* MERCURY RETRO in TAURUS – RE-connecting with what we truly Enjoy and Value.

29 Apr

What a Wesak / SCORPIO / TAURUS Full Moon week it’s been!



“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf.” (Jon Kabat-Zinn)


The energetic ‘Buddha Moon’ in SCO – TAU on Apr 21 / 22 with its build-up phase, weeks before, and concentrated medicine at the exact SCO Moon ‘window’ (Apr 21 eve until Apr 24 morning PDT) felt for many of us like

  • a fight with the inner dragon (the ‘inner monster’ always growing more heads as one might be slayed / one issue might be ‘dealt with’), and / or sooo much inner painful processing – the suffering version of the SCO MOON side, in its outer yang and inner yin version,
  • dealing with the inner ‘hungry ghost’, as Buddhists would call it: our mouth, or our sense organs in general, can only take in so much, yet the belly of desire is big and insatiable… – the suffering on the TAU side: In an outer yang way, through consuming, pur-chasing(!), acquiring more and more, while never being satisfied, and in an a yin way: trying to attract and you never feel good enough…


So much suffering in all this, yet our human condition seems to draw us into these places, and they get reinforced through socio-cultural and economical conditioning.


Under the waning CAP, now AQ Moon we are grounding the energies that got stirred up, into our place of integrity: How can we live in comMOONity, from the insights and liberation we gained through the Wesak Moon process?


I must confess, I got sucked into some of this ‘mind mine field’ as well, even exactly over the Full Moon weekend.

One trigger was ‘fighting with technology monsters’, and feeling frustrated by the perception that I had opened a Pandora’s box of issues.
Yet, when I started to embrace what I had perceived as ‘a mess’ in my initial response, treat it as a learning curve, and released my grip of (self-) judgment, and my attachment to ‘getting it fixed – now’, things shifted in my inner world, reflected in what and who showed up ‘from the outside’, and how things played themselves out. Actually more playfully too! 🙂


Hmmm, Buddhist wisdom teachings 101 all over again (seems like RE-freshers are needed from time to time, in our human condition, lol):
First step is to acknowledge our attachment to not getting what we want, or to being stuck with what we don’t want, and to realize that it is the attachment that causes the suffering, not the ‘thing’ in itself.


How can we release the attachment?

Realization of how it all works (quite simply in fact) is already a huge freedom catalyst – for me anyway. Basically noticing: Hey, I’m doing this to myself. It’s not the situation, it’s what my mind makes out of it that causes the frustration.

Also, a key piece is to embrace impermanence.

No pain, problem, discomfort lasts forever. No pleasure and enjoyment either. So let’s not get so worked up and graspy or resistant, and relax in the ‘storm’.

Which naturally allows for the transformational process to go where it needs to go.

Let’s practice surfing skills… 🙂


Did I say ‘storm’?
Yep, MERCURY – winged Messenger Archetype, and in Astrology representing the Mind and its workings, has been in its pre-retro stationary (slow turnaround) ‘storm’ over the last week too!

The present early M-r phase shows us how the mind can mess with life, by putting a spin (or even a spell) on things (as they simply ARE), and influence our perception and inner ‘story’ about ourselves and the world, often ‘simply’ by making a case to confirm the ‘old stories’ that are already in our heads or subconscious. Reminds me of a great bumper sticker I once saw: “I don’t believe everything I think.”

Check out what the MERCURY trickster, this time in TAURUS, has up its sleeve, and how to be not just in good terms with it, but on neutral ground.


Wherever you are on the Planet EARTH, wide awake, in deep sleep / no-mind at this point, enjoy the read, hopefully with a storm free mind (brain storms are cool though)! 🙂

Wishing you a blessed navigation in the retro- and interdimensional zone, with the current Mercurial Mind currents, in the Heavens as on EARTH!



Question Cloud

NOT quite the TAURUS NEW Moon (May 6) Astro~News YET! 

Those will come down this ‘chimney’ within the next week.

So: What’s UP and urgent then, you ask?

Tahtah! You guessed correctly… I can’t hide it from you (a Scorpionic tendency), and shouldn’t hold back much longer (TAURUS is no-taureous / notorious for going slow, and taking time…)

MERCURY, now in late TAURUS (23°36′) just went RETRO yesterday morning Thu APR 28 at 10:20 am PDT.

That’s what this ar-tickle is all about :-).

I bet you’ve been tickled and re-mind-ed of all sorts of things lately. The late TAU zodiac zone cusp has a VIRGO undertone… so much to do as it seems – yet: what is it that we truly value?


Mid April to end of May 2016 is completely under the influence of MERCURY retro (you probably already noticed 🙂 ):

The technical retro phase started yesterday, Apr 28, and goes to May 22, with the ‘stormy’ / stationary atmosphere before and after, extending beyond that time:

The pre-retro stationary ‘storm’ was on since MERCURY significantly slowed down its speed = since the Full Moon on Apr 21 – see previous Astro~News).

Have you noticed a shift in your mind since the Wesak Moon, towards slowing down, and a call for more groundedness?

After Mercury will be direct again from May 22 on (after the next Full Moon on May 21), there will be another post-retro ‘storm’ until May 31.


And hey, maybe your mind has been recently a little bit ‘all over the map’, fuzzy, funny, synchronistic, poked, provoked, non-sensical / nonsense-ical? Or in a trickster mode, mischievous perhaps, and / or seeing synchronicities and meaningful signs  pop up ‘out of nowhere’.


All in perfect alignment with the cosmic dance, and the ‘cosmic smile’. Seems like the universe smiles at us when we recognize a synchronicity! :-).

Don’t get annoyed when the ‘cosmic prankster’ plays tricks on your mind, wants you to be FREE, and change your fixed ideas and set paradigms!


Welcome to the ‘Special Issue’ MERCURY RETRO AstroNews!



‘Sweet Spot’ on the Rocks, under the Oaks – ‘Retro’ Photo from mid April – (the place where I did a little video shoot for the Wesak Moon)


What you find in this ‘Special Issue’:

* MERCURY RETRO in TAURUS – RE-connecting with what we truly Enjoy and Value. 

* MERCURY Retro in TAURUS and the Mental Maze / Labyrinth

* Sabian Symbol of the MERCURY Turnaround Degree: 23° TAU

* REsource, RE: Mind, and Consciousness of Spirit

* Itinerary for the Mercury retro Phase


* MERCURY RETRO in TAURUS – RE-connecting with what we truly Enjoy and Value.


Mercury winged feet

MERCURY Retro in TAU – Staying Grounded, for Now / Taking off from a good Foundation – Mercury’s / Hermes’s winged feet (uuuh, just noticed: only the left foot of the statue seems winged!)


Believe it or not – I’ve been looking forward to this Mercury retro phase.

And so do many of my clients and friends whom I’ve been talking with recently.

Its arrival, after the Wesak Moon, has been rather liberating than frustrating – when met in a mer-curious way that’s aligned with the spirit of the archetypal activation…


What could that look like?

  • Sloooowing down, tuning into the Body and our Senses (related to the VIRGO / TAURUS theme).
  • Asking ourselves: Where do I physically belong and need to ground myself?
  • Maybe we need to take ourselves to magical spots. Mercury is also the magician, and, esp. with its VIRGO rulership, rules ‘practical magic’ – tools and physical places (TAU) that transform, re-align, help, and heal.
  • Letting go of being attached to and stuck in (TAU low vibe) mental (MERCURY) patterns, habits (TAU), gravitations, ruts. In fact, let’s get un-stuck. Very timely now.
  • Buying less, enjoying more. 
  • The mind habitually attaches itself randomly to things that we have an affinity to, desire for, aversion against, and present them as interesting to engage in (almost like a shop keeper presenting his window display) – very Taurean. Our habit is to give in, and engage mentally with those ‘offers’. Our job and in fact freedom is ‘just’ not to buy it.
  • Let’s tune into what brings us true intrinsic joy (not derived from ‘getting’ and consuming more on the outer level).
  • Let’s re-connect with what we truly value.
  • Let’s follow the messages (MERCURY) of the Body (TAU). They might take you inward at first, esp. in the first half of the M-r phase (until May 9)


Speaking of Messages of the Body, and Embodiment:

Mark your calendar for the next Living Breathing Birth Chart – Embodied Astrology, on FRI May 20, from 2:20 pm on, in Victoria BC.


Venus Birth Botticelli

How does this ‘work’, and how we humans represent the Heaven-on-Earth energies of someone’s chart?
Just come and join us, dive in, and you’ll see the amazingness.

  • No previous Astrology background required.
  • Experience your chart directly. Let the Archetypes speak to and through you.
  • Move with what you experience!
  • It’s an embodiment, not a performance.
  • Experience the Archetypes in Astrology and perhaps your own chart in a new, fresh, embodied way. Great for MERCURY retro in TAU – on the last day of the retro phase!

The Facebook event can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1542648912706150/

We have space for a few more Embodyers, and for one person to set up his / her chart! Newcomers most welcome!

If you have questions, and / or you are interested in even having your chart embodied please feel free to contact me, and let’s talk. Mercury retro likes that, rather than lots of back and forth texts and messages. 🙂


So let’s take time this first MERCURY retro week, under the waning / before New Moon (May 6)

  • For creative and playful brain storms.
  • For a ‘pause button’ in the ‘automatic pilot’ of daily dealings and mental habits.
  • To check our ‘invent-ory’ (in other words, ‘resources’ and inventive ideas that you have collected over time (in TAU fashion), that are ‘just sitting’ somewhere, and could come to new life…. – some of them are due for purging and RE-cycling too.



* MERCURY Retro in TAURUS and the Mind Maze / Labyrinth


Labyrinth (Seven Circle Classical L.) by Helen Rowlands

7-Circle Classical Labyrinth by Helen Rowlands http://lighttogoplaces.blogspot.ca/2015_05_01_archive.html


When I was searching for something else on the internet a while ago, I came across this Labyrinth image by Helen Rowlands, which immediately reminded me of the brain.

Why haven’t I seen the connection before? A classical Mercury retro example for suddenly seeing connections that were always there, in ‘plain sight’ but not paid attention to.

Check out this confirmation article – found yesterday, at the retro onset: http://coursesite.uhcl.edu/HSH/Whitec/terms/M/mazelab.htm
A MERCURY retro question could be: Can we use the ancient labyrinth structure / system, to intentionally connect, energize, and regenerate both brain hemispheres, and everything ‘mind’?
TAURUS would have us physically walk the labyrinth, and sit in the NoMind centre.


With MERCURY retro in TAURUS, the association with the Minotaur / bull-headed Greek mythological figure in the maze / labyrinth in Crete came up too: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minotaur. Minotaur – Mind o’TAUR 🙂

Here’s a dramatic 1 min. Minotaur mythology cartoon clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qrZ1clEp-Y


Synchronistically, when I googled for Minotaur, I found that Picasso’s (he was born under the SCO Sun – any doubts?) Minotaur series (which I’ve seen years ago in the Picasso Museum in Barcelona – intensely capturing and carrying forward the myth!) is presently in the National Gallery in Ottawa http://ottawacitizen.com/entertainment/local-arts/picassos-minotaur-bulls-through-suite-of-prints-on-display-at-national-gallery
So there are clues to the archetypal theme. Or you may argue: Melanie’s magical spin on them…

See how it resonates with you, and your TAUREAN inner Archetypes!


What matters is to identify the tendencies, and liberate ourselves from identifying with them! 


Mercury Butchard Gardens

Mercury / Hermes Statue at Butchard Gardens, Victoria (Photo by Gail Pettinger) … casting its shadow, and pointing to….?


What are the symptoms of being in an unconscious / default MERCURY retro mode?

How do you recognize that you are in a mercurial ‘maze’ / ‘labyrinth’?

What’s the best approach to the energy of this time?


Well, to cut right through the story, unconsciousness IS the maze.

When we identify with the mind’s stories and assumptions, AND with our feelings, based on the thoughts that circulate in us (or vice versa, thoughts based on feelings) we are entangled, and far from free.

Thinking itself is not the problem, and we can’t and don’t need to make our mind ‘shut up’. The issue is rather identification with and attachment to thinking and to the content of our thoughts, esp. with TAURUS being one of the fixed sign of the Zodiac that can get attached. It relates to grounding, security, stability. Its unevolved quality and shadow is an attachment to the status quo.


MERCURY retro in TAU is creating a very grounding Grand Earth Trine with stationary PLUTO in CAP (now retro), and stationary JUPITER in VIR (to turn from retro to direct on May 9) that can lead us to inner resources, as we are true to ourselves, our integrity, our wholeness. The Grand Earth Trine was exact as a first prelude mid April, before the retro phase, will be again strongly activated with the New Moon in TAU on May 6 while MERCURY is retro – to anchor us on New Inner Ground, and for the last, integration time late May / early June, after the retro phase).


Each Mercury retro phase serves as a REcalibration of the mind, and REconnection of the mind (represented by MERCURY) with Consciousness and Spirit (represented by the SUN. MERCURY has gone ahead of the SUN, and is during M-r being ‘lassoed back in’, to step behind the SUN).

Bottom line:

  • Let’s BE MIND-ful, recognize when we are rather mind – full, and what it takes to get mentally unstuck, and bring more ease and flow to our life.
  • Let’s REalize again that we are not the mind. It’s just a function that serves consciousness.
  • Let’s be open minded, and available to see things in a new, fresh light.


Let’s see what the

* Sabian Symbol of the Mercury Turnaround Degree reveals.

Mercury turned retro at 23° 36′ TAU.



Photo: Wall St. Bull (Wiki)


Quite striking: This degree is super close (only 1° off) where in May 2000 JUPITER and SATURN were conjunct!

This ‘Great Conjunction’ happens every 20 years, and starts a new socio-economic 20-year cycle. A Taurean, rather conservative cycle started, capitalism and consumerism became quite prominent, with then developing / economically rising countries like China and India joining the consumer population on the globe.

Presently, we are in a JUPITER (in VIRGO) Square with SATURN (in SAG) crisis. Limits of growth…. Problems are growing… The environment can’t take it… Less is more….

MERCURY retro symptoms re: TAURUS have been already for a while in the public discussion, re: questioning the damaging effects of unregulated capitalism. The Bull in the political arena… or, shall I say: maze!

As the famous Gandhi quote goes: “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs but not every man’s greed.”


For the Sabian Symbol, I’d suggest to round it down to 23° TAU, since the direction is backwards.

23° TAURUS: 



Voyager Woman of Crystals - Guardian Crystals 3

Image: Crystal Activated Voyager Tarot card Woman of Crystals – Guardian (photo and crystal activation by Melanie).


Keynote: The social confirmation of natural excellence.

Two elements should be distinguished in this symbolic picture: The gems that result from natural processes, often induced by extreme volcanic heat and pressure, and the finished products of refined craftsmen. Both the gems themselves and the artistry are highly priced and bring prestige to the owner of the jewels.

The symbol applies to any product in which culturally acquired skill has embellished or transformed the end results of a lengthy and demanding natural process.

At this stage we are concerned with the social process which brings about a CERTIFICATION OF PERSONAL WORTH.”


I feel this Voyager tarot card RE-flects beautifully the MERCURY retrograde meaning of this Sabian Symbol:
The Crystal Woman’s Third Sapphire Eye is clear and open. Her mind seems RE-laxed, yet focused on the clear crystal ‘at hand’, undistracted by the multitude of beautifully and skillfully cut gems and ‘shiny objects’ around her that might court for her attention. Skillfully aware of the workings of the mind, she guards the mind.

In the abundance of what life offers, what matters most, and what has the highest intrinsic value that is free from attachment?

Let’s take this image as a personal inspiration for the MERCURY retro phase.


On that note:

* REsource, RE: Mind, and Consciousness of Spirit

Apparently randomly, I came across Adyashanti’s ‘old’ but gold video about his basic spiritual teachings. Excellent.

Check it out: http://www.adyashanti.org/cafedharma/index.php?file=video


* Itinerary for the  S M (= Mercury retro) Phase


Mercury Pajou (at the Louvre, Paris) Seems Libran / Scorpionic to me :-)

Mercury, Sculpture by A. Pajou (Louvre, Paris) – uuuh, temporarily grounded / lost his ankle wings!


Since Apr 21: MERCURY in TAU entered the stationary ‘storm’.

Stormy, ingenuis, or crazy maze?


Yesterday Apr 28: MERCURY end of TAU turned retro, from Earth perspective. 

Stand-still for the inward – backward looking Mind. RE-connecting with what we truly enjoy and value. Nature speaks…


May 6: TAU New Moon with MERCURY and VENUS.

Finding New Ground and Value, from within. What has the body been telling you (TAU)?


May 9: Inferior Conjunction of MERCURY retro with the TAU SUN, plus: JUPITER in VIR turns direct again.

Ahhh, the half-way point of the MERCURY retro journey, a.k.a. ‘Point of Enlightening Insight’! A ‘New MERCURY’ is being born.
The SUN (Spirit, Consciousness) leads again, while mind is the instrument and assistant.

The whole point of the MERCURY retro adjustment phase…


May 22 (Day after the SAG – GEM Full Moon: MERCURY will go direct again, plus: MARS will oppose the SUN (half-way point of the MARS retro phase)

We learned a big deal about the mind – to be revealed until then. Let it sit with (TAU) what comes up, and bravely uncover our inner truth (MARS retro from SAG into SCO).


May 31: Mercury will leave the post-retro ‘storm’.

Mercury slowly catching momentum, regenerated. ‘Mind’ has a different quality than before the M-r phase, maybe deeply changed and even unattached.


June 8: Mercury direct in late TAU will leave the post-retro ‘shadow’.

Green light to go forward with what we truly value and enjoy.



© 2016 by Melanie Lichtinger



My Invitation

If the above described themes sound familiar, if you feel the resonance and could use support in your journey drop me a line, and we can set up a private Astrology referenced consult session. Or maybe it’s time to fully benefit from a 3- or 5- sessions coaching sequence? Email me, and we can customize it.

Interested in courses, workshops, embodied, experiential Astrology in Victoria BC?

They are featured in the email Astro~News that go out every 2 weeks and cover the whole Astro~Weather phase from New Moon to Full Moon or FM to NM, plus offers and Astro~Experiences. I’m happy to subscribe you (pls message me your email address).

FB page: www.facebook.com/Astrology.for.SelfRealization with news, events, offers.

Web: https://en.gravatar.com/melanieastrology




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