* CHIRON in PISCES goes direct on Nov 27! With the ‘Wound’ Comes the Medicine.

27 Nov

The post-Full MOON in GEM squared CHIRON in PI and JUPITER in VIR this afternoon / evening: More mutable T-square vibes: How can we learn (GEM) to balance doing / organizing / helping / problem solving (VIR) and being in a good vibration and empathetic resonance (PI), which carries higher intelligence…?!




CHIRON now in mid-PI (which has a SCO undertone) shows us where and how we feel deeply vulnerable – maybe through our sensitivity and openness.
CHI was in PI in the 1960’s and comes full circle now – esp. for those of us born under that signature.
Many clients with CHIRON in PI have come to me over the years, expressing how much they can be affected by what they take in from their environment, and how that can ‘contaminate’ their lives: “I keep picking up stuff that’s not mine…”.
Some say, “You need better boundaries!”. Maybe. But PI is not about boundaries. (SAT / CAP would be). Where do you draw the line in the ocean?
I’m all for ‘Healing Like with Like’ (which is also what homeopathy is based on). Allows us to meet the Archetype more deeply, and, rather than avoiding the symptom or trying to get rid of it, we understand what it’s really about, and heal = release from there.

CHIRON is the ‘Wounded Healer & Teacher’ for a reason. The ‘Wound’ carries the Medicine.
After all, CHIRON transformed into wise and inspiring SAG – after his ‘Hero’s Journey’, see: http://www.islandnet.com/~licht/lilith_asteroids.htm


What could ‘Healing Like with Like’ (which is very Piscean too) mean for CHIRON in PI?

– Going with full empathy and compassion into what makes us confused, overwhelmed, affected by ‘energy’.
– What is it really(!) that you long to be connected with?
– Are you already, as soul, as nature, connected with that? Or maybe even: You ARE that!

So, let’s tune into the messages and medicine of CHIRON nowadays, esp. when we feel vulnerable, lost, overwhelmed!



One Response to “* CHIRON in PISCES goes direct on Nov 27! With the ‘Wound’ Comes the Medicine.”

  1. Grandtrines November 28, 2015 at 9:11 am #

    Reblogged this on Grandtrines and commented:
    It may go direct on the 27th, but many will feel it on the 28th and 29th (two days after the station).

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