* Into 2016 – New Year’s Astrology

31 Dec

Voila – here’s a peek into the ‘Birth Chart’ of 2016 – January 1 at 12 am in Victoria:


2016 Entry

Ahhh, NO retrograde planets?!

Full speed ahead?

Apparently / technically.

However a ‘stormy’ time, with

  • URANUS in ARIES in ‘storm’, just came out of retro (Dec 25) and going direct again now – May I say: quake Dec 29?
  • MERCURY in CAP / AQ in ‘storm’, going retro on Jan 5 (until 25). What’s really essential? Time to restructure, declutter, clear and shape up.
  • JUPITER in VIR in ‘storm’, going retro on Jan 7 (until May 9): Soo many tools available… and little things can make a big difference.


All three Archetypes are quite dynamic. If you’re aiming to travel in the early days of 2016 be extra flexible. Not super suited for well-organized moves according to ‘Plan A’. Great for adventures.

Opportunities and inspirations for new moves are in the making.


Nothing fixed (until MARS enters SCO on Jan 3) – no hanging onto / attaching to anything?


VENUS – NEPTUNE – SATURN (all in mutable signs): You know it when the Call of Love meets you. And hey, that doesn’t have to be ‘The One’. Maybe it’s about the wisdom of the Heart, and the Love that unifies.




The Cardinal T-square  of URANUS in ARIES opp. LILITH in LIBRA, both square PLUTO (and the SUN, on Jan 5) in CAP is in effect until end of Feb!

Go for best and most essential, pursue deep soulful endeavours, choose what suits your true nature, BE new and free!


The 2016 chart also shows quite some ‘cuspy’ energies (the Archetypes in energetic transition):

  • VENUS freshly in SAG (since Dec 29). We rise again!
  • MERCURY about to enter AQ (Jan 1 – 8) – the ‘Prometheus Point’ from which it will go retro on Jan 5. What are we building together?
  • MARS on the ‘Tipping Point’, from LIBRA, about to enter its traditional home domain of SCO on Jan 3. Choices bring change – ready to dive in?


The MOON will have just passed JUPITER in late VIR, very close to the Lunar North Node. A good note to end 2015 on:

Showing us opportunities to enhance our wellness and inner wholeness, to be of service to others, and gain fulfillment from it.

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