* VIRGO – PISCES FULL MOON on Feb 22, and magnified VIR – PI Bridge: Self-Awareness and Service in Oneness

22 Feb


Voyager II Priestess Crystals 1

Voyager Card II – Priestess – Crystal Activation and Photo by Melanie


Have you been following the MOON?

~ Did you see her travelling past Orion? This Winter constellation is still visible in the evening sky for a while.

~ … and then, last Wed to Fri she could be seen in her ‘pregnant’ waxing CANCER MOON goodness. I was lucky to be out for a walk on a clear-sky afternoon, and ‘she’ followed me from the East.

~ Now, in LEO, ‘she’ is approaching JUPITER (bright planet to her ‘left’ in the Ecliptic).

~ Tomorrow Monday morning, the MOON will enter VIRGO, to be fully lit by the PISCES SUN as the FULL MOON!

Since  Feb 23 at 10:20 am PST is the exact Full Moon tonight is already the ‘Fullest Moon’ night here on the West Coast. Further East and in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia / New Zealand, Feb 23 is the Full Moon night.


As Above So Below, is the motto for cosmic alignment and Astrology.

Goes back to ancient mystery schools, and shows us how, not in a linear cause-effect relationship but rather synchronistically and in a mirror effect, different dimensions interrelate. Holograms, fractals, sacred geometry…. all of that cool stuff that naturally teaches us that all is connected, nothing ever was separate.

With it comes the notion to align consciously with patterns and cycles, to go into coherence rather than resisting and ‘struggling’.

Being ‘in the wave’, so to say, rather than experiencing ourselves as ‘a separate particle’ 🙂


Why am I writing about this general stuff?

For one thing, this is why I’m so fulfilled with offering what I do, to support more alignment, with ease and cosmically sustained energy in you, and through you with your influence in the world.

We’ve come a long way in the last decades, in acknowledging and re-embracing these ‘natural laws’ again. When I was younger, I felt quite ‘fringy’ with what I knew to be true, and didn’t feel very free to fully express and share it with others.

Thank Goddess, I was called to go with a big transformation that brought me here, to serve and inspire from this place.


And, it’s timely: The upcoming Full Moon, with the Moon in Virgo and the Sun in Pisces is all about ‘Sacred Alignment.
Under JUPITER / North Node in VIRGO these months and esp. weeks (very strong again at the PISCES Solar Eclipse on March 8) it seems like problems and issues are under a magnifying glass. It gets bigger so that we can see them for what’s really going on, resolve what needs to be ‘fixed’ and realigned, but also gain perspective, and outgrow our sense of imperfection, inadequacy, the inner critic…

VIRGO thrives on alignment and self-containment, discernment, loves wellness practices, recipes and remedies. And it’s important to heal low vibrational VIRGO (“never good enough, always problems”) with higher VIRGO vibes.

  • What is your Body Temple showing you?
  • What can you do (with joy and awareness) to help and serve others, and make the world a better place? Maybe in the service lays your own healing?
  • What needs physical cleaning / clearing / organizing in your life (how about starting with a small realm, like: the desk?). The present VIR – PI FULL MOON, after the CHINESE NEW YEAR momentum helps with clearing clutter and reorganizing things so that the Chi can flow more smoothly (and you know where things are J ).
  • What are you grateful for? Even (and maybe esp.) those ‘small’ things (VIRGO).


Well, here’s a literal JUPITERIAN gratitude story I’d love to share with you:

On Feb 8, the day of the last New Moon in AQ, it happened to be a very clear, crisp night (rare these days!), and our Astro 404 (Transits) groups that had in our 8-week journey reached the transits of JUPITER that eve. A week prior, an Astrology / Astronomy buff friend of mine, Stephen Courtin, had offered for us to take a look through his telescope, up on Mt. Tolmie in Victoria. Everything conspired (well, the wind was chilly, but there were cars to retreat to), and we seized the night, and were blessed with views of JUPITER and 4 of its Moons (!), but also (a big gift for me) SIRIUS, in bright ‘unreal blue’ radiance. Sirius is the star sacred to the Egyptian Goddess Isis. Check out this beautiful blog: http://isiopolis.com/2012/07/21/isis-sirius-and-the-dog-days-of-summer/ and find Sirius in the evening sky, ‘left’ to Orion’s belt.

Moreover, the following week (last Monday), Stephen visited our 404 group (with SATURN then), and showed us his cool invention: The Ecliptic Calendar that clearly maps the constellations in the Ecliptic, and in relation to the Zodiac, plus the 20 brightest stars. Here is a scan of the laminated map that Stephen gave me, just to give you an idea. I can show the whole map to you if you come for a session on to a group.


Stephen's EC AR - VIR

Ecliptic Calendar with 20 Brightest Stars, by Stephen Courtin.


Very VIRGO (precision) and PISCES (cosmic)!

Stephen can in ‘calendar fashion’ create a star map of the positions of Sun, Moon, and Solar System Planets, at any given day, as seen in the heavens. A great complement to the traditional astrological circular map where we also chart houses and aspects. I believe Stephen would also create laminated EC maps for your birth chart – awesome!
Big gratitude again, Stephen, for sharing your gifts and resources so generously with us!


So what’s with the ‘traditional’ Astro map of the FULL MOON, you may ask? Voila!


VIR - PI FM 2016


Now, that’s a whole lot of VIRGO and PISCES!


On the VIRGO side of the ‘equation’:

The MOON (from 3:24 am PST today Monday Feb 22 on), JUPITER, and the Lunar North Node. They have been in close alignment since end of December, from March on this alignment will ‘widen’ since JUPITER moves faster retro than the Nodes. June will be another month of ‘close encounter’, and JUPITER will pass the North Node on June 25. So the whole 1st half of 2016 is influenced by this union. And the MOON (exactly: after the FULL MOON, on Tue Feb 23) highlights it.

What are we talking about here?
The magnified (JUPITER) incentive (North Node) to

  • Be in body-mind-spirit alignment, good health, well-being and conscious practice,
  • Be mindful, aware and self-aware,
  • Take care of business, organize, clear and clean,
  • Help yourself (VIR is a big fan of DiY, and there is so much info online now too, re: How to)
  • Help others – because you can. Maybe ‘simple’, ‘small’ acts of service – they can be a big deal for them, and so rewarding.


And now let’s hear it for PISCES:

The SUN – nearing NEPTUNE (their union will be exact next Sunday Feb 28) – opposite the FULL MOON:
What does Unity Consciousness respond to all this?

Yes, we know from the AQ – PI cusp that ‘we’re all in this together’. As we immerse fully into the PISCEAN field there is just energy, a ‘quantum soup’ you may say. Can be overwhelming and chaotic, for the individual small self. The invitation is to experience and furthermore merge in the field of Oneness.

What does that require (asks VIRGO)? Maybe dropping resistance and separation, and, rather than putting up boundaries against the ‘tsunami of energy’ swimming into a field of resonance, or, allowing the energy to leave us (since as sensitive souls we tend to take things in and they sit and stick there, and possibly contaminate our inner environment).

The PISCES SUN, after having ‘hooked up’ with NEPTUNE (on Feb 28) will approach CHIRON (exact union on March 10 – and it will be a signature of the NEW MOON / TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE of March 8).


VIRGO MOON / JUPITER / North Node, and PISCES SUN / NEPTUNE / CHIRON / South Node create pulls on both sides of the Earth, and those of us with SUN / MOON / AC / Planets in VI, PI, or both will experience the (apparent) dilemma of…



Doing, Working, Helping <-> Being / Relaxing, Receiving, Asking

Perfection <-> Ease

Practicality <-> Creativity

Problems, Anxiety, Worry <-> Let-go, Forgiveness

Precision <-> Randomness

Discernment <-> Allowing

Skills, Crafts <-> Art, Music, Dance, Inspiration

Hands (ruled by VI) <-> Feet (ruled by PI)

Remedies, Recipes <-> Medicine

…and asks us to strike a balance that creates synergy between the ‘2 sides of the coin’.


What does all that mean, and how can we be in natural alignment with the cosmic ‘weather’?

Let’s again look at both sides, and their bridging:


On the MOON side:

MOON and JUPITER / North Node in VIRGO:

4 R

Virgo, and Mercury, by Johfra Bosschart


 VIRGO is the energy of the harvest goddess and priestess who is clear and aligned with her sacred Self which she keeps in integrity.

VIRGO practices self-awareness (the energy of the Leo-to-Virgo Sphinx Point), and tends to ‘her’ body-mind-spirit temple through clearing, discernment, sacred practice, such as ceremony and ritual.

Which in our practical daily life means: a body / health / wellness / nutrition practice and lifestyle. A healthy body in a healthy spirit.

  • Is there a practice you can adopt right now that would benefit your well-being (something simple and self-sufficient that’s not a big deal, like walks, Yoga, exercise, getting more regularly fresh air)?
  • Which ‘recipes and remedies’ would your inner caring and wise one (MOON / JUPITER) prescribe? Like: adding / removing something from your diet, sleep, work style and hours, certain practices that make you overall happier and healthier?
  • Is there something is ripe and ready now to be harvested, as in: let go of?
  • Maybe it’s ‘all good’ if we can be ‘in the world’ (VIR) but ‘not of the world’ (PI)?


On the SUN side:

SUN / NEPTUNE, and CHIRON / South Node in PISCES:

Maya Gabeira in Hawaii

Big wave surfer Maya Gabeira – Adventurous example of the PI and VIR balance


The bigger, longer lasting, and more transpersonal influence of NEPTUNE (2012 – 2026) and CHIRON (2010 – 2018) in PISCES is now (yearly) highlighted by the SUN which brings Solar consciousness to these themes:

ONEness and interconnectedness of ALL – which can, for our separate identity, be overwhelming, confusing, make us vulnerable – or make us want to escape, be ‘addicted’ to ‘the state of bliss and union’, etc.

I guess you get the picture, and examples are everywhere, incl. the constant influx of media (also ruled by PISCES).

The SUN now in PI brings yearly consciousness to NEPTUNE – whoa, this really IS immense!

  • Have you been feeling overwhelmed by all kinds of influences and energies that are ‘streaming in and through’?
  • Maybe you have a very vivid dream life, maybe you don’t want to face it all?
  • How about this: The way ‘out’ is the way ‘IN’ – to surrender and trust in being carried by What-IS?


So much is coming together now… Allow it, and  allow yourself to BE. Maybe that means letting go of, forgiving, releasing something or some ‘disappointment’, ‘illusion’, etc. from the area of life related to PI in your chart.


CHIRON will be met by the SUN (a yearly event) on March 10. The upcoming FULL MOON tomorrow, and even more so the SOLAR ECLIPSE NEW MOON on March 8 catalyze that theme:

The ‘Medicine Wo/Man CHIRON’ shows that the ‘wound’ carries the medicine, and certain processes in life (esp. round age 50, at our CHIRON return) bring up old / original wounds as an initiation for intrinsic healing and as a deep teaching to us and others around us.



Nowa-years with CHIRON in PI, when we dive in, and experience our oneness with life we can relax, and let go of the idea of separation and even adversarial ‘you over there’, and we are re-connected with life. Where is the enemy, the victim, the perpetrator, the saviour? The ‘healing’ and ‘teaching’ can simply lay in letting go.

This oneness with what-IS allows us also to let things ‘go through us’ as energy, rather than having them stick to us, or sit in our field. Just as we have taken it IN (PI is ‘famous’ for taking a lot IN) we are invited to breathe or otherwise release it OUT. Maybe no need to ‘do anything with it’ (i.e. analyze and work on it…).

Music, dance, Yoga, Qi Gong, being with or IN water is natural therapy for this kind of release.

‘Wounding’ nowadays for many of us equals overwhelm of influences (CHIRON in PI), and unreleased energies. 


CHIRON in PISCES on the ‘opposite side’ of VIRGO yet representing the ONE, shows that it’s all related. When we drop into resonance and love we open up we ARE what we see on the outside / ‘over there’ in ‘them’ has to do with us too. And – maybe in a place of vulnerability – , we ask for help, drop resistance, let go, and let God.


Many people become more and more sensitive. I hear that from many clients, and experience it myself.

As an ‘energetic hygiene’ and clearing of what we have taken IN, I recommend a very effective Visualization Practice that I adopted from my friend and Satsang teacher Susan Broznitsky. Thanks so much, Susan!

I posted it before on Astro~News, and also showed it to clients directly. Many people asked me about it, and gave feedback that it works – almost immediately.

So here it is again, apropos CHIRON / South Node in PI.

Visualizations are also perfect for SATURN in SAG.


Another way of releasing is Forgiveness Writing Practice.

Last year, I came across a process that is intense but very liberating (also helps the process of MARS now at the end of SCO where it’s been stirring so much up for us, moving into liberating SAG on March 5!). There is a lot of writing involved with this one. Excellent to start it after the Full Moon, in the waning phase – green light from tomorrow on already.


Here are these two useful Tools & Resources for Release of Stuck Energy, and for Forgiveness.

Try them on, and feel free to pass them on.


Earth YinYang

1) Releasing Stuck Energy – Visualization Practice

…and yes, as we are doing the practice, we extend it into the field of Planet Earth…

We all carry energy around that we picked up somewhere, and that’s sitting in us. What we can’t release can become toxic (low PI vibration).

It can be quite frustrating to feel or sense those things that are not directly ours (yet in a bigger sense they are ours too…).

We might have picked things up from other people or from the collective field, through resonance and empathy, and / or by being in a low and receptive vibration (like feeling angry, and docking on to the anger around us).

As empaths, and when we have a lot of PISCES in us we tend to take a lot IN, and need to make sure we release it too.


Close your eyes, and sit (or stand) upright.

Visualize your energy body that’s you and surrounds you as a beautiful temple, or cathedral, or garden, or any sacred space that speaks to you. Create or remember that sacred space vividly, in front of your inner eye.

Now locate where in your body, esp. in which Chakra area you have taken something in that’s still ‘sitting there’ and might feel like a blockage.

Realize and acknowledge that you must have opened up doors of your sacred space to let ‘it’ in, probably in front of your body when you were facing ‘it’.

Now you are invited to go to the back of your body in that same area, and open the doors or windows there (maybe they have never been opened? Or you weren’t aware that you can do this even?)!

Now allow the stuck energy to leave your space, blessed and transformed – since it is a sacred space. With ease and accompanied by the light. Hold space for this process. You may experience a light ray coming in from the back where you open the door / window, helping the energy to leave on this light ray.

Your experience is unique, and might have a message for you too!

How do you feel now?

You can do this practice when you notice having taken something in that kicks you off balance, and also in hindsight, even after years of ‘cultivating’ something in you. I’m not saying, do it all the time, to avoid any discomfort… but as a tool to work with, so that the energy can flow.

This is a great tool (well, I like it, and the clients whom I have shown it to) that is easy, can be done anywhere, without even anyone noticing. 🙂




2) Forgiveness – Writing Practice

I came across this one last year, online. See how it resonates. Release and forgiveness is great after the FULL MOON.

Like myself, you might start with it enthusiastically, and then get wrapped up in other things the next days. Forgive yourself, and continue.

See what comes up when you give up or find excuses.

See what the process shows you!

You might or might not feel the forgiveness right away when you write it. See how that moves.

Yes, when we release and forgive (PISCES), the space that the non-forgiveness filled up can be opened up for other, more healthy and loving manifestations.


“SEVEN DAY FORGIVENESS PROCESS  by Gary Douglas (adjusted / edited by Melanie L.):

As you begin this process, acknowledge your personal connection to Divine Presence. Your first step is to write down everything you want to manifest in your reality on all levels, physical, mental, spiritual, emotional.

BE VERY CLEAR BE VERY SPECIFIC. Write it in the ‘NOW’. Fill several pages – list all your goals, desires, dreams and wants. BE OUTRAGEOUS!

Give thanks for receiving them. Release them into the universe as done!


Write one statement 77 times each day, along with your response; you can do half in the AM and half in the PM, or all at the same time.

You are releasing a tremendous energy as you process these issues. Be kind to yourself and know healing is taking place. Since you are releasing layer upon layer of energy and nature abhors a vacuum, your goals, desires, dreams and wants will manifest in this new clear space.


Write each statement 77 times and your response… even if the response is the same each time, keep writing it, don’t judge… just write what comes up.

1st day: “I forgive others for hurting me………………… your 77 situations” (Example: I forgive my friend… for speaking badly about me … – be concrete!)

2nd day: “I forgive myself for hurting others……………. your 77 situations”

3rd day: “I forgive others for letting me hurt them……… your 77 situations”

4th day: “I forgive myself for letting others hurt me……. your 77 situations”

5th day: “I forgive myself for hurting myself……….…… your 77 situations”

6th day and 7th day: Pick the statement or issue that seems to have the most charge, or repeat the day # 5 exercise for these remaining two days.

Be sure you write each statement and response 77 times per day for 7 days.


Love and acknowledge yourself for having the courage to do this FORGIVENESS PROCESS.”

How was that? How’s it going with these practices?


In a wider, unifying, PISCEAN way, it all IS ONE already. Nothing needs to be done or perfected.

However, since we are embodied here in our physical temple (says VIRGO), we can bring universal energy into everyday experience, and everyone benefits.

Through sacred practice and concrete support with our tools, by connecting in the Quantum field of infinite possibilities and pure potentiality, by sending love and blessings, and with the focus on SATURN in SAG: by checking in on the intentions we hold and what we focus on, and SEE. Taking our ‘blinders’ down can open the path to new opportunities.


In summary:

The VIRGO – PISCES FULL MOON & Entourage calls us to be in Sacred Alignment, AND in Oneness with What-IS.




Spontaneous AND perfect Zen brush painting of an Ouroboros, the mysterious and also alchemical winged serpent that bites its own tail. Very PISCES – VIRGO – if anything! 




© 2016 by Melanie Lichtinger




Serving you since 2000 In Victoria BC, and worldwide

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