* Sabian Symbol for the Wesak Moon at 3° SCO: Cooperation

20 Apr

The Wesak Full Moon 2016 highlights 2º30’ Scorpio and Taurus (see chart in the last post).

The Sabian Symbol for 3º SCO (for the MOON) says:


Haida Legacy Pole Raising 2013

Ceremonial Raising of the Haida Legacy Pole (42 ft.) in 2013 – the First Totem Pole that was raised in 130 years… http://cpaws.org/blog/haida-pole



Keyword: The feeling of community demonstrated in a basic joint effort.

In rural neighbourhoods, especially as the American West was being developed, the building of at least the framework of a house was often a collective, friendly enterprise. Newcomers building their home-to-be found friendly helpers in their neighbours. The sense of togetherness and participation in a common enterprise was developed by such a collective work. The home remains ‘our’ home, yet the whole community is involved in its erection and the welcome marking its completion.
At this… stage feeling becomes activity. The past and its memories are repolarized in terms of the expanded social consciousness. From that activity a new sense of reality will derive. The keyword is COOPERATION.”


Sounds more Aquarian than Scorpionic?

But hey, there is an intimacy in building together with our neighbours(-to-be) into our sphere, and such a house-raising is an emotionally and physically transformational process – that requires mutual trust and dealing with ‘shared resources’ (8th house in the chart, ruled by SCO).


The image immediately reminded me of a film about Haida Gwai that I received yesterday, and the ceremonial totem pole raising in traditional Haida villages.
Also of course, of the dark sides of colonial exploitation, abuse, and even importing disease (smallpox) that killed so many First Nations people. Very Scorpionic.

Take some time (20 min) to tune into the spirit of Restoring the Balance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZZYMVvZwLQ

“You have to walk in perfect balance, otherwise you fall off the edge.” –

The Wesak Moon on the very early SCO ‘Tipping Point’ (beyond LIBRAN Balance) – Choices have consequences…


How can there be a human cooperation in the global interconnected Village of Humanity, on the edge of the ‘Tipping Point’?

Let’s be intentionally in the Wesak Safeguarding place, and hold maximum energy for a peaceful, transformational human cooperation!

How can we distribute the spirit, and help generate change, in our circles of influence…?

A clear and ‘simple’ message for Earth Day!


© 2015 Melanie Lichtinger



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