Card. T-Square to PLUTO in CAP: Spirit of Christmas?

6 Dec
Pre-Holiday Stress anyone? Or cooking, writing, shopping up a storm (yep, pretty stormy here on Vancouver Island, not very outdoor friendly…)?
The storm is very apropos the Cardinal T-Square though, with MARS in LIBRA, which will square PLUTO tomorrow Dec 6, and oppose URANUS (which is in Dec a stationary focal point) on Dec 10 – whoaaaa!
Active all week, and actually throughout December.
Check out the chart – no boredom there.
MERCURY and JUPITER are also in square (and mutual reception, since MER is in SAG, and JUP in VIR, in each others’ ruled signs) – a tension between mind and meaning…
And the SATURN in SAG – NEPTUNE in PI square from Nov 26 is still in the atmosphere, of course: Old limiting beliefs die hard, but can merge in the unifying field now.

Voila, here’s the ‘squary’ chart:

MARS - PL T-Square Dec 2015

Back to the main feature of the week, the Cardinal T-Square:
This eve (Dec 5), the MOON in LI also passes MARS, and activates the T-Square.
Looots of tension that seeks release – in mid CAP, via PLUTO!
MOON / MARS in LI opposite URANUS in AR mirror a dilemma between engaging with others, actively pursuing coordination, negotiation, matches and synergies, choices that have win-win effects (LI) on one hand, and authenticity, autonomy, spontaneity, freedom, and liberation from the known, the norm, expectations (UR in AR) on the other.

Can a bridge between those apparently opposite poles of the spectrum be built? Can you ‘do your own thing’ and be true to yourself, while also, equally being relationally engaged?
Hmmm, certain ‘relationships’ might prove to be inauthentic in this process…

No, you’re not crazy – it could be that something needs to break through and awake you from old ‘institutionalized’ structural conditioning, and into being more fully YOU.

Merry Holidays, everyone!
PLUTO in CAP says: Check out the soul, the essence, the spirit of what we have built huge structures around, incl. of course Christmas.
Let’s keep it simple and loving. And connect with the light-in-the-dark. ❤



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