSC01873 - Copy

Rabbit Epiphany (first one I ever saw in the park – in 16 years) – Photo by Melanie, June 2016


Some of us, in the Embodied Astrology constellation group on Thursday stepped into this Vortex of the Unknown, the Unknowable, more than ‘just’ a magical place. Sublime emptiness… also tapping into the vibrations of SATURN square NEPTUNE (their aspect was – for the second time – exact yesterday June 17) – a container for the intangible, ineffable… the ‘Hub of the Wheel’.


And here is the ‘FULL MENU’ with Chart:

* ‘Blue Galactic’ SAG – GEM Full Moon (II) (June 20)Honouring and Building Tribes in Integrity



Honouring Traditions, and passing them on to the young ones – Photo by Melanie, Aboriginal Cultural Festival June 16 – 19, 2016. So honoured to having witnessed teachings and traditional dances today, and being welcomed here on this land.


The SAG – GEM Full Moon (II – since the first one this year occurred on May 21) will be exact at 4:02 am PDT tomorrow MoOnday June 20.

Tonight will be the Full Moon night.

While tomorrow night will be the Summer Solstice night.


Let’s dive right IN, and hear what the astrological Full Moon energies have to say:

SAG - GEM FM (II) 2016

So there is the Full Moon polarity that calls us to ‘marry’ these opposites:


The  SUN and VENUS on the GEM / CAN Summer Solstice point, and the MOON at the end of SAG, on the Winter Solstice ‘Integrity’ point / cusp with CAP, approaching PLUTO (their exact encounter will be on Tue June 21 at 12:16 pm PDT).

Can you feel the pull between the two?

  • The de-light-ful, youthful, playful, butterfly and fairy like energy of GEM / CAN that likes to ‘sample’ the multiplicity of life. It’s a ‘sibling / family’ vibe, kids running around and playing. Life is young, so much to learn… and flirt with.
  • The more ‘wise and ancient’ energy of the SAG / CAP cusp, where we are called to be the grown-ups, the ones we were looking for or looking up to, and walk our wisdom.

And nowadays / -years (2008 – 2023), with PLUTO in CAP, we’re called to be the change-making grown-ups in this age, and live from deep integrity, sustained by and stewarding the Earth, yet also transform suppressed energies of our ancestors, and not carry inner sabotaging burdens.

Yep, definitely a more ‘weighty’ energy over there with MOON / PLUTO.  But as I said, not meant to be depressing or paralyzing (even though that can be a ‘side effect’ of the change-as-in-purge). Old structures whose vibes we carry are slowly transforming, and there is more lightness on the other side. It’s like using clean energy and resources that don’t rape and pollute the Earth anymore, and to come back in alignment with Natural Law.

URANUS in AR has something to say about that element of renewal, innovation, and awakening.


  • So what could a Bridge between these ‘two sides’ of SUN / VENUS and MOON / PLUTO on the Solstice Points look like?

Literally, a multi-generational CommUnity Building, where young ones and Elders are naturally in the tribe. And ‘Tribe’ can happen in many ways: through biological family / historical-emotional connection, affinity / resonance with one another, common purpose to build something that also gives a sense of belonging, Spirit tribe… you name it.

I’d suggest, with PLUTO in CAP, what matters is the Soul Connection, Soul Work, Soul Purpose.


  • Other ‘players’ involved in the picture are:

Another mutable T-square / soon Grand Cross (similar to the one at the GEM New Moon), now with MERCURY in mid GEM involved, in the Zodiac area of the New Moon on June 4:

What has been conceived then can be communicated and connected now. Maybe literally new connections with like-minded people were made, and new movement, new gatherings and building result from there. On the Summer SoUlstice (see chart below) the Grand Cross starts to come into effect.


  • In that mutable energy is also quite a magnet: JUPITER and the Lunar North Node, united (exact on June 25) in mid VIR. A rare alignment – last time in Feb 2009 in AQ. Special feature Astro~News blog to follow, closer to the day.

For now-here / first impression: Also an incentive and opportunities for Integrity, and (Re-)Alignment – important themes for VIR.


  • Finally, MARS is stationary now (slowly turning around from retro to direct – yes, indeed! – exact on June 29) while going into aspect relationships with stationary

CHIRON in PI, via trine, and with stationary URANUS in AR, via quincunx. Special MARS Retro-to-Direct Feature below!

This weekend, June 18 / 19, MARS retro / stationary in SCO went into exact quincunx with URANUS in AR. This transit is in effect (due to MARS’s and also URANUS’s slow motion these weeks) since mid-June until end of July! What’s the gist of their combined energies, in ‘weird and wonderful quincunx’ (5 signs apart)?
Breakthroughs, revelations, and surprises. Expect the unexpected! Not ‘just’ outwardly in the news etc., but also, and especially, from the inside out (MARS retro to direct on June 29). How about a transformed, and naturally deeply empowered Masculine (MARS retro-to-soon-direct in SCO) emerging (UR in AR), and stepping forward, in the face of sad recent phenomena of old-world-violence and competition / separation consciousness? That’s what I hold space for, and invite into our world.

The MARS – URANUS quincunx was already exact on Feb 5 when MARS was direct (yes! MARS has been in SCO for the longest time, since Jan 3!), now it happens again under MARS retro, and finally again under MARS direct, on July 13. A lot going on this year that stirs up old hidden, dark, shadowy spots in the collective human and personal psyche (MARS in SCO), to be released into the light of what’s here-now, awake and ready for rebirth (URANUS in AR). AR is ruled by MARS, so no wonder if there are flare-ups of aggression and provocative ‘stings’ as part of the process…. The present MARS retro phase calls us to own and transmute our inner, old stuff related to it. In July is the final quincunx, an integration phase.

Simultaneously, we’re also under the influence of an auspicious trine from MARS retro with CHIRON in PI. The most recent, ‘middle’ contact was already exact on June 12, the first one on Feb 9, and the last one will be on July 17. Goes to show, both aspects between MARS and URANUS, and MARS and CHIRON are synchronized.

The Water Trine between MARS and CHIRON brings out deep vulnerability, but also the Medicine of unity, forgiveness, release (CHIRON in PI), as we bravely go into the ‘uncomfortable’, and allow things to be transformed and healed. Also, lots of things stirred up now, under the stationary / MARS retro ‘middle’ aspect. To be integrated this Summer.

Loooots been going on in healing and liberation processes for many of us, since early this year!!!

Now, in June and July, is a big phase for forgiveness on all levels, and setting ‘us and them’ free!

That too is part of living and building in integrity, together with our human and more personal Tribes.


* Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon Degree

The FULL MOON will be at 29° 32’ SAG (see chart above)

30° SAG says:

Pope Francis Blessing



The need to pay homage to traditional values upon which the invisible community of the spirit is built.

The concrete integration of myriads of human individuals within a great religious institution with a long tradition reflects, as well as having produced century after century, an invisible spiritual community. The “flag bearer” (26 SAG) has now become the “Pope”, who assumes the role of God’s representative on Earth. It is a role, but culture is based on embodying great images and deeply moving symbols in physical reality. The symbol asks of the individual: “Are you willing to live a transpersonal life as a symbol?” This is the final and supreme statement of that section of the cycle  of the year, represented by Sagittarius.

This concludes Scene 18. A collectivity of human beings is seen having “transferred” their sense of spiritual value to a man who has become the incarnation of their common ideal. Keywords: PERSONALIZED WORSHIP. It can be a blessings, and in some cases a curse.”


Wow, quite interesting… brings up a few questions:

  • Who and what IS the ultimate spiritual (SAG) authority (leading over to CAP)? Another theme related to Integrity
    Does it have to be transferred onto a person as a leader / model / guru? How can we tap into that sense of inner authority (also now activated through SATURN retro in SAG)?!
  • And: Are we willing and able to live the transpersonal life? Reminds me of the term and notion coined by C.G. Jung: “Living a Symbolic Life” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Symbolic_Life . To which I’d add: Can we, rather than taking so much of what happens ‘to’ us, personally, ‘take it transpersonally’, by which I don’t indicate to ‘escape’ but to disengage from getting into sticky mind story, and gaining perspective and a witnessing perspective.


Interesting / synchronous also that Pope Francis (born Dec 17, 1936) has his SUN at the very end of SAG, not far from this degree, in fact in the Galactic Centre

And he made news just yesterday, provocatively proclaiming that the majority of Catholic marriages are invalid, since the partners aren’t fully aware / educated when entering the Sacrament what’s really involved with that commitment. A matter of integrity also… http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/pope-marriages-invalid-1.3640107


With Blessings of Integrity and in Cosmic ComMOONity!


© 2016 by Melanie Lichtinger




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