* VENUS crosses the ‘Phoenix Point’ into SAG on Dec 29: Why we Travel. Why we Love.

28 Dec

 A big shift for VENUS, to come out of her ‘exile’ in SCO (since Dec 4) which magnetized SCO energies, for better or worse – well, SCO gets a bad rep only because people are afraid to dig into what’s hidden and could – at first – be painful, yet transformational.

I had my own share of it, in several ways, incl. two acupuncture (SO scorpionic) sessions, the first one surprisingly ‘pleasant’ (HA! Acupuncture, my new love.. ), and the second last week (hmmm, pre-Full Moon and all) at first very painful, yet triggering and releasing a lot. I noticed the huge difference between an instinctual response of ‘resisting the invasive needles’, leading to contraction and pain, and consciously opening up to the medicine. Breathing helps… I was sooo glad that the acupuncturist let me have the needles extra-long time in, so that I wouldn’t leave the process prematurely, and could experience the full effect of experiencing and relaxing the resistance, embracing and receiving the medicine, allowing the energy channels to open.

A literal example perhaps, for what we might have attracted and gone into relationship with, since early Dec. Has it been possible to embrace the triggers, and allow the process to go all the way? Always so important for SCO to not get stuck, and go all the way through the transformation.





Tomorrow, on Dec 29, VENUS crosses the ‘Phoenix Point’, and enters SAGITTARIUS, for a 4-week journey there – which also coincides with the upcoming MERCURY retro phase.

  • What are the opportunities that are you attracting and attracted to, from a transformed place?
  • Where are you drawn to go to (travel, expand your horizon, what gives you space and freedom)?




But hey, SATURN in SAG is awaiting VENUS, for their ‘date’ (VENUS meets and passes SATURN) on Jan 8!
So that doesn’t look like the ‘regular’ Sagittarian extravagance and ‘anything goes’ / ‘it’s all good’ attitude. More like: budget travel, intentional journeys, going on your own when the calling is clear, travel with a purpose or in the context of a project.


If you consider travelling or relocating, or live at a different place (maybe even foreign country) away from your birth place and are interesting in learning helpful Geographic Astrology tools, I highly recommend the 2-part course

* ASTRO~TRAVEL: Astro~Worldmap, Relocation Charts, Location Compatibility, held on Jan 15 / 16, just after VENUS / SATURN, plus JUPITER’s Turnaround.



Did I mention? VENUS / SATURN is also the energy of ‘a door closes, another one opens’ in relationships. So yes, some relationships that are too much work (SAT), and ‘don’t go anywhere’ (SAG), or don’t really come from the Heart (SAG) may have to end. Yet others that feel ‘right’ no matter what it ‘looks like’ can begin. Relationships with a significant age difference are also ‘classic’ for VENUS – SATURN, and so-called significant ‘karmic relationships’ where something on a soul level gets worked out. Well, the combination could even lead to a significant karmic encounter while we travel – but hey, no expectations – go because you need to go anyway!

And a time to appreciate old, time-tested relationships and connections with others that may not be super exciting but solid and lasting.

With MERCURY Retro during that time, why not calling them up again, and share what you love about them and your connection with each other?


Plus, before meeting SATURN, VENUS will square NEPTUNE in PI already on Jan 5.

NEPTUNE is the ‘higher octave’ of VENUS, and these years in VENUS’s ‘exalted’ energy of PISCES (until 2026), showing us how everything is connected, and compassion opens hearts and unity heals us all. Of course it can also show up as overwhelm and chaos. Yet the medicine again is love and compassion.

VENUS in SAG square with NEPTUNE in PI shows how love and connectedness, as well as enthusiasm and charisma opens doors of the heart and many opport-Unities.


Buddha Blessings

So VENUS activates the SATURN – NEPTUNE Square that was exact on Nov 26, and will come back on June 17, and Sept 10, showing us that rather than judgment and fear of the foreign and unknown (SATURN in SAG low vibration responding to NEPTUNE in PI), a Loving Heart goes a long way 🙂


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