* Halloween / Samhain Blessings! Entering the mid SCORPIO ‘Gate of Power’ – the Power of Letting GO!

31 Oct

We are approaching in the Zodiac the Heart of the Scorpion the center of the Fall Season, and Celtic festival of Samhain.

Which is traditionally celebrated on Oct 31 when the ‘Summer’ and harvest time ended. On Nov 1 began a new Celtic calendar year. With large fires, the Celtic people thanked the Sun God for the good harvest, and expelled the evil spirits who wandered around that night. On Oct 31 also those who died in the past year were commemorated. Many believed that the dead returned to their old homes in the night to find warmth and friendship. The lit pumpkins at the door steps or in the windows symbolize skulls with the eternal light of the soul in it. The spirits who had not walked home into the light, wandering at night, scared people, and played tricks on them.

Nov 1 was eventually declared by the Church the Day of All Saints (holy ones), and Nov 2 All Soul’s Day.

‘All Hallows Evening’ or simply ‘Hallows E’en’ became later Halloween.

Even though, mid Scorpio and central Fall are traditionally being celebrated with Halloween / Samhain on Oct 31, the actual centre (15°) of Scorpio is not on Oct 31 but round Nov 7.


 09-10 Fernwood PY 5

No, unfortunately wasn’t me who carved these master pieces…

Pumpkin ‘Legacy’ from the Legendary Fernwood Pumpkin Yard

Vintage photo by Melanie, Oct 2009 🙂


The Scorpionic energy becomes very concentrated in this ‘fixed’ part of mid SCORPIO. Deep, otherwise hidden, psychic material comes out, like ghosts from the past.

Only to be released, with love and compassion…

This year, the mid SCO SUN is in trine with NEPTUNE retro in PI (exact yesterday Oct 30), and in trine with CHIRON retro in PI (exact on Nov 9): Love is Letting Go(d).

Things are not as hard and difficult anymore as under the SATURN in SCO years (Oct 2012 – Sept 2015) which cleared our ‘skeletons in the closet’ – not once and for all, but a lot of stuck energy had to be processed, compliments to SATURN.




Celtic Wheel of the Year with the cardinal Turning Points of the Equinoxes and Solstices, and the fixed ‘Gates of Power’ of Beltane, Lammas, Samhain / Halloween, and Imbolc.

Fear not.

Dive, purge, swim, flow, let go.

Do sacred practice.

To thyself be true.

Blessings for the magical season!

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