* MARS in SCO crosses over to SAG on March 5: Phoenician Fire Boost for Re-Birth

4 Mar

Lots of burning has been going on already, on deep psychological levels, since MARS entered SCO, on Jan 3…

MARS also catalyzed the big PLUTO purge in Jan / early Feb since PLUTO rules SCO, and is also the transpersonal version of MARS (higher power vs. personal power and assertion). So, we already had our share, and hopefully used the intensity wisely. Maybe it takes some time to process and integrate what’s been going on (so much at once).

Have you noticed more energetic support in flushing out what needs to be eliminated and transformed, since MARS is now at the end of SCO (since mid-Feb)?

What’s been ‘poking and provoking’ us, even though it might feel fierce, is actually also good medicine for transformation and empowerment.

What’s next?



As MARS crosses over the ‘Phoenix Point’ from SCO to SAG, tomorrow March 5, let its fiery energy burn off what you’re not, and give you a boost into rebirth! What needs to be purged in your life, esp. in the area related to the house where SCO / SAG is???

Also, MERCURY will enter PI tomorrow March 5! Before that, MERCURY on the AQ – PI cusp with square MARS on the SCO – SAG cusp!
Let’s speak freely, and even taboos must come to the open, to transform on the pyre.


How long will MARS be in SAG?

Good question, since (you might have heard about it), MARS will go retro this Spring, from 9° SAG (on Apr 17) back to 23° SCO, on June 29. So there will be more SCO revisiting via MARS, from May 27 to Aug 2 (which will be also the LEO NEW MOON). In other words, MARS will cruise around the ‘Phoenix Point’ for quite a while this Spring and Summer.

More about that here on this Astro~News channel, before its retro journey, and we’ll also have a Transit Parlour for it. In personal sessions, we are already addressing it, wherever relevant for my clients.


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