* VENUS in CAP connects with PLUTO on Feb 5, and squares URANUS on Feb 6 :: The Power of Love is Bigger than the Love of Power – and more Liberating too!

4 Feb

VENUS now in CAP (since Jan 23) is attracted to ‘the real thing’.

Which means, we are more prone to prefer the traditional, grounded, built-to-last flavours of life, and attract people who are competent, experienced, and in general what’s time-proven, has quality, history, and / or ‘Zen style’. In the interpersonal realm, VENUS in CAP is into cultivating mature, self-responsible relationships ‘as adults’.

Whatever you have in CAP is now a magnet – have you noticed?
Which could mean your old conditioning to take too much on, burden yourself, put important things for yourself off because duty and responsibility call.

Check out your attractions, and what’s Capricornian about them!

The big deal with VENUS in CAP will be ‘her’ yearly rendezvous with PLUTO, tomorrow Feb 5 (and it will be a whole stellium of MOON / VENUS / PLUTO / MERCURY on that day!) – what a gravitation!

VENUS’s conjunction with PLUTO is followed by ‘her’ square with URANUS, on Feb 6 – wooohooo!


 Buddha Blessings


VENUS stepping into the square ‘fire’ of the URANUS – PLUTO Square is a catalyst for a deep transformation in relationships. This transit helps (or pushes us to) connect with their essence, and soul to soul. Depth rather than surface appearances and egos. 

If you have been in a disempowering, abusive relationship with others or yourself, this has to change – PLUTO purifies and purges.

The Power of Love is bigger than the Love of Power, and more liberating too!


Let’s look into the chart for the VEN – PLU Dance on Feb 5 – quite the CAP concentration:

VEN - PL Feb 5 2016

MOON, PLUTO / VENUS, and MERCURY (post-retro), all together in mid CAP, and also the apex of a sharp cardinal T-Square with URANUS in ARIES, and LILITH in LIBRA!

What a chart, eh?

A client came to me 2 weeks ago whose birthday is on Feb 5. LOTS of changes in the making for her. If you were also born early / mid Feb, this ‘birthday’ gift is a ‘signature’ for your new year too.

And if you have any planets in mid CAP, mid ARIES, mid CAN, mid LIBRA these sides of you are in for a deep ‘make-over’.

  • Is fear, and are old limiting stories and beliefs (SATURN in SAG – SATURN rules CAP) holding you back, from embracing love, deep engagement and relationship with others, with the world, with yourself, with LIFE?
  • Have you been compensating for lack of deep connection, perhaps with working towards something (CAP), outer / career satisfaction (or following the Capricornian ‘reward carrot’?
  • Are you conditioned to feel valuable and loveable (VENUS) when you accomplish and ‘produce’?
  • Have you bought into the materialistic consumer world, maybe for gratification (CAP), maybe because you compare yourself with others (a Venus theme), and want to measure up (CAP)?
  • Do we really need the newest…. just because it’s out there on the market, and others got one? While the old… would perfectly do.


Welcome to the club… of humanity – or at least predominant tendencies of conditioning in the modern, western(ized) world.


Soo, as VENUS comes into (her yearly) contact with PLUTO in CAP (remember, PLUTO is in CAP until 2023!) on Feb 5, some unearthing and digging might be in order. PLUTO ‘abducts’ VENUS into ‘the underworld’ where the shadow lays, and transformational powers sit.

The theme of ‘Valentine’s’ takes on a much deeper dimension. Not so say chocolate isn’t essential – super dark one of course. 🙂

What do you really, really value (VEN / PLU)? What’s soulful connection, without all that ‘fluff’?

That theme came up already and was activated under the CAP New Moon / PLUTO on Jan 9, and now VENUS and the MOON will unite with PLUTO very close to the New Moon point.


Plus, MERCURY has also been in (unusual) triple contact with PLUTO, before, at the end, and shortly after its retro phase (Dec 19, Jan 22, Jan 29) which transformed our mind to be more in tune with Soul and Essence:

  • What matters, ‘at the end of the day’?
  • What is a powerful, renewable resource we have access to?
  • How does our body-mind regenerate?
  • Rather than taking too much on that we can’t manage, what would be alternatives that are at least as ‘effective’? Maybe connecting with others, supporting one another, sharing time and resources?
  • Coming from a Human Being mode (rather than defaulting to the ‘Human Doing’ and abusing ourselves…).


The CAP Concentration is the apex (serves as an outlet) of the polarity between URANUS and LILITH (see chart). Innovative, revolutionary, awakening forces pushing the old and ‘expired’ out of the ‘matrix’ so that the energy transforms into….? Maybe ‘simply’ realizing: “We have all we need, and more.”  

A paradigm shift, liberating us into being in our true nature (LILITH), in balance and right relatedness (LIBRA), authentic and ready for new beginnings (URANUS in AR).

URANUS, the ruler of AQ receives during AQ times a square from MERCURY on Jan 31, from the MOON on Feb 5, and from VENUS on Feb 6.


The CAP Concentration is exactly between the SUN in AQ and SATURN (Ruler of CAP) in SAG. The SUN / SATURN sextile was exact yesterday Feb 3. This alignment ‘feeds’ into the CAP Concentration. Consciousness IS FREE. Limiting beliefs and judgments are seen as contracting and controlling forces of the ego that pretends to protect us. Let’s check in, how the way we were parented and how we parent ourselves is holding us back (SATURN in SAG), what that has to do with Society and the System (AQ), and where true Freedom can be found…

The CAP Concentration is also exactly between MARS in SCO and CHIRON in PISCES (both are in Water Trine with each other!).
MARS in SCO (for a looong time, since it will go retro from early SAG to SCO this Spring) is a transformational activator. Well, it could even be that anger and resentment push for change.
CHIRON in PI shows that relaxing, receiving, letting go, going into Unity Consciousness in ‘the field’ IS the Medicine, and allows for the inner Healer and Teacher to come in.
Had my own share last week and this, with inner processing ‘sabbatical’, and: Acupuncture.


It really is a transformational, healing, and rebirthing time, for mind (MERCURY), needs and emotions (MOON), values and attractions (VENUS), and deep ‘inherited’ structures (CAP)!


© 2016 by Melanie Lichtinger


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Serving you since 2000
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