* AQUARIUS New Moon on Feb 8 – Freedom For The Light!

8 Feb

With all the Fiery Chinese New Year Pizzazz, let’s not forget:

We’re also experiencing an AQ NEW MOON – basically every year, the AQ NEW MOON heralds the Chinese New Year (2nd New Moon after Winter Solstice).

When? 6:39 am PST on Feb 8. We’ll wake up into a new Lunar cycle 🙂

What? Check out the chart and its picture – also a signature for the onset of the Chinese New Year!


AQ NM 2016 CNY Fire Monkey

It still carries the sharp cardinal T-Square with URANUS in ARIES, and LILITH in LIBRA squaring PLUTO, VENUS (their alignment was exact Feb 5) in mid CAP, and MERCURY (after a long retro phase, incl. the pre-retro shadow, since Winter Solstice 2015) leaving the CAP concentration and post-retro shadow, as it will finally enter (its fave sign) AQ, on Feb 13.

MERCURY (rising at the time of the New Moon) has also been in contact with PLUTO, before, at the end, and shortly after its retro phase (Dec 19, Jan 22, Jan 29), as described in the last issues of Astro~News (and experienced by us) which transformed our mind to be more in tune with Soul and Essence:

  • What matters, ‘at the end of the day’?
  • What is a powerful, renewable resource we have access to?
  • How does our body-mind regenerate?
  • Rather than taking too much on that we can’t manage, what would be alternatives that are at least as ‘effective’ and more deeply fulfilling? Maybe connecting with others, supporting one another, sharing time and resources?

The CAPRICORN concentration is the apex (serves as an outlet) of the polarity between URANUS and LILITH (see chart). Innovative, revolutionary, awakening forces pushing the old and ‘expired’ out of the ‘matrix’, so that the energy transforms into….? Maybe ‘simply’ realizing: “We have all we need, and more.”  A paradigm shift, liberating us into being in our true nature (LILITH), in balance and right relatedness (LIBRA), authentic and ready for new beginnings (URANUS in AR).

URANUS, the ruler of AQ received recently, during AQ times, squares from MERCURY on Jan 31, from the MOON on Feb 5, and most recently, from VENUS on Feb 6. It really is a transformational and rebirthing time, for mind (MERCURY), needs and emotions (MOON), values and attractions (VENUS)!

Since AQ is ruled by URANUS, and New Moons have an ARIES theme, plus, the AQ NM will be – from the perspective of the West Coast – in the first house of the chart:
The AQ NEW MOON brings FREEDOM for – the LIGHT!

Which means: New Beginnings from a Cleared Slate, Co-Creation in Community (hey, the Monkey likes that too), and a more en-lightened Humanity!


* Sabian Symbol for the AQ New Moon at 19°15’ AQ




Crystal activated Voyager card III – Empress. Photo and Crystal Activation by Melanie



The answer of spiritual agencies to thorough, sustained and victorious individual efforts.

This concludes most significantly this series of five symbol (AQ 16 – 20). The individual who has gone courageously and with indomitable spirit through his / her crucial crisis receives, as it were, a deep spiritual blessing from the Soul realm: “Mission accomplished. Peace be with you.” And in this blessing a secret prophecy of what is yet to come may be seen by the perspicacious and spiritually sensitive mind of the recipient. Every real spiritual step someone takes in their development is the result of a victory over forces of inertia or destruction. The Divine is totally ‘present’ in the heart of all true victories.”

Sooo apropos the recent intense crisis and deep purging and purifying process so many of us have been going through.

May the Soul Blessings for the Light that’s now emerging be well received by all of us!


© 2016 by Melanie Lichtinger




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