* SAG – GEM Full Moon (I) (May 21): Alchemizing Polarities, and The Journey from the Head to the Heart

21 May
Voyager I Magician with Text

Voyager Tarot I – MAGICIAN, with beautiful description….. I love alchemizing Astrology insight and guidance with the images from Voyager Tarot in private sessions, and they want to show up in our groups too. Very magical indeed!


Why SAG – GEM Full Moon # I?

Yep, there will be TWO SAG – GEM Full Moons this year, a Zodiacal ‘Blue Moon’ situation 🙂 Nice for the Twin theme during the GEMINI SUN time.

The second Full Moon will be at the VERY end of GEM, in fact on the DAY of the Summer Solstice, June 20 (11 ½ hrs before the SUN enters CANCER).

Stay tuned!

From ‘fast forward’ to SAG – GEM II, let’s rewind too, to look into the energetic continuum that we’re coming from…:

One Full Moon ‘ago’, the SCO – TAU ‘Buddha Moon’ showed us once again that when we resist and separate ourselves from others with a ‘charge’ and attachment (a.k.a. need to control) then suffering arises.

Have you been able to relax, knowing that deep down (SCORPIO) you are secure (TAURUS)?

Re-connecting with our intrinsic values, and naturally holding our ground have been important themes for the recent (May 6) TAURUS New Moon.

Yet, it all starts with fully inhabiting our BODY. And listening to its messages (MERCURY retro in TAU).

Could you embrace the slow pace and inward direction (FIVE planets were retro in the last month; in the meantime, JUPITER turned direct, and MERCURY will do its U-turn tomorrow Sunday May 22)?

Or did you, understandably, sometimes ‘flip out’ when things just wouldn’t roll externally, get delayed, obstacles and all sorts of outward funk showed up?

I did, occasionally, RE-minded myself, and RE-connected with body sensation and messages…

Things do change now astro-energetically, with and after the Full Moon – phew! Lots of mutability, change of retro’s, plus SCORPIO getting activated, from its entry and exit point…

Yep, Full Moons and New Moons (and Eclipses even more so) tend to be catalysts for their ‘entourage’ of planets and alignments.


Let’s see what the Full Moon chart reveals, as ‘usual’ from the Victoria BC perspective (the AC and houses would be different at other places on Planet Earth but the position of the planets and aspects between them would be the same).
SAG – GEM Full Moon which will be exact at 2:14 pm PDT today Saturday May 21.

Whoa, not ‘just’ a Full Moon but MOON and MARS (retro), with SATURN retro ‘standing by’, on one side of the Earth, and SUN / VENUS, with MERCURY (about to turn direct again the day after), on the other side of Planet Earth.

Multiple Balance….

What’s UP – on each side, and how to bridge them?

SAG - GEM FM (I) 2016

On the TAURUS to GEMINI cusp (which I also like to call ‘Body-Talk Point’, inspired also by some BodyTalk practitioner friends in our Astro groups), the SUN just moved Fri morning into GEM, from grounded, embodied, sensual TAU where VENUS still lingers (until May 24), and MERCURY does its ‘U-Turn’ tomorrow May 22.

That’s where Nature (TAU) Speaks (GEM), and the Body (TAU) has Messages (GEM). MERCURY retro in TAU has brought us messages from within, through our body, and all the senses, over the last while. MERCURY will (sloowly) move forward through TAU, until June 12, for assimilation of the messages, and new ways of processing information.

The SUN is now in GEMINI for 4 weeks – the season to spread our wings, take flight, and learn wherever we go!

Johfra Bosschart Gemini

Mercury Rules Gemini. Alchemical union through interchange of polar opposites. Painting by Johfra Bosschart


GEMINI is ruled by MERCURY, the Messenger and Alchemist Archetype: How can we bring the messages we received on inner planes (MERCURY retro) ‘out’ into the Alchemy of Life…, and, perhaps even more so:

How have we moved from the cerebral head space (MERCURY) to the heart space and pure consciousness (the SUN)?

Each M-r phase offers us this opport-Unity.

The theme of Balancing and Alchemizing ‘Polar Opposites’ is ‘written over’ the SAG – GEM Full Moon in many ways:


SUN / VENUS / MERCURY stationary on one end of the spectrum, on the TAU / GEM cusp, and MOON / MARS retro / SATURN retro on the other side:


It is the season now to take so much in, naturally, with all our senses (TAU), esp. our sense of beauty (VENUS in TAU) and attraction to what’s pleasant, and to be curious, listen and learn (GEM). Nature Speaks to us. And messages from our body in-form us (MERCURY retro in TAU).


MOON / MARS retro are ‘hanging out’ on the other, ‘night side’ of the spectrum, on the ‘Phoenix Point’ where we have come through deep processes, transformed, and with new life and perspective. The MOON crossed over the ‘Phoenix Point’ from SCO into SAG today May 21 at 11:48 am PDT. The MOON will meet MARS at 3:43 pm PDT, just 1 ½ hrs after the Full Moon (2:14 pm PDT).

Lots of energy is now available for deep purging, and processes that take us from the darkness to the light.


Have you been just recently (in the last few days even) gone through an emotional process that helped you bring things from a dark, hidden place to the light?

This is the ‘(SCO to SAG MOON) time of the month’, extra charged through MARS this time!

We did quite a bit of that, intentionally, in our Astro~Embodiment workshop outdoors in Beacon Hill Park yesterday afternoon (our ‘seasonal opening’ this year). A lot ‘came up’ (as it tends to, under the SCO Moon), in the safe container and ‘Field’ that is being created; Nature’s Medicine (animals, plants, sounds, sky) came in ‘randomly’, together with energetic messages from every-body’s sensation and intuition, and all together helped move what was ready to shift.


MARS retro will re-enter SCO on May 27 for more than 2 months, which means it’s been and will continue to cruise around the SCO – SAGPhoenix Point’ from mid May until mid Aug. That’s a lot of transformation charge this Spring until mid Summer.



The Inner Masculine will RE-enter scorpionic emotional and spiritual depth, where passion and power sit. Let’s activate the Spiritual Warrior, ready to meet what’s sticky and painful IN us, with courage and love. The Full Moon is an overture for this period.

Let’s listen to the wisdom of the body, and how it can guide us into and through powerful, regenerative processes.

  • What do YOU need physically, to access your deepest places where your magic sits, and from which empowering change happens?
  • What regenerates you?
  • How can (old) anger turn into inspired motivation?


Not far from MARS retro is SATURN retro in SAG (not to go back into SCO – I’ve been asked by, shall I say: wondering :-), clients…).

Last night, I was up late-ish, and before retreating to sleep zone I stepped on the balcony and was in awe to see them so beautifully lined up – maybe you too? SATURN ‘leading’ to ‘the left’, and not far from it, even looking slightly reddish, MARS, both followed by the almost-Full MOON, slightly higher in the Ecliptic. I stood there, taking in the fresh night air, and the heavenly download…


Saturn & Earth

Saturn and Earth – Hubble Space Telescope picture (NASA)


SATURN in SAG (by the way: presently on the AC of the U.S.!) is a major player now too, since finding ‘ The Path’, ‘The Direction’ seems really challenging for many of us. It might appear as ‘something’ holds us in place, and prevents us from moving forward, and trusting the Journey. So many ‘circumstantial obstacles’ – or so we tell us….

SATURN now (end of March until mid Aug) retro in SAG shows us where the Inner Obstacles are:

Limiting beliefs, old ‘fear of flying’, what prevents our happiness and growth. And: how to coach and re-parent ourselves from within (hmmm, lots of us born under SATURN retro have that live theme….) to come into our own natural authority, and move from there.

Lots of opportunities to go inward – backward (retro) these Spring into mid-Summer months, to meet and complete ‘old SATURN in SAG  business’ (limiting fear patterns, and old stories that prevent us from trusting…) that we still carry – hmmm, the archer to the left carries a goat skin…. – , to find our authentic path.


Jupiter Rules Sagittarius. Painting by Johfra Bosschart


SATURN retro in SAG reminds me of the Art of Archery, where the arrow has to be pulled BACK first – to the area of the HEART, and in that heart-centred place we aim and shoot, effortlessly, with natural trust and confidence.

It doesn’t even matter so much whether we ‘successfully’ hit the target. The art of movement matters…

The HOW and the WHY.


And then, it looks like there is this contrast between SAG One-Pointed Focus, and GEM Diversity and Multiplicity – the Ten Thousand Things, as ZEN might say.

Where SAG is in our charts that’s where the Heart Focus and fiery passion come up. Where GEM is in our chars that’s where we branch out and diversify, and are interested in learning more about a variety of things, and different aspects of people or ourselves.

But hey: There is a common thread, a bridge:


GEMINI, the Zodiac Energy of the Season, Alchemizes Polar Opposites.

Which brings us back to the highly symbolic GEMINI painting by Johfra Bosschart, in its upper part.

Johfra Bosschart Gemini Phoenix

Mercury Rules Gemini. Painting by Johfra Bosschart. Upper part detail: The Phoenix

Here is a quote from the Johfra Astrology book (which describes all the illustrations in detail):

“The pillars finish in in two alchemical dragons which represent the various cosmic principles of polarized power. They retain their respective colour up to the point where their necks intertwine, when an intense exchange of powers takes place in which both red and blue become a radiant golden yellow (the colour of insight, the higher Mercury).

The Androgyne, the mythical dual being, in which the masculine and feminine merge to form a perfect human, rises from the fire like a Phoenix.”

It’s all connected – GEMINI and Phoenix have a lot in common, and this Full Moon reflects that too.

I’d add to the quote: The most potent Alchemy of Polar Opposites happens not in the head or genitals but through the HEART.


Another Polarity and Alchemy of Opposites that’s presented these months is (besides GEM – SAG) is the other mutable axis of VIRGO and PISCES:

Activated this year through the Lunar Nodes, with JUPITER close to the North Node in VIR, and NEPTUNE / CHIRON wrapping round the South Node in PI.

  • JUPITER in VIR (Aug 2015 – Sept 2016) shows us how important and beneficial it is to be self aware and in our ‘Sacred Temple’, and practice what’s in alignment for us. New tools and opportunities to be of service might have presented themselves. The WHY might have become clearer.
  • NEPTUNE in (its ‘home domain’) PI (2012 – 2026) and CHIRON in PI (2010 – 2018) show how the unity IS the medicine – but also how too much influx of ‘random energies’ can be overwhelming for the system, and weaken us.
Lunar North Node

Lunar North Node Glyph

Lunar South Node

Lunar South Node Glyph

The Lunar South Node in PI and Lunar North Node in VIR (Oct 2015 – May 2017) suggest ‘breathing out’ and releasing ‘used up’ PI energy (of overwhelm, martyrdom, victimhood…), and ‘breathing in’ and integrating fresh VIR energy (health, wellness, integrity, wholeness).



In extension to the VIR side, a Grand Earth Trine, exact for the rest of May, between stationary MERCURY in TAU, JUPITER / NN in VIR, and PLUTO retro in CAP, shows mutually enhancing ‘grounding gifts’ from the complementary trinity of Earth signs:

  • Messages from the body, and through all our senses (MERCURY retro in TAU, now stationary, to turn direct tomorrow May 22, then moving slowly forward).
  • Doing alignment practice, working with helpful practical tools, and being of service in a fulfilling way (JUPITER in VIR).
  • Inner transformation and purging of what used to disempower us. Living the Change (PLUTO retro in CAP).


© 2016 by Melanie Lichtinger





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