* Wesak Effects Days of Safeguarding and Distribution – From the Pure, Universe-All Heart

21 Apr

The Wesak Moon of the Buddha (Full Moon in SCO – TAU, exact today Apr 21 at 10:24 pm PDT) – full description: see yesterday’s blog post) offers a very potent time for receptivity, assimilation, and attunement to the cosmic energies, meditation and openness to transformational change.

Its effects extend over several months, some people say until the next Wesak Moon, a year later.



The spiritually auspicious Wesak Full Moon in its charged SCO – TAU energy has been building up well before, and is still available well after the exact alignment, as it requires and also helps us to ground ourselves, even in the apparent predicament and abyss of it all. So let’s be present with what IS, even with overpowering inner and ‘external’ demons, while sustaining a vision for humanity, together with others (the universal Sangha = spiritual community)!


In esoteric traditions the day of the Wesak Festival starts with the “Day of Safeguarding”, followed by two succeeding “Days of Distribution” (see http://www.souledout.org/wesak/wesakfestival16/wesakfminvite.html).


In short, on the Wesak Moon day (of Safeguarding), the spiritual community is called to regard themselves as recipients and custodians of as much of that inflowing spiritual force as they can possibly hold. This corresponds with the quality and capacity of fixed signs, and is a perfect expression for the SCO / TAU Full Moon, this year active from Thu Apr 21 at 5:17 pm PDT until Sun Apr 24 at 5:46 am PDT, peaking at the exact Full Moon, at 10:24 pm PDT on Thu Apr 21.


In the following Days of Distribution, it is suggested to turn the attention away from one’s inner subjective planes, in order to pass on the spiritual energy that has been received, ‘to whom it may concern’. This corresponds with the mutable, distributing and ‘broadcasting’ SAG MOON that follows the SCO MOON ‘container’, and will be active from Sun Apr 24 at 5:46 am PDT to Tue Apr 26 at 4:54 pm PDT.


Since the theme of the Days of Distribution is very apropos astrological mutable energy the multiple mutable T-Square can be used for a higher purpose:


4 R

Johfra Bosschart: Sagittarius


The post-Full SAG MOON will meet MARS retro on Sun / Mon Apr 24 / 25, connect with SATURN retro on Mon Apr 25, and will also square NEPTUNE in PI and JUPITER in VIR (plus the Nodal Axis) on Mon Apr 25, and CHIRON in PI on Tue Apr 26.

So rather than ‘shooting arrows of righteousness’ which doesn’t contribute (except to the problem perhaps) or distribute good energy even though it’s omnipresent these polarized times, where issues around ‘the right way / politics / direction’ are very charged and keep the concept of separation going:
How about committing (SATURN) to pulling the energy inwards (MARS retro) towards the Heart, and aiming from there?

  • What are you truly grateful in your Heart?
  • What does Love Say?
  • Surround yourself with Nature, be in the Green – and feel how Mother Nature stimulates your Green Heart Chakra!


How about a Chakra Attunement into the Heart – with the Mutable Planets?

Root yourself well (Saturn supports the Root Chakra and vice versa).

Feel fulfilled in your Jupiterian Sacral belly that nourishes your Solar Plexus life force.

Intentionally pull the Martian Solar Plexus Warrior energy up into the Venusian Heart Chakra. Neptune is the higher frequency – Universe-All Love~


In our Astrological Wesak Moon Circle this evening, let’s Chakra attune together, in our outdoor circle by the Stone Circles, before Moonrise!

Back in the studio, let’s connect with the astrological opportunities of distributing the Wesak energies – unique for each one of us, according to our charts!

And let us be guided by the magical SCORPIO MOON in the unfolding!


© 2016 by Melanie Lichtinger



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