* Settling IN, and Smelling the Roses: MERCURY in TAURUS is going into pre-retro shadow now (as of today Apr 15), and will go retro Apr 28 – May 22

16 Apr

Noticing some funk? Some ‘wait a minute’ promptings?

The Mercurial inner Messenger / Communicator / Mind Archetype, now settled in TAURUS (since Apr 5) settles, and settles, and stays there, until June 12!
You guessed why so looong, and what’s in the REmaking:
MERCURY will go RETRO in TAU (from Apr 28 to May 22).
This year, Mercury retro happens in Earth signs, the last M-r was in Jan in Cap, next M-r will be in Vir in Sept.
TAU is grounded, slow, embodied, communicates and learns through all the senses, and not just via the brain. Clearly, that adds an extra ‘retro’ vibe to it. Don’t chew on things with your mind. Ask the body!
Smell the grass, the Spring, the roses – good Medicine for the otherwise too overrated and busy brain!
Patience is a good TAU and M-r virtue too, so no use hurrying others if you don’t get a response (who knows what they’re dwelling – or stuck – in at this point). And patience can allow YOU to relax and slow down the pace…
Plus: no assumptions please – always a prime M-r practice.


Orang Utangs Smell da Roses

Orangutans Smell da Roses…

MERCURY goes into its pre-retro ‘shadow’ today Apr 15, and into stationary pre U-turn ‘storm’ on Apr 21.
– A good time to slow down, and re-connect with the messages of the body.
– What grounds you and brings you natural (not mind-made) joy?
– M-r in TAU would be an excellent time for a retreat in nature….
– And being physically in each other’s presence makes all the difference (rather than default electronic ‘connection’).
– Why not having a yummy meal together, like ‘in the olden, retro days’, and see where the conversation goes?
Today, Apr 15, MERCURY slooowing down in TAU is in quincunx with SATURN retro in SAG. Our limiting beliefs and ‘old stories’ can speak through our bodies. On the other hand, asking what our body is really saying leads to natural inner guidance.
On Sunday, Apr 17, slowww MERCURY in TAU forms a supportive Earth Trine with stationary PLUTO in CAP, showing us how slowing down the pace is not only more enjoyable but also more sustainable and quality conscious. 
More about MERCURY retro to come in the next days, in an Astro~News Blog Special.
Stay tuned.

Oh, and, I hear you ask:
“Didn’t I just read MARS was going retro on Apr 17? And PLUTO on Apr 18?”
Yep, quite the Retro Spring (Jupiter – until May 9, Saturn, Mars, Pluto, Mercury), turning the focus from outer stimulation and response to the inner worlds, plus back-tracking on ‘open-ended’, unREsolved themes. REtreat time is Treat Time (How ARE we treating Time?).


© 2016 by Melanie Lichtinger




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