March 25: SATURN goes retro (until Aug 13): Let inner Guidance and Heart Wisdom Lead the Way!

25 Mar

Today, FRI March 25, SATURN will go retro (once a year for 4 ½ months).
SATURN has been already in a slooowww turnaround throughout March, and appears from Earth perspective as a ‘stationary’ focal point of energy this month.

SATURN in mid SAG makes it painful to hold on to old limiting and judgmental narratives, beliefs, dogma, authorities that pretend to ‘know better’, and to separation from what’s ‘foreign’ and ‘unknown’. Whoa, so many stories – whom and what can we trust and believe?
The Heart of our true nature knows, and the recent March Eclipses help catalyze that awareness. Coming from the Heart of awareness re-moves the obstacles, and clears the path. We can see more clearly, and move with Oneness.

You gotta love how the SABIAN SYMBOL for SATURN’s turnaround degree!




Sunrise by the Ocean, by Vladimir Kush, Metaphorical Realism



“The egg symbolizes the rising sun and the beginning of life. In many myths about the creation of the world, a cosmic egg is laid by a giant bird in a formless, ancient ocean. The egg splits into two and the sky and earth appear from the halves of it, while the sun is seen in the yolk. You can see in the picture that the newborn sun still hasn’t taken it’s final shape yet. Shreds of primary matter continue to stream from the burning sphere rising over the ocean. According to Polynesian myth, the Hawaiian Islands where born from such an egg.”


Keynote: The culturally stimulated longing for group participation in a process of rebirth.

Since the very early days of man’s evolution, religions and cults of various types have used the most significant periods in the year’s cycle to dramatize  the deepest longings of human nature, this giving them direction, meaning, and through group action, a greater dynamic intensity. Easter is the Christian way of celebrating the coming of Spring and the rebirth of life after the hardships of Winter.

At this… stage we see man discovering in nature’s cycles great movements that stimulate his spiritual quest for the psychic and mental equivalent of solar light and warmth. The obvious keyword here is REBIRTH.”


Wow, how ever fitting is this symbol?! I felt called to look up the degree, and had to share.

Consider this: It is NOT the degree of the SUN (which could be anywhere in ARIES for Easter) but for SATURN in SAG – coming to its turnaround from direct to retro on Good Friday. Speaking of synchronous message!


Dane Rudhyar’s interpretation of the symbol (below the Keynote), written in 1973, is ever so timelessly relevant for SATURN’s journey through SAG, coming now to a turning point where we realize, once again, that guidance, truth, trust, and meaning are an ‘inside journey’, and what is provided from the outside can at best help re-connect (the literal meaning of religion) us with the inner source but shouldn’t replace our intrinsic wisdom.

So let’s honour and acknowledge our own journey round REBIRTH, maybe literally after wintry ordeals, and / or inner processes.

I’ve been going through a purge since the CAP New Moon with PLUTO on Jan 9 that came to a resolution with the Total Solar Eclipse in PI on March 8, and am sensing the life force of Rebirth arising again. Heard similar accounts from clients and friends.

How about you???


As SATURN will go retro (a yearly 4 ½ months process) until Aug 13, it’s time to turn away from following, or resisting and judging outer voices of ‘authority’ and old conditioning that are telling us: “You should go there, this is the right way”, and from external fear inducing factors that can hold us back on our path, and instead turn to the inner wisdom source, the Heart of Knowing, from which we walk and move forward in life, with natural trust and Love.

What is calling YOU?

What is guiding you?


© 2016 by Melanie Lichtinger





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2 Responses to “March 25: SATURN goes retro (until Aug 13): Let inner Guidance and Heart Wisdom Lead the Way!”

  1. Michelle Dawn March 26, 2016 at 2:35 am #

    Just what I needed. Great read! Thank you 🙂

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