* SCORPIO NEW MOON on 11 / 11: OpportUnity for Deep Awareness that Heals and Liberates.

11 Nov


What’s Bubbling UP?
Scorpionic Pond Photo by Melanie, Nov 2015

You probably feel it deeply, and have been exposed to the Medicine that the SCO New Moon, in resonant connection (Water trine) with CHIRON retro in PI facilitates:

This is the time to dive deeper into the undercurrents of ‘what bothers us’, and lies like underwater dragons in our subconscious – often buried, suppressed material that we wouldn’t approach voluntarily (it’s usually our ego that is scared as hell).

What do we meet when we go into this ‘sticky underworld’? (Often old) feelings that hold us hostage and ‘in the dark’: jealousy, resentment, vengefulness – those feelings that turn against us and keep us separate, turn into shame and blame, and that we only covertly show to the world, while they fester and suck our energy. We beat ourselves up and go into self-sabotage.

You get the idea – we all got our ‘pet monsters’ in the basement.

The New Moon is a golden opportUnity to become aware of what’s going on (Step 1),

since MERCURY recently joined SCORPIO and will be activated by the MOON tonight, 8 hrs before the New Moon, and MERCURY will meet the SCO SUN on Nov 16, after linking up with JUPITER in (MERCURY ruled) VIRGO, on Nov 13.

So the VIRGO / MERCURY / SCORPIO  theme is strong now. Which is all about deep (SCO) awareness (VIR) which in turn leads to purging (SCO) of what’s not in alignment, not healthy, and not supportive of our intrinsic wholeness (VIR).

In other words:

Are your ‘inner dragons’ telling you, you aren’t ‘enough’, something’s always ‘wrong’ and ‘a problem’, or do you take that out on others?

Can you first of all be aware of that inner ‘nay-sayer’?

How it diminishes you, critiques your experience, nothing is ever good enough…
Perhaps you can identify whose voice that really is?

What’s its intention? To protect you…? Be a bit analytical (VIR), but mostly ask your gut sense (SCO) about its deeper nature.

Being in trusted, resonant company where open sharing is welcome helps tremendously with this process.  Hopefully you have friends with whom this is possible. If not and / or you feel called, join an AstroExperience group where we intentionally share and process in community. Or come for a 1-on-1 session or coaching package if that feels better to you. I’m happy to talk with you about customizing the best option for you.

Step 2: Your job now is also to acknowledge those darker sides: Here you are. I see you.

Very simple and neutral. Perhaps ‘sitting’ with it, walking a mile with it – as a witnessing friend.

Step 3 after the awareness and acknowledgement is the processing and releasing with / in love.

For me and maybe for you too, these steps are of course interwoven. When love shows up the barriers are down and the energy flows naturally.

I break them down here (maybe VIRGO inspired me) which can be helpful if you realize you got stuck somewhere. SCO says: Process all the way through.

The processing is nowadays much ‘easier’ than in the last 3 years when SATURN was in SCO (Oct 2012 – Sept 2015) which showed us where our obstacles and inner resistances to deep change (or maybe to open up more fully, and let go of control) were. Hopefully you are ‘done’ and complete with some of your core resistances, and can see what purpose they served, and what role conditioning played (these are all SATURN themes).

Releasing is super supported now too, since the SCO New Moon / MERCURY flows in a Water Trine with CHIRON retro in PI (it will be exact for the MOON tomorrow morning, 11 / 11, just 4 hrs before the New Moon; the SUN – CHIRON Trine was already exact yesterday Nov 9, and MERCURY will create that Trine with CHIRON on Nov 12. A Water Trine week…. All is ONE, and what’s hidden and ‘uncomfortable’ can ‘join the party’ in its own colour and frequency, and be present in the magic zone.

As Matt Kahn says (sometimes we just remember a few ‘nuggets’ from teachings, and that’s just perfect): “What comes UP wants to come OUT.”

If this SCO zone is all groovy for you, and you are passionate with diving into the dark you may well dig out treasures without the fear of approaching them.

And here is the other cool configuration that the NEW MOON co-creates:

The SCO New MOON / MERCURY, together with JUPITER in VIR (ruled by MERCURY) also form a Yod to URANUS retro in ARIES:
Through the process of awareness, purging, burning off old ‘stuff’ and purifying, we experience the gifts of wholeness and integrity (JUPITER in VIR). An amazing ‘by-product’ can be spontaneous release and freedom – in the ever present NOW (URANUS in AR) where we ‘simply’ and freely show up as we are!

By the way, an intentional ceremony that symbolically offers up the old limiting ‘stickiness’ is also excellent for this NEW MOON. Very VIR / SCO.

Ideally before the New Moon (which will be at 9:47 am PST).

For the Astro buffs amongst you who can ‘read the patterns’, check out in the NEW MOON chart:

SCO NM 2015

  • SUN / MOON / MERCURY in SCO trine CHIRON retro in PI
  • YOD from New Moon / MERCURY in SCO, and JUPITER in VIR to URANUS retro in AR
  • Also: SATURN in SAG square NEPTUNE retro / stationary in PI (exact Nov 26)
  • MARS conj. the North Node end of VIR, about to enter LI (on Nov 12).

More about SATURN – NEPTUNE, in the next  Astro~Weather Blog.

Or be ‘ahead of the blog’ and find a comprehensive description of the transits from New Moon to Full Moon in my ASTRO~NEWS email, as well as invitations to Astro~Experiences and Astro~Offers!
Please email me at licht@islandnet.com if you’d like to receive a sample of the email ASTRO~NEWS, or be on my list.





Peacock Family  – Photo by Melanie, Nov 2015


Keynote: The capacity to transmit transcendental knowledge.

To the individual who lives in a state of ardent and sustained faith it may become possible to become a channel for the transmission of a knowledge or wisdom that transcends his normal mental understanding. The mind that has learned to be silent and attentive can become attuned to the rhythm of utterances which he may not comprehend intellectually, yet which may truly manifest superhuman realizations. Discrimination is needed here to balance the over eagerness of faith.

At this stage we are given a hint as to the human capacity to attune oneself to sources of higher wisdom if we can be sufficiently attentive and careful in channeling a ‘Higher Voice’. To stress here the negative element of automatism and unintelligent repetition is to use only one’s intellect. All birds in symbolism suggest spiritual faculties or forces. What is evoked is the possibility of learning from higher Intelligences.

Have you been aware of ‘Inner, Higher Voices’ lately? Maybe via dreams or altered states, maybe popping spontaneously into your consciousness, maybe upon intentional invocation?
What wants to come THROUGH? (besides UP and OUT)

The spiritual, subtle guidance from within is also a signature of SATURN in SAG in square with NEPTUNE in PI. Everything is connected, gotta love it…



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