* CAN – CAP Christmas FULL MOON, and URANUS Turnaround (both Dec 25): Home for Christmas? What’s Coming Down the Chimney?

25 Dec

A FULL MOON on Christmas Day?!

The CAN – CAP Full Moon will be exact on Fri Dec 25 at 3:12 am PST.

The first time since 1977 (anybody remembering that one?), and next one only in 2034!

So we’re in for another rarity in this year of heavenly / cosmic revelations. In 2015, we’ve seen two Total Lunar Eclipses March 20 and Sept 27, one Total Solar Eclipse April 4, New Horizons sent high resolution photos from PLUTO, SuperMoon Tetrad Aug 29, Sept 27 – Total Lunar Eclipse – Oct 27!

Nice intro video for the Christmas Day Full Moon, and a 2015 Lunar Retrospective, with spectacular Full Moon / Eclipse photos from around the world: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2015/12/13/full-moon-on-christmas-day-for-the-first-time-since-1977_n_8798768.html


  • What matters most? Can you FEEL it?
  • Where are your sensitivities triggered, these days?
  • Where is Your Inner Christmas?
  • What nurtures (CAN) and sustains (CAP) you?
  • What is timely and significant, as the world changes?


Simple, yet not always easy questions to ask, in the midst of all the dazzling Christmas Pizzazz.

Less is More, says the CAP goat. Inquiring and diving into essence is powerful, says PLUTO, now in CAP, catalyzed by MERCURY.


CANCER, the ‘natural Home’ of the MOON, is where the Christmas Full Moon will be in.

The MOON will enter CANCER this Christmas eve / night, Dec 24 at 9:27 pm PST – what a divine timing…!

Where and what is the Home you’re going for, or stepping into, this Christmas?
Nostalgic feelings anyone – a thousand memories…? Well, yeah, driving in a snow storm home for Christmas in Germany with a long-time friend who was visiting from overseas, long time ago, with Chris Rea’s song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EvDxSW8mzvU playing in the cassette deck J. Good to know we both remember those times, and call each other every year…


The FULL MOON is on the rise, and the tide is high… literally, down by the water… just came back from a Christmas Eve walk by the ocean which turned into a Capricornian climbing over freshly washed-up logs from the recent storms, and stepping UP to avoid getting wet from the waves.



The Tide is High – Christmassy antler log, seen on a balancing, climbing walk on the (Cancerian) shoreline. Photo by Melanie, Dec 24, 2015


Also energetically and emotionally, a lot of old memories and Christmas ‘logs’ are being washed up for us these days.

Home and Family, Children and the Inner Child are big themes, always round Christmas naturally, but especially this year, with the Full MOON in CANCER:

So let’s cultivate sweet nurturing care and motherly gentleness towards ourselves (esp. the Inner Child) and from there towards others, whether it’s our biological family (maybe that’s the most challenging?) or our soul family, our friends, or anybody in the human family, including those not-so-loved-ones – whom we might have important soul contracts with. Why do you think have those challenging people come into your life? What’s the deeper purpose of that relationship?


The Full MOON in CAN, will oppose the CAP SUN, and on Dec 25 / 26 also oppose PLUTO and MERCURY in CAP.

Balance and synergy of CAN and CAP are called for – the caring, sensitive, nurturing qualities of CAN, and the challenging yet rewarding, grounding, and sustaining qualities of CAP.

It’s also a juxtaposition between the need to belong (MOON in CAN) and one’s own dharma and purposeful manifestation (CAP SUN and planets).

Maybe you have experienced a sense of belonging to the tribe in a very conditional way, meaning: you need(ed) to perform in a certain way and meet expectations to be loved and welcome. Well, this would call for you to take extra loving care of your Inner Child, and not be so hard on him / her yourself, and practice loving him / her unconditionally – which of course has beautiful effects on all your relations.

On the other hand, perhaps you are experiencing the effects of outgrowing the confines of the tribe, and of carving your destiny or finding your purpose beyond and outside of the safe container called: Home and family.

If that’s YOU, the balancing factor might be to relinquish your judgment about the tribe as you perceive them (perhaps regarding their ‘limited consciousness’?).
If it still feels like two worlds clashing (esp. at Christmas, so fraught with expectations…), can you (for your own inner peace) ‘simply’ acknowledge and appreciate them for who they are – which would bring peace (that LIBRA thing) into your own life. At Family Constellations (a very CAN – CAP group work / practice) what often comes up in difficult family relationships (CAN – LI) is to simply acknowledge that our parents gave us life. As simple as that, which can ‘reorganize’ something deep inside (PLU in CAP), and can help overcome taking our issues (esp. unfulfilled needs) out on each other, or becoming alienated yet still inwardly attached.

And hey, maybe things aren’t as ‘icy’ as your ‘separate self’ pretended, and it’s time to open our hearts more to each other, connect, and let the stream of love and life force flow again. Maybe that naturally evokes a sense of belonging, or even ‘just’ knowing they are there might be all that’s needed.

If connecting with your immediate family is a big challenge, remember the Spirit of the Ancestors and Elders (PLUTO in CAP) that’s always with us, maybe even stronger than usually, these days. Some say the veil between dimensions is thinner, these days round and after Christmas. The Ancestors (whether you knew them or not) might be your link to family. And they are deep wisdom source. And besides the biological ancestors the Spirit Elders (perhaps masters and role models whom you admire, or representatives of a certain tradition) are here to support us – all very Capricornian.


Many of us don’t live close to their biological family, and we have found our soul family in our new place of home.

The Christmas CANCER FULL MOON gives us a boost to tune in, and feel our connections with the biological and soul families, and love as a transformer.


The CAP side, via the SUN, PLUTO (the SUN will actually meet and pass PLUTO on Jan 5), and MERCURY, asks:

  • What do we ‘build together’ – something that survives us? Family?
  • When there is nothing external to ‘show for’, check in what your inner purpose for being in this tribe or relationship is. 
  • Rituals and ceremonies unite in a shared purpose – the Catholic Church, other religions, and intentional groups are well aware of that. Do you feel called to create an intentional community ceremony, or ‘start a tradition’?
  • What is changing now, and needs to be honoured? Maybe people are getting older…?
  • How can we make time for what is important?


* Winter T-square to PLUTO in CAP (in effect until Feb 2016, exact Dec 25 / 26):
Integrating the 2012 – 2015 Changes.

I guess it’s about time to show you the Christmas FULL MOON chart with this cardinal T-square to PLUTO, and all else that shows up with and is being washed up by the Full Moon!

The CAN – CAP Full Moon will be exact on Fri Dec 25 at 3:12 am PST.

Its effects are strongest on Dec 25 and 26 – with the MOON in CAN linking up in the T-square.


CAN - CAP Xmas FM 2015 Card. T-Square


Can you see the sharp Cardinal T-square from LILITH in LIBRA and URANUS (stationary) in ARIES to PLUTO in CAP (MERCURY will meet with PLUTO twice again too, on its retro course)?!

With this T-square, besides the FULL MOON polarity of SUN in CAP and MOON in CAN, Planet Earth and humanity is now also in the tension ‘field’ of the polar opposites, facing each other:

LILITH in LIBRA: Hey, what’s compatible and a good match for YOU, what brings YOU peace and balance – as you are in your true nature?

URANUS in ARIES – presently even a ‘focal point’, since it changes direction (also tomorrow, Dec 25!): Wake up and be present with THIS! Free to BE. The past is history, the future is yet unseen.

See below, the paragraph for URANUS Turnaround.

Both LILITH and URANUS create a 90° Square pressure to PLUTO which is where the energy is being released:

  • What’s a timely priority? What matters most?
  • Where is your time and energy best placed?
  • What is a purpose, project, or responsibility that would be timely and fulfilling now?
  • What is simple but effective, as it sustains and regenerates you?
  • And hey, activated through the CANCER MOON: Let’s be caring and gentle in all this!


URANUS – PLUTO… sounds familiar?

Yep, the URANUS – PLUTO square (from 2012 – Spring 2015) is back (even though not exact – about 2 degrees off), but hey, do we ever notice it.

A whirlwind of transformation? There is some time – the formation will continue throughout February 2016! Esp. in January will it get activated by MERCURY which will meet PLUTO 2 more times.

Where is residual processing happening for you now, to integrate the deep changes that happened between 2012 and 2015 for you?
What do you carry forward, so that the transformation of structures sustain and nurture new beginnings – the New You?!


The T-square gets activated weekly, when the MOON will be in a Cardinal sign – here’s the line-up for January 2016 (mostly on Fridays / Saturdays):

Dec 25 / 26: MOON in CANCER – FULL MOON

Jan 1 / 2: MOON in LIBRA (with LILITH)


Jan 15 / 16: MOON in ARIES (with URANUS)

Jan 22: MOON in CANCER

Jan 29: MOON in LIBRA (with LILITH)


Another strong time for the T-Square is on Jan 5 and 7:

The CAP SUN will first align with PLUTO (Jan 5) to shed light of consciousness on what’s dark and hidden, yet powerful and essential. The Power to Change.

Then, 2 days later, on Jan 7, the SUN in CAP squares URANUS in ARIES – breakthroughs and liberation, Freedom from the Known (quoting Krishnamurti here) and conditioned!


If your birthday is on or round Jan 5 – 7 your life is undergoing deep change: What is required now, and what’s the deep calling? Which could mean, to step up and take something on that you are well capable for, or to drop what you have taken on because it’s unsustainable. Ready for liberation and fresh starts?

If your birthday is in early April, July, or October, or if your Ascendant, MOON, or other planets in your birth chart are in mid-ARIES, mid-CANCER, or mid-LIBRA, you’re also in for BIG changes – and you probably already know exactly what I’m talking about.

Come over for a session if you feel called to shed light at and get support for what’s in the making.


* URANUS Turnaround from retro to direct (Dec 25):

What’s Coming Down the Chimney?



‘Maverick Planet’ Uranus (NASA)


Since July 26, URANUS has been in its yearly 5-month retro phase. Now it’s Wake-UP time. Inner liberation – maybe a breaking away from old beliefs or limiting containers – prepared us for actually showing our liberated Self more outwardly in our actions and choices (MARS in LI recently, and soon (exactly on Jan 23) also LILITH in LI in opposition with UR – has something to do with this too…).

As UR goes the furthest back in the Zodiac this year now (up to 16°34 AR) goes into almost exact square with PLU at 14°51 CAP again (only 1 ½ degrees off).

This is basically the ‘8th Square’ of UR and PLU – after the epic, epochal 7 squares between June 2012 and March 2015.

Dec 2015 until Feb 2016, culminating on Christmas Day Dec 25 is therefore a very charged time that once again pushes us into new levels of RE-birth, transformation, and awakening of consciousness.

So let’s be the change of the world-in-becoming!

Let us welcome the awakening Christ Child Consciousness!


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