* Sabian Symbol for the FULL MOON at 3°33’ VIR

22 Feb

And here’s the

* Sabian Symbol for the FULL MOON at 3°33’ VIR

Nice alignment – also since the date is 02 / 22! 🙂






Keynote: The overcoming of sociocultural prejudices.

Freedom from all the forms, biases and idiosyncrasies of the particular culture and class in which one has been born and educated is a sine qua non of the consciousness truly ‘on the Path’. The ideal of universal brother- and sisterhood underlies all great spiritual teachings, for they all are like branches of the One Tree, human beings in their divine state. This does not mean there are no racial differences, but rather that these differences have a functional value in terms of the whole organism of humanity – and of Planet Earth.

At this… stage the basic technique which applies to all truly spiritual progress is clearly stated. Every human being should be seen, approached, and warmly met as a ‘Child of God’, or in less religious terms as an exemplar for humanity. Such a status gives to every social and interpersonal group the character of BROTHERHOOD and SISTERHOOD.”


Wow, I just love how the message of this MOON degree symbol brings VIRGO and PISCES together – there’s only ONE of us here -, and it also ties into SATURN in SAG – the rewarding challenge is to overcome judgment, prejudice, and perceived separation / fear, via experiencing the ‘other’ as different, and not on ‘our path’.

The symbol and its description by Dane Rudhyar shows how being on The Path (higher vibration of SAG) is to SEE beyond differences (acknowledge their function – very VIRGO) but tap into what unites us.


We’ll keep an eye on SATURN in SAG over the next while, since (see Intro message at the beginning of the Astro~News) it will be in exact T-Square with the VIR – PI axis at the Total Solar Eclipse, and into Spring.


© 2016 by Melanie Lichtinger


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