* JUPITER – SATURN Square, Vol. II on March 23: Perspective…

23 Mar

Today, on the day of the Lunar Eclipse, we also experience the 2nd of 3 exact squares from JUPITER in VIR to SATURN in SAG.

# 1 happened in August last year (while JU was still in LEO, and SATURN in SCO).

# 3 will be exact on May 26, not far from the positions of SATURN and JUPITER now.


On a personal-spiritual level, we can check in where we create obstacles (SATURN) through the way how we SEE (SAG) through our lens of perception, have tunnel vision, or don’t even see the obvious, and therefore judge things or people, and how limiting beliefs hold us back. Acknowledgment of the obstacle is the first step (which can be tricky, since we are dealing with blind spots here – that’s why a ‘mirror’ through a trusted friend, counsel, astrologer, elder helps.
Maybe this belief has served the side in you that you are outgrowing now. An old skin. It’s growth pain to see the Truth, and do something about it. But, as typically with SATURN, it will be unburdening (I know, the ego doesn’t believe this but resistance is eventually futile anyway).

You say: I got it, re: SATURN challenge. Where’s the opportunity?

Here you go: With JUPITER in VIR, doing one’s daily practice of wellness and wholeness, and being of help for others is supportive, and brings more opportunities for growth. We’re talking VIRGO, and even though it might seem like ‘that’s the small stuff’, it adds up. Just don’t sweat it, rather sweat at your jogging or Yoga practice….



Ganesha – Elephant headed Hindu god, known as the ‘Remover of Obstacles’ on the Path.


Ganesha, the Hindu deity known as the ‘Remover of Obstacles’ comes to mind. Of course, Ganesha doesn’t just magically take the obstacles away but represents the guru, the spiritual teacher that shows what the real obstacle is, and what it takes to go beyond. So yeah, anytime a good time to invoke Ganesha, esp. at the beginning of a journey, and in times like this.


Let’s look into the societal arena as well:

This is the ‘closing square’ in the 20-year JUPITER – SATURN cycle that started in May 2000, with their conjunction in TAURUS.

A new socio-economic-political-cultural cycle with Taurean themes started then. Conservative governments became more prominent in the world. Money and business as well as ‘territorialism’ (and domains) became a big deal.

2010 was the opposition, with JUPITER in late PI, and SATURN in late VIR (where the Nodal axis is now!), showing us we need to cut back and be in integrity, act eco-logical, and do business in integrity (SATURN in VIR), since all is connected (JUPITER in PI). One example: Doing business online and be connected via media (PI) became very popular – very practical and promised lower impact on the environment (SATURN in VIR). Not so sure what the world community learned since then around being humble and content with less (SATURN in VIR).


So this square between the ‘main players’, JUPITER in VIR (Aug 2015 – Sept 2016), and SATURN in SAG (Sept 2015 – Winter Solstice 2017) brings a crisis (square) and challenge (SATURN) that is also an opportunity (JUPITER) to act upon (a square has a MARS undertone). NEPTUNE in PI is also involved in the dynamic.


A continuous PISCEAN wave of refugees coming to Europe, escaping from their war torn countries, esp. Syria, has caused a mass migration that has brought up a big spectrum of responses: As much as countries like Germany initially welcomed large numbers of refugees with open arms and compassion, the whole process also brought up paranoia, fear of being uncontrollably invaded by unknown and unchecked, and perceived as possibly dangerous foreigners (SATURN in SAG square NEPTUNE in PI).

JUPITER in VIR may say: SO much to do, as in: So many opportunities to help, or: How can all these problems be managed? Or: So many tools are now available. Depending on the perspective.


The socio-political tension already emerged in the heated pre-election Summer 2015 for Canada, while JUPITER, then still in LEO, squared SATURN in late SCO last August – and brought about new, ‘sunnier ways’ via the Liberal Govt. and ever charismatic (LEO like) Justin Trudeau – work ahead nevertheless (JUPITER now in VIR, and promises need to be kept, SATURN in SAG).

Clearly, the socio-political conflict shows up big time in the U.S. this year, with rather aggressive tones.“Where is it going???” (and perhaps even: ”Where am I going, if… gets elected?”) – SATURN in SAG, and “We could have a big problem here.”, is what many U.S. citizens and the world community is wondering, with concern (JUPITER in VIR).

Remember, the U.S. have also SATURN on their AC in mid-SAG this year – a new 29-year cycle starts (after the shadow and ‘rien ne va plus’ are faced).

Rather than ‘big words’ and promises, or righteousness – the shadow of SAG (do I hear: “Make America great again….”?), SATURN moderates and restrains SAG, and shows consequences if the path is not in alignment with the Heart and true Sagittarian wisdom and perspective.

Interesting, that D. Trump was born with MOON / South Node in SAG, see:

B. Sanders with North Node / SUN in VIR (plus, he has URANUS on his MOON / MARS in ARIES now, calling for a Revolution of Consciousness in the States), see (birth time unknown): http://www.astro.com/astro-databank/Sanders,_Bernie


So things are definitely heated up now, and end of May is another phase of this tension that could set the course for the next years to come.

PISCES says: Yes, everyone can be affected by everything, since all is connected. Which also means: What we feed into the ‘field’ can have a domino effect as well.

Might as well Spread the Love! 


© 2016 by Melanie Lichtinger




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