Wesak Full Moon (SCO – TAU) 2016 (Apr 21 / 22) : * Let Buddha Nature Manifest! *

20 Apr

Buddhist Stupa under the Full Moon (Photo: Unknown Artist)


The Wesak Moon is celebrated by the Buddhist world Sangha (community) in honour of the birth, attainment of enlightenment, and passing of Gautama Siddhartha, the Buddha, who walked the Earth more than 2500 years ago, and set a model for the living Buddha in all of us.

Yes, the ‘Full Moon in May’ marks the Wesak Moon in Buddhist cultures. And that will be this year May 21 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vesak

What’s with this Full Moon on Apr 21 / 22 then?

I’d like to call the SCORPIO MOON – TAURUS SUN polarity the energetic Wesak Moon – even though not in May, but it carries a strong energy that relates to basic Buddhist teachings, and Buddhist practice also offers a ‘medicine’ for them – ‘Four Noble Truths’:

The basic suffering or even just basic dissatisfaction (‘dukkha’) in the human condition is due to attachment to the status-quo, to what’s desired, and its frustration – not getting what one wants, and not being able to get rid of the unwanted.

This is also a basic TAURUS / SCORPIO theme:

TAURUS (ruled by VENUS) represents desire, pleasure, comfort, joy, erotic attraction and assimilation through the senses (with the shadow of attachment to the material and worldly plane and to physical satisfaction, hording, stuckness, greed, stinginess). TAU carries the medicine of embodiment and sensuality.

SCORPIO (ruled by PLUTO) on the opposite side of TAU takes us to emotionally intense, uncomfortable, ‘ugly’ places where the ‘muck’ and hidden, often covered or repressed material sits. This very ‘human humus’ and shadow can’t be just ‘gotten rid of’ or ‘hidden away. It’s here to be spiritually processed so that it becomes a ‘fertilizer’ for renewal – the Alchemy of life. SCO carries transformation medicine.



SCORPIO is for the MOON the most ‘challenging’ sign (while the MOON is considered ‘exalted’ in TAU, it is considered ‘in fall’ in SCO):

The MOON represents our emotions, our instinctual mind (in a broad sense of body-mind, feeling-mind), and the needs and habits developed from that place, which by nature long for nurturance and sustenance.

TAU is the sign that provides such sustaining delivery and assimilation – it’s all about feeding and reliable presence… whereas SCO rules necessary detoxifying elimination, partly through painful processes, which is not what our Lunar (representing also the inner child) side is most comfortable with, to put it mildly.

Under a SCO MOON (whether we are born with it, have it by progression for 2½ years every 29 years, or whether the MOON in SCO for 2½ days per month affects us), we are instinctively sensitized towards the need to purge and to ‘get rid of’ what is toxic and outlived, of what controls us, and doesn’t allow us to be free in a deeper sense. The process calls us to go into the ‘mouth of the monster’ and through its bowels even, while our head and ego might severely protest and resist. A SCO MOON experience can lead us to the deepest abyss of our inner worlds, yet is an opportunity to take us through it, and be regenerated and transformed through the process.


The SCO / TAU Wesak Moon each year is a fully solar illumined (therefore the most potent) Scorpio Moon, which brings revelation about our deepest notions for transformation.

Consciousness (represented by the Sun) has to be intent to patiently stay and ‘sit with’ (TAU quality) what comes up from the depth, for the processing. In that sense, the polarity axis of TAU – SCO can be bridged in complementary, cooperative, and productive ways.


The central spiritual (esp. Buddhist) themes of attachment & transformation are being highlighted in the ‘Bull’s Eye’ and the ‘Scorpion’s Stinger’:

The fixed earth sign TAU (ruled by VENUS) celebrates the physical senses, comfort and pleasure, and what creates security and grows over time, like a garden or a solid investment. Taurean energy takes roots, builds, cultivates, and conserves, like a gardener, farmer, and good custodian of the Earth. TAU likes to attract what’s pleasant, to experience it via the senses, to eat, assimilate and accumulate, and to claim ownership and territory. TAU slows down, after the fast and furious ARIES energy, and favours predictability and patience; therefore habits and routines are likely being formed. Its orientation is very life affirming, yet can lead to stuckness, attachment to the known and comfortable, hence has a challenge with change and letting go.

The fixed deep water sign SCO (ruled by PLUTO) in contrast to the ‘above ground’ Taurean world, penetrates the underground / underworld / underbelly, which can be a painful process (TAU – SCO also represent the pleasure – pain, and life – death axis), yet sharply points out where deep ‘down under’ transformational ‘digestion’ and purging release of something that is actually already dead needs to happen, so that it can become a fertilizer for new life.

Just as in late Oct – late Nov the leaves rot and go under the earth, the Scorpionic energy takes us to emotionally deeply affecting processes that have nowhere to go but down and through, so that the alchemical work can be performed.


In Buddhist tradition, the image of the Buddha floating on a (Taurean) lotus flower that blossoms so purely and beautifully while being rooted in the (Scorpionic) mud swamp, represents the enlightened quality, rooted in real-life human suffering and compassion.  


  • SCO was been quite the ‘boot camp’ for humanity also, under SATURN in SCO (Fall 2012 – Sept 2015), and we are integrating its lasting effects now: to process, purge, get to the bottom of things, and find completion and closure: A karmic harvest.
  • MARS, now retro (since Apr 17, until June 29) will also go back to end of SCO (May 27 – Aug 2), and provide us with energy to go into our deepest, darkest places from which liberation (the Phoenix Point to SAG) arises. Let’s be brave, inner warriors!
  • LILITH (now at the end of LIBRA) will enter SCO (in her 9-year cycle) on May 21, for 9 months, to show us our True and Unconditioned Nature in the dark and magical places. What is true intimacy with and as Life?

The peaceful (inner) Buddha ‘beyond satisfaction’ sits on a beautiful Lotus flower (SUN in TAU) that has its roots in the ‘deep, dark and dirty’ swamp (MOON in SCO).


Bali Lotus Morning Prayer HH

Early Morning Prayer – Lotus with Orb – Photography by Helga Hendricks


The Yin-Yang is a perfect symbol for a balancing the Yin / Lunar and Yang / Solar influences in us, under each Full Moon, but esp. under this very astrologically potent (SCO – TAU) and spirited Wesak Moon.

YinYang Infinite


The Wesak Full Moon is a magnificent divine and meditative moment-in-time, when transformation (SCO) can be anchored (TAU). When attachment to longing, or ‘even’ to pain, incl. feeding those ‘hungry ghosts’ (TAU) that show up in obvious or subtle personal and collective / cultural addictions and compulsions (more consumption, information, work, entertainment, nothing is never enough…) can be put into the bonfire of the soul (SCO), so that the deep Alchemy can do its job.


Here is the Wesak Full Moon chart:


Wesak Moon 2016


Let’s see what the chart reveals:

The Full Moon holds the ground, and ‘underground’, through the fixed TAU – SCO axis MERCURY in TAU is the only fixed planet presently – and will go retrograde on Apr 28 (stay tuned for the Astro~News blog) – hence into ‘storm’ on the Full Moon day! We really need anchoring of energy these days!

What else is in the cosmic energy field?

As above so below and within….we ARE the field, and the catalysts for evolution and liberation:

  • A lot is getting ‘ignited’ (ARIES), and authentic choices need to be made (LILITH in LIBRA) that are also sustaining, soulful, and serve the highest purpose (PLUTO in CAP). This cardinal energy has been strongly with us, esp. with the New Moon / PLUTO in CAP (Jan 9) and recent New Moon / URANUS in AR (Apr 7). Pretty intense, and exciting (or unsettling). Transformation – Liberation.
  • VENUS in AR just squared stationary PLUTO in CAP (Apr 19), and ‘she’ will unite with URANUS in ARIES just after the Full Moon (once a year) – Let’s channel the energy that can be a draw to much quick newness but nothing sticks and is sustainable rather into a higher vibration of: In Love with Liberation from (and through) the Depth!


Morpho rhetenor rhetenor MHNT

Morpho rhetenor rhetenor MHNT


  • A multiple mutable T-Square can swirl us around, and shake us up...:
    JUPITER retro / Lunar North Node in VIR, opposite NEPTUNE / Lunar South Node / CHIRON in PI, and both poles squaring MARS retro and SATURN retro in SAG – whoa! When things are overwhelming, ‘messy’, chaotic, and we are concerned about ‘loosing it’, going under, being wayyy to sensitive and influenced by everything (South Node / CHIRON in PI – close to the area of the Total Solar Eclipse  on March 8) we are invited to do some clearing, a healthy wellness practice, and know we ARE whole, we are perfect, and aware of what our remedy is – perhaps being in authentic, fulfilling service (JUPITER retro in VIR with the North Node). MARS / SATURN, both retro in SAG are the outlet: Finding our path from within (rather than being so distracted and unfocused, wondering “where shall I go?”.  Let’s pull the energy back, go deeper, and start from the Heart! 
  • NEPTUNE in PI, opposite JUPITER in VIR (all April / May), and square with SATURN retro in SAG (June) is the big background theme of the mutable T-square: Do what comes from the Heart. Know your are whole, we’re all in this together, and all is ONE. CHIRON / NEPTUNE in PI remind us that allowing and being with what IS, in Oneness Consciousness, offers healing and is a profound timeless teaching.

Buddha Nature is everywhere, just as nature by nature is always in interconnected union, yet it can’t be held or grasped…(even photographs are merely frozen moments in the flow of life…). And there’s always more to emerge (no need to grasp! 🙂 )
Let’s be AS Nature, naturally giving and releasing, creatively blossoming and transforming!

Let Buddha Nature Manifest!



Here is a beautiful chant and imagery for the universality of life: Nothing but Everything



If you feel called, please feel most welcomed to join our Astrological Wesak Moon Circle on Thursday evening (just before the Full Moon!), starting outdoors, under the Rising Moon.


© 2016 Melanie Lichtinger




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