6 Jan

What on Earth and in the Heavens is going on?


Question Cloud

Yes, it’s the era of massive global awakening and transformational shifts, mirrored by our transpersonal ‘friends’ Uranus in mid Aries and Pluto in mid Cap, in sharp ‘square dance’ with each other ( 7 exact alignments from 2012 – 2015, and now again almost exact but longer, Dec 2015 – Feb 2016).


But what’s with all the technology, media, and communication glitches that have sneaked in again lately?

Bingo! Another Mercury retro is ON.


If you have been reading my Mercury retro support notes (or even advocacy) 3 times a year over the last years you know my take on it (and might find it liberating): M-r isn’t necessarily ‘BAD’ news.

In a nutshell, with M-r, the Messenger Archetype – our MIND – is being adjusted, while temporarily operating differently than ‘usually’, to tune into and be REcalibrated to a ‘New Mercury’ (hey, what’s that???).


Hermes / Mercury

Hermes / Mercury , with winged helmet, sandals, and Caduceus / serpent staff of the healer (“Like heals Like”)


Mercury Retro

Mercury doing its retro somersaults again…


So all groovy?

Well, trickster times ARE upon us, and a few practical hints can’t hurt… 😉


Like myself, you might have already noticed glitches over the last while that required adjusting and clarifying communication, re-sending emails, and making sure you and your partner are talking about the same thing.

Under one of the last M-r phases, I saw a re-freshing Facebook message from a friend pointing out how re-dundant and time consuming / wasting the prevalent habit of texting is. It has become even more prevalent in the meantime…

What a perfect example! Pick up the PHONE, or meet Face-to-Face! Mercury retro REminds us to adjust communication to a more effective way again – sorta old fashioned groovy phoning and meeting for coffee… take time (all very CAPRICORNian), and get to know the person better whom you ‘thought’ you communicated with, via your AQUARIAN tech devices. Get away from the technology mediated connection, and see ‘your people’ in front of you, for that one-on-one intimacy that an email / messages just wouldn’t do. You may save yourself a big ‘detour’ if you meet them face-to-face.


The changing mode of communication could have also brought a REnewed openness for breakthroughs and paradigm shifting AHA effects: Mercury goes in its retro journey (before, during, and after) into a sharp, charged square contact with its ‘higher octave’ archetype, the Planet URANUS, presently in ARIES.


Now, under the beginning M-r mode, we are more prone to bypass the rational censor, trust intuition, truly address what needs to be talked about (rather than niceties and ‘pseudo talk’), are able to intuitively pick up now what wasn’t communicated before, and where loose ends were left open. Ahhh, all that Aquarian space and detachment is fine and dandy, but you wanna meet your friends again in real life and solid grounded CAP ways, won’t you?


Dolphin Mates

“How can I be connected with the Quantum Field?” you may ask…. You ARE IN the Quantum Field. That’s like a dolphin asking, ‘How can I be connected with the ocean?”

Dolpin friends, moving with cosmic intelligence. Nature is our model and medicine, under Mercury retro.


Then, when it comes to Capricornian planning and organizing: Good luck under M-r! Something else, call it ‘The Mind of God / the Universal Mind’ (Mercury / Pluto) is in charge. Our personal planning takes a break from the habitual control mode, and is invited to align with what needs to happen, and what ‘higher forces’ seem to orchestrate. Obviously, that re-quires and teaches us flexibility. And also, often, we are personally afraid we might inconvenience others with changing plans, but a different plan might work best and be most effective for everybody anyway.


Funny, how a change in one piece of the puzzle can create a domino effect, which shows our intrinsic connectivity in a web of energy and information (so Aquarian). If one person whom you had made plans with and whom you have ‘counted in’ for a particular endeavour, needs to cancel (perhaps because their pet is sick) it can create a whole chain of consequences, RE-quiring RE-coordination for you and everybody else involved… could be for the better. Drop your fixed ideas and expectations.



Here are my seasoned and seasonal 14 MERCURY RETRO TIPS,

for the whole retro phase (exact Jan 5 – 25), and extending into post-retro stationary ‘storm’ (until Feb 1), and post-retro shadow time (until Feb 14):


1) Be easy on yourself, as you get into the groove of things.

It usually takes a week or so to adjust to the different mode. Hopefully, you have taken the pre-retro shadow phase since Jan 6 as an adjustment, rather than being ‘hit’ by the wild ‘storm’, since Jan 17.


2) Be mindful.

There is a tendency for the mind to be distracted and all over the place, to loose and misplace things and thoughts that later have to be REtrieved again. Avoid getting scattered and disorganized, but also let go of your attachments and needs to be in control (yikes, that fixed Mercury-in-AQ thing). Practice being present with any person you communicate with, and any situation and function ‘at hand’. Don’t loose sight of what’s significant and a priority, in the face of the apparently urgent ‘little’ things which can easily be an accumulation of distractions. Watch how you might actually indulge in distractions – to avoid…? what? Be the guardian. 🙂


3) Go with the inwards / backwards oriented energy.

A good way of aligning with that quality is meditation and mindfulness. Also an excellent chance (if not necessity) to deal with ‘old unfinished business’, ‘loose ends’, to clear communication themes from the past, often carried over from a previous M-r time (last one was in Sept / Oct 2014, REmember?).


4) RE- everything! 🙂
Every M-r phase is a great time to attune and invite basically everything that starts with ‘RE-‘, like: RE-visit and RE-address, RE-align, REad, RE-treat, RE-pair, RE-boot, RE-group, RE-consider, RE-arrange, RE-place, RE-purpose, you name it… makes sense, eh?

Also, of course, an excellent RE-minder to clear what has lost its purpose, to organize and streamline things (maybe RE-gift things to people who can use them more than you), and to back up your important files. Better safe than sorry.

How RE-freshing to see this list of ‘goal setting’ (so CAP) with a spirit of working with what we already have (one of the keys in CAP, and in itself very empowering: Mercury / Pluto in CAP): http://thoughtcatalog.com/brianna-wiest/2015/12/16-goals-to-set-for-next-year-that-are-more-about-enjoying-what-you-have-than-chasing-what-you-dont/

Another REason for pointing out all these RE-activities: During Mercury retro (which also has a karmic undertone), we less likely get away anymore with procrastinating or neglecting REsidual communication issues with people from the past. They come up / it comes up like a mirror. Especially RElating to friends, community, societal and political affairs, and what we envision for our future, with Mercury retro in AQ, and when it comes to deep essential issues, with Mercury retro in CAP!


5) Talk about what REally matters.

Come from a detached and friend-ly place. Inquire and observe like a scientist. And check out how what people say very often comes from a need to be heard in their story and wound, even if that might be overcompensated by the ego. Meet them from the heart, the warm human heart, and the spiritual heart that’s not attached at all. Take time for what’s important.


6) A direct, authentic and lively dialogue

can open up opportunities to co-create, and support one another in an alienating society, and touch on other more important subjects that e-correspon-dance just wouldn’t allow for. When a conversation takes a different direction than the ‘planned’ and anticipated purpose it can lead to an even more important outcome. Trust the process.


7) Choose the clearest and most direct mode of communication available.

Phone or skype rather than emailing/messaging, meet them in person rather than phone, to make sure an actual dialogue happens. Look them in the eyes and feel out their presence, rather than just engageing in a factual monologue, via email / messaging, with the assumption you know what they think, or that they know what you think AND feel. Do they? Do you, really?

Consider communicating in several ways and via different media, to make sure the message comes across – a bigger chance to reach them. But also, keep in mind and heart that because people’s minds can be all over the place now, communication might be distracted, scattered, and incomplete, or prone to assumptions: “I thought you got my email!!!”. Or it might actually be a monologue when you write to someone: Are you just thinking out loud as you “communicate’, or are you actually suggesting something to them?

Which brings us to…


8) Be mindful how you communicate with others.

Put yourself in their position, see the situation more detached (AQ), and take ownership and responsibility (CAP) for your mental and emotional processes, rather than pouting, blaming and judging (possibly based on lack of communication), or withdrawing into your AQ / CAP ‘ice palace / castle’.


9) Be clear and precise with commitments, if you HAVE To (do you really?) sign an agreement now that can’t wait.

The Zodiac field of AQ, where Mercury goes retro from, is all about the system being more than the sum of its parts. Does the agreement / contract / goal (CAP) serve the bigger system (AQ)?
For your own interest, and maybe to maintain your friendship with the other person double check whether you have been understood correctly, and REpeat / REphrase back to the other person. Avoid signing an agreement before you have all the necessary information (which is often only after Mercury retro is over!). That applies especially to the area in your life that relates to the house where mid CAP to early AQ is in your chart (e.g. 7th house: relationships, 4th house: home / family).


10) Under M-r, the odds for fabulous unexpected synchronicities are 99%:

As we act more intuitively and are REleased from the ordinary conditioned mind we let synchronistic guidance in, and allow the spontaneous intervention of the universe to show us our interconnectedness. With the AQ energy, we can become more dispassionate and ‘cool’ in a way that serves the whole situation.


11) M-r is a good time to RE-connect with people you have lost sight of.

With the AQ / CAP flavour, people might come back into your life whom you have had a friendship / group / community connection or shared projects / purposes / work with but for some REason have lost touch with. Time to REvisit REsidual communication that’s not complete, or wasn’t possible for a while. Chances are good that you REconnect with people from the domain of the house where mid CAP to AQ is located in your chart (e.g. 7th house: significant others, 9th house: foreign countries, studies…)


12) When ‘glitches’ occur, be fluid and flexible like quicksilver (Mercury’s metal).

Think “shift happens”, don’t judge or blame yourself or others (CAP shadow) for not being ‘perfect’ and making ‘mistakes’, and turn the paradigm around: What could be the opportunity and funny side in this mishap? REframe your way of thinking about things. And entertain the possibility that subconsciously, you might have arranged a wild alternative to the original ‘plan A’ which – who knows? – might lead to something new and better and more fun and playful than what the ‘normal’, ‘usual’, ‘regular’, and most ‘efficient’ (controlling) mind set could have come up with? J


13) Enjoy those unintentional puns, slips, and new connections in the mind.

Be creative and brainstorm – esp. together with your Mercury retro friends 🙂


14) If you would like to know

  1. a) whether you are a member of the RETRO CLUB (born under Mercury retro, as yours truly)
  2. b) in which part of life the Mercury Retro Trickster would likely play tricks on / with you
  3. c) how to benefit from and work WITH the energy,


…feel welcome to get in touch with your Astrologer.

© Mercur-elanie 2016



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