MARS SuperStar / SuperPlanet :: Super Close Earth Encounter, and Scorpionic Dive into the Dark Heart of the Matter

28 May

Whoa, MARS is the astronomical and astrological News Breaker these days!

Hubble Mars

Mars – Hubble Space Telescope (NASA)


  • Closest MARS – EARTH Encounter in 11 years nowadays, coming up exactly on May 30! Have you seen MARS with the naked eye already, glowing brightly in red-orange towards the East / South in the late evening?
  • MARS forms also presently a beautiful triangle with SATURN and Antares (mythologically Mars’s rival – Ant-Ares / Ares being the Roman version of Mars), the brightest star in SCORPIO.
  • The exact opposition between the SUN and MARS (every 2 years), with the EARTH between them, was on May 22, right after the Full Moon (which was on May 21).

This much for the astronomical side of things. Let’s go out and SEE MARS and SATURN through telescopes, or ‘simply’ with our naked eyes, over the next week!
Beautiful description here, and an invitation from Slooh to watch the Close Encounter and Mars discussion live


What does Astrology (a la Melanie) say to these phenomena?

  • We have reached (with the SUN – MARS Opposition on May 22) the half-way point of the MARS RETRO phase (Apr 17 – June 29). A ‘Full MARS’ (like Full Moon, with the Earth between SUN and MARS – only every 2 years). A cathartic Turning Point.
  • MARS RETRO crossed over the ‘Phoenix Point’ from SAG back into SCO yesterday, May 27 where it will go direct on June 29, and on Aug 3 out of SCO, and over the ‘Phoenix Point’into SAG again.
  • MARS is making THREE passages, forth – back – forth over the ‘Phoenix Point’ (March 5, May 27, Aug 3) – very significant!




MARS as the ‘Warrior’ Archetype provokes our self assertion, our vital life force, and also rules blood in the body (hopefully rich in iron, the metal of MARS).
MARS retro might feel like a damper on our usual energy, and frustration of our drives, and desires. If we tried to get what WE want, when and how WE want it, it could have easily backfired – to show us how the ego is driving the bus.

“Do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy?”
Under MARS retro in SAG, ego based old ‘My way or the highway’, righteousness, or arrogant ‘know it all’ attitudes had to go on an ‘inward journey’ for transformation in SCO…  



With MARS retro, now (since yesterday) in SCO, we are diving IN to our deep, dark places were MARS stirs up the bottom of the pot again (after the MARS phase in SCO from early Jan to early March), and shows us, viscerally:

  • Where old inner conflicts and battles originate that tend to flare up now.
  • Where our inner hidden passions, treasures, and magic lie – maybe buried under the ego?

On a transformational side of MARS retro, back into SCO:

  • Did you dive into something this week,  that came from your intuition (SAG) and gut sense (SCO) required courage (MARS), and can bring fundamental change (SCO)?
  • What would it be like to take action in a courageous (from the heart – le coeur) place?

A perfect time to bravely follow the depth stimulation, go to inner places otherwise unmet, and let the sabotaging Ego be burned up. The Ego is the biggest enemy….
Either way, SOOO much energy gets released and made available, to find deeply sourced (SCO) authentic and spirited (SAG) inner agency (MARS)!


© 2016 by Melanie Lichtinger




My Invitation

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