* Releasing the Wounded Fisher King? Total Solar Eclipse with Chiron in Pisces

8 Mar

Speaking of SATURN in SAG storytelling, the TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE in PISCES with CHIRON brought the association with the Wounded Fisher King mythology and his redemption by Parsifal to mind.

What’s your sense about this connection???


If you’re not familiar with the legend, here’s a brief intro with references: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fisher_King


The Attainment: The Vision of the Holy Grail to Sir Galahad, Sir Bors, and Sir Perceval. Tapestry woven by Morris & Co. 1895-96, Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery

The Attainment: The Vision of the Holy Grail to Sir Galahad, Sir Bors, and Sir Perceval.
Tapestry woven by Morris & Co. 1895-96, Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery


I feel it’s very symbolic for the state the world is in, ecologically and politically, a patriarchal world in war, split-off from nature and inner wholeness.

The barren land, with masculine creative power (the Fisher King’s ‘pain in the thigh / groin’) wounded (CHIRON Eclipse).


“What’s the path out of this?”, asks SATURN in SAG – poignant apex of the Ecliptic T-square.

Can humanity, men and women, transcend the suffering (PISCES) that results from being in duality, split-off from our integrity and wholeness (VIRGO)?

Who is the innocent one that asks ‘The King’ the core question?

Whom and What does the Grail serve???

We all serve (VIRGO) the Holy Grail (PISCES)….


On that note, I found this provocative article – must be older, given its format, yet very timely. http://howellgroup.org/parsifal.html


Wounded Masculinity –
Parsifal and The Fisher King Wound

by Richard A. Sanderson M.Ed., B.A (Psych)


Here’s an excerpt – hope you find it as intriguing as I did:


“Parsifal’s “secret to success” as such, was his lack of trickery (refusal of artificiality), his inner code of honor and overcoming infidelity in all his actions. He knew that years before, as a “green innocent fool,” he had left the Grail Castle wounded because he, like the Fisher King, had not had sufficient masculine inner strength to hold to his inner nobility (the Grail) and to do and say what was right.

Parsifal, as we men, set out on the hero’s journey wanting The Grail to serve him (his ego) but in the end he knew that we all serve the Holy Grail. Parsifal in serving The Grail simply learned to listen and honor his own conscience and uphold it with true masculinity. Conscience to almost every culture means, “ones unique duty, personal moral imperative, sense of right and wrong, inner voice, still small voice of God” (Bloomsbury Thesaurus). That inner voice, of conscience, that speaks to everyone and is there for each one of us to take heed of his own inner voice! Parsifal, in becoming truly masculine, found his own voice and was then whole enough to re-enter the Grail Castle and ask the famous question. When a man takes the ultimate step of courage to listen and honor his own inner voice, knowing and path, then he has turned the corner and is safe.

Parsifal had transcended and integrated duality within himself and had attained great humility by knowing the source (within) of his masculine strength and to whom he does serve. Parsifal had integrated duality in the following sense: His “red heart [of passion] had been opened to his feelings and merged with his mind.” “He had integrated the black [erotic] with the white [purity] aspects of himself to achieve high fidelity of being” (Burt, K, 1988). For without integration of duality there remains “split-off-ness” within the man. “Only as an individual, undivided, can man continue on his journey, meet the feminine [within and without] as an equal opposite and fulfil his creative destiny” (Wyly, J, 1989).

Modern man’s first task is to change and heal his adolescent masculinity. He may finally commit (with Parsifal strength) to fidelity of heart (to himself), sexual fidelity (to his partner) and fidelity of actions (in his business affairs). High fidelity of sound is a good example as the device (a stereo) faithfully reproduces sound (The Word) that flows through it, without distortion and of high quality. We are encouraged as men to get in touch with our feminine side but for men our masculinity is the real issue. For modern man the call is to commit to a true masculinity, in its broadest meaning. “Unless man in his individuality can differentiate himself from “collective” patriarchal standards, both will go down together” (Wyly, J, 1989).

Jesus Christ, I believe, was a man like Parsifal, full-blooded and instinctual, an erotic, loving man, who became a powerful man in battle within this world. Both men in this sense stood the tests of life that all men face and yet emerged into wholeness of being; into true masculinity, in such a way that we as modern men can emulate. When man can begin to see ‘true masculinity’ and emulate it, then he will begin to know himself as a “good man,” develop warmth of character and be less “cool.” He will start to obey inner authority more and have inner honor, to uphold conscience and authentic clearness in all his words and dealings. If man can do this then self-love starts to grow and he will begin to feel and achieve more wholesomely in the world. Significant others will respond immediately to this inner wholeness and transforming dignity. Love and success is then possible, not just to receive love but more importantly to love through all actions!”


“If man remains in the old mentality of seeking the solution only in the exterior world or blaming something outside of himself then he cannot be healed and dooms himself to loneliness and emptiness within! “Often, a cultural man [artificial, collective, adolescent male] kills his natural [noble] man and nature replies by making him impotent” (Johnson. R. 1989).

True masculinity requires man to combine the rational with the irrational within himself. More often than not, the Grail Knight is unable to find the Grail Castle on his own accord, which means that something is always interceding to keep him pointed in the right direction (that inner voice of conscience) and this is the irrational aspect for man to follow. This is the “innocent fool” Parsifal part of himself that assists his unique transformation. To do this, man has to risk being vulnerable, “not knowing” and to emerge “ordinary” from behind the inflations and trickery that prop him up in society. Remember that each day every knight of the inner order in the Grail Castle would renew his oath to uphold the task of giving himself in service to the Holy Grail. The powerful play of life goes on each day and man is called upon to contribute one verse. Heroes live forever, as does Parsifal in the hearts of modern man!”


Lots to reflect upon… who knows where the trail takes you…?


© 2016 by Melanie Lichtinger




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