SCO Entry with VIR – PI Bridge of Oct / Nov 2015 : Healing Works of Love ~ Unifying Medicine ~ Fulfilling Service

24 Oct

As you see in the ‘SCO Mutability 2015’ chart below – set up for the entry of the SUN into SCO on Oct 23, 2015 at 10:50 am PDT, we also experience presently a strong VIR – PI ‘Opposition’ which will get even more pronounced towards end of Oct.

SCO Mutability 2015

Here are the specific details of the timing and alignments, for your VIR interest:

VENUS (Oct 8 – Nov 8), MARS (Sept 24 – Nov 12), and JUPITER (Aug 11, 2015 – Sept 10, 2016) are all in VIR

NEPTUNE (2012 – 2026) and CHIRON (2010 – 2018) are in PI for a longer period, and affect the Collective.

The LUNAR NODES entered PI (South Node) and VIR (North Node) on Oct 10.

They will link up with JUPITER in VIR in Jan / Feb 2016, with CHIRON in PI on March 19, 2016, and with NEPTUNE in PI on Nov 4, 2016:

The VIR planets have been and will continue to oppose the slow moving PI planets in the next while, activating the VIR – PI axis from mid Sept until early Nov:

JUPITER in VIR opposed NEPTUNE in PI on Sept 16, and will oppose CHIRON in PI on Nov 3.

MARS in VIR opposed NEPTUNE in PI on Oct 6, and will oppose CHIRON in PI on Oct 16, and meet up with JUPITER in VIR on Oct 17.

VENUS in VIR has just squared SATURN on Oct 10, and will oppose NEPTUNE on Oct 16, and trines PLUTO on Oct 23.

VENUS in VIR meets JUPITER on Oct 25, and opposes CHIRON in PI on Oct 27 (Full Moon Day).


4 R

Virgo, ruled by Mercury. By Johfra Bosschart



Pisces, ruled by Neptune. By Johfra Bosschart            


Another big shift of the season if not of the year (every 1 ½ years) just happened:
The Lunar Nodes (always going backwards in the Zodiac) crossed from ARIES (South Node) to PISCES, and from LIBRA to VIRGO (North Node) on Oct 10.
We are invited now to bring our sensitivity and connectedness (PI) into alignment and practical service (VIR).The Nodes are all about balance. Replenishing on the PI side of all-connectedness and flow gives us energy to do any work well. When we are connected and loving the work goes so much easier, and healing happens.

The VIR – PI axis is all about…

… from the VIR side (with VENUS – since Oct 8 until Nov 8, MARS – since Sept 24 until Nov 12, and JUPITER – until Sept 10, 2016, and Lunar North Node – since Oct 10 until May 10, 2017) being ‘in our temple’ of alignment with our true, holistic nature, doing our wellness and wholeness practice, and using this precious life time to dedicate our gifts and skills to make the world a better place. In other words, offering sacred service.

VIR is also about digesting experiences, ordering and organizing. In the body, it rules the small intestines.

… from the PI (with Neptune – until 2026, CHIRON – until 2018, and Lunar South Node) being in all-encompassing love and flow, nothing needs to be ‘done’, our ‘job’ is rather to perhaps let our ego and attachment to a certain outcome get out of the way, be open, surrender, be available, allow, hold space, or simply: BE present.

In our embodiment, PI rules the immune system, our aura, energy field, the subtle bodies and chakras (as a field).
Themes for the PI SN – VIR NN are:

  • Random acts of service bring fulfillment.
  • Doing work and being of service, while coming from a place of loving compassion – and skilfulness.
  • Doing what we love, and loving what we do
  • Rather than getting overwhelmed and feeling lost and useless (low vibration of PI SN, linking up with CHIRON and NEPTUNE), where is something practical, healthy, simple we can do that serves others and our own well-being?
  • What would be beneficial practices and techniques (JUPITER / NN in VIR) we could adopt? Something that brings ease and flow (PI)?
  • What can we do to clean up the chaos / mess – while being in the flow of love? Practically speaking: play music while cleaning the closet, and giving away what’s not being used.
  • How can the sensitive and naturally attuned artist and empath in you (PI) bring this gift into something practical (VIR) that helps you and others?
  • God helps those who help themselves. Doing our share, and trusting divine intervention.
  • Love Heals.

The Lunar Nodes were in PI – VIR in these years:
April 1941 – Nov 1942
Dec 1959 – June 1961
July 1978 – Feb 1980
March 1997 – Sept 1988

If you were born in those times, which themes are coming full circle now for you to be released and resourced?


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