* MERCURY Transit over the SUN Disk (May 9), and MERCURY Retro in TAU 2nd Half: New Enlightening Insights, from Heart Consciousness – Receiving the Blessings

9 May

The upcoming conjunction of MERCURY retro with the SUN today Monday May 9 (called ‘Day of Enlightening Insight‘) will be super exact (would be an Eclipse of the Sun if Mercury was large enough from Earth perspective 🙂 no M-r hoax!


mercury-transit-2016-timing (640x360)

Path and Timing of Mercury Transit May 9, 2016. Picture credit: NASA


MERCURY will ‘crawl’ over the SUN disk, very rare (every few years), astronomically called the ‘Mercury Transit’. (While, as you know, astrologically, Transits from Mercury happen all the time, as Mercury travels through the Zodiac, and visits places where our planets, AC, SUN, or MOON are).


Here is a NASA clip. http://www.space.com/32784-mercury-transit-2016-sun-viewing-guide.html I heard local astronomers with solar filter telescopes will be on Mt. Tolmie in the morning.


The ‘Mercury Transit’ and conjunction with the SUN today May 9 is the MERCURY Retro half-way point.

As MERCURY crawls from Earth Perspective from left to right over the SUN disk, it shows us how predominant Mind can be, yet also how ephemeral its workings. The MERCURY Archetype gets astrologically ‘RE- initiated’ through the 7-hrs ‘close encounter’ with the SUN, and a ‘New Mercury’ emerges.


What’s on your mind, these days?

Issues with the present MERCURY Retro in TAU likely revolve around values, money, body, territory / where’s our ground – have you noticed? 🙂


Before the MERCURY – SUN conjunction on Mon May 9, we have been in the ‘epimethean phase’ (first half) of the M-r cycle where ‘old stories’ come up to be brought to the light.


In the ‘promethean phase’ (second half, from today on) new insights lead to forward thinking.

From then on, MERCURY will be behind the SUN again, and the SUN will ‘lead’, we ‘get it’ that spirit and consciousness (the SUN) are what matters most, and mind (MERCURY) is an expression / servant. So things are brought into natural order again.


Here is a chart for the exact conjunction, at 8:12 am PDT:


MER - SUN May 9 2016

MERCURY and the SUN united in Grand Earth Trine with the North Node / JUPITER (will have just gone direct on the same morning, at 5:14 am PDT) in VIR, and PLUTO retro in CAP.

A Grand Water Trine shows up as well – both form a beautiful Grand Hexagon / Star of David (remember the Heart Chakra Yantra?) – very naturally auspicious and aligned.


Chakras 4 Anahata Heart


The conjunction of MERCURY with the SUN brings the mind into RE-alignment with Spirit and Heart Consciousness. Voila!


Let’s take a look at the Sabian Symbol of the conjunction as well. The SUN / MERCURY point will be at 19°24’ TAU.

The Sabian Symbol for 20º TAU says:




Keynote: The awareness of spiritual forces at work. 

Any emergence of life potentialities from the depth of the vast Unconscious is answered by the spiritual activity of superconscious forces in a cosmic kind of antiphony. The individual who has taken a new step in his / her evolution  should look for the ‘signature’ of divine Powers confirming his / her progress. It may reveal the meaning of what is to come next. The ‘wing like clouds’ may also symbolize the presence of celestial beings (devas, angels) blessing and subtly revealing the direction to take, the direction of ‘the wind’ of destiny.

This stage concludes a process, having experienced which the individual should find him/herself more securely established in his / her own original nature, receiving the BLESSINGS of super-natural forces.”


Ahhh, so glad I felt guided to look into this symbol as well. Seems like with it, all is coming together.

When we come back from the question of values, body, ground, to the essence, to being securely established (TAU) in our own original spiritual nature (the SUN), we are open to receive messages that land inside (MERCURY retro in TAU) as blessings.


© 2016 by Melanie Lichtinger




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