Special Astro~News: Canada’s DAY ONE – Did Justin Arrive Just in Time?

21 Oct

Well, on this historical DAY ONE, I HAD to write a Special Issue of Astro~News…


YES, it’s real and true:

We have a new majority government and a new Prime Minister, since yesterday (Oct 19) evening!

What a surprise – yet so in accord with the Wake-up / Shake-up Renewing URANUS influence now (for the first time in 84 years!!!) in CANADA’s first house:
Canada – Wake up, and Rise up to the Occasion!
Quoting my own interpretation of the Election Activation Transits in the last Astro~News here 🙂

The results of the elections have produced a precedent (also URANUS in ARIES – something new emerges), insofar as we see the son of former PM Pierre Trudeau now stepping into the office. A legacy / dynasty… which shows the PLUTO in CAP effect – transformation and regeneration, from and with the spirit of the ancestors or a lineage.

Justin Trudeau gave an inspiring, intelligent, inclusive, heart centred victory speech last night.

Couldn’t help paying attention to the time when he started: 12:12 am EDT on Oct 20 in Montreal.

Of course, I set up a chart for this epochal moment, in relation to Canada’s chart – showing the transits for Canada at that time. And Justin Trudeau’s chart in relation to the election speech, and to Canada.

Voila – please find my take on it in this ASTRO~NEWS Special Edition: Canada’s DAY ONE!

Suspense, surprise, the unexpected… a thrilling, electrical atmosphere yesterday evening…!
The MOON in CAP post passing PLUTO (12:12 pm PDT) – “I smell change” – was gearing up to square URANUS in ARIES, exact at 9:25 pm PDT / 12:25 am EDT.
URANUS in ARIES was right overhead AND squared by the MOON when newly elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gave his  25 min. bi-lingual victory speech in Montreal which started at 12:12 am EDT.

The SUN in LIBRA in the 4th house (unaspected ‘free agent’) marked a memory of the spirit of Justin Trudeau’s father, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, long term (15 years altogether) Canadian PM (1968 – 1979, and again 1980 – 1984), see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pierre_Trudeau

It would have been Pierre Trudeau’s birthday on Oct 18 – the day before the elections. Seems like quite a dynasty / legacy / remembrance theme right there…


J.T. Election Speech

Justin Trudeau Election Speech

Voila, the speech:


The AC was at 6° LEO (exactly on J.T.’s South Node) when he stepped on the podium, and started with invoking a quote “Sunny ways, my friends, sunny ways…” (very LEO – SAG) by Liberal leader and PM Wilfried Laurier who was in office for 15 years (1896 – 1911). His portrait is on the $ 5 bill.
Wiki says about him at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wilfrid_Laurier

“Canada’s first francophone prime minister, Laurier is often considered one of the country’s greatest statesmen. He is well known for his policies of conciliation, expanding Confederation, and compromise between French and English Canada. His vision for Canada was a land of individual liberty and decentralized federalism. He also argued for an English-French partnership in Canada.

“I have had before me as a pillar of fire,” he said, “a policy of true Canadianism, of moderation, of reconciliation.” He passionately defended individual liberty, “Canada is free and freedom is its nationality,” and “Nothing will prevent me from continuing my task of preserving at all cost our civil liberty.” Laurier was also well-regarded for his efforts to establish Canada as an autonomous country within the British Empire, and he supported the continuation of the Empire if it was based on “absolute liberty political and commercial”.

Interestingly, W. Laurier died in 1919, 8 months before Pierre Trudeau was born…

7° LEO marks J.T. South Node on his 12th house cusp – good for him, and all lined up to use his natural confidence and photogenic stage presence. Yet, this ‘golden boy’ who grew up in a privileged environment, always seen by the public eye, is called not to glorify these privileges in a playboy kind of way but to bring them into service for the Canadian and world community, with the North Node / VENUS on the cusp of his 6th house in AQ. Fortunately, he is drawn to that and the world is attracted to this quality in him (VENUS).

J.T. had his 2nd Nodal Return in 2009 when he entered parliament as a member of the Official Opposition

That’s also when PLUTO entered CAP, and approached J.T.’s SUN (exact 2010 / 2011 – when he stepped into political leadership).


Justin Trudeau was born on Dec 25, 1971 at 9:27 pm EST. Here is his birth chart, and his chart in dynamics with the transits of the election speech – marking therefore also his transits:


Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau & Election Speech


Did Justin Arrive Just in Time?

What stands out most about Justin Trudeau’s surprising Emergence as the new Canadian PM is the exact transit of URANUS in ARIES on his MOON, simultaneously with his exact URANUS Opposition (his MOON is at 17° 16’ ARIES, and his URANUS is at 17°57’ LIBRA, and URANUS is presently at 18°10’ ARIES)!

Justin T.’s URANUS is also on Pierre T.’s SUN – a renewal of the spirit of the father?

The North Node, now in late VIR, together with MERCURY and LILITH in early LIBRA, just crossed with the Total Lunar Eclipse on Sept 27 / 28 J.T.’s PLUTO in LIBRA in his 2nd house. A karmic time of opportunity. If he has the capacity to be a catalyst for a regeneration of fairness, justice, balance, all power to him – and the forces of change.

On Oct 10 the North Node entered VIR, J.T.’s rising sign and 1st house. Time to do the work, be reasonable, of service, clean up, bring order into chaos. VENUS, JUPITER, and MARS in VIR in J.T.’s 1st house presently give him an extra charisma boost.

The South Node is now exactly on his MARS in PI in his 8th house. Not so great and loss of energy if he would be drawn into over adapting, trying to be everything to everybody, or riding the energy of the masculine ‘chameleon’. Good to know he’s got ARIES energy next to his MARS pulling him out of this tendency.

His ARIES MOON together with CHIRON, beyond his last degree of PISCES MARS, is quite a heroic placement. Depending on how consciously he uses it.

CHIRON in ARIES is a mini-generational placement for people born in the late sixties to mid-seventies whose ‘healing journey’ initiation is about starting fresh / again, being a hero/ine or pioneer in their own right, taking initiative, and ‘simply’ being themselves. His potential to represent an ARIES precedent, and to be associated with a renewal of spirit, a new Canada perhaps even (the MOON represents in countries the people and collective needs) is being – maybe to his own astonishment – suddenly catalyzed by URANUS (Unexpected Liberal majority).

The MOON in J.T.’s 8th house of marriage and other alliances represents also his wife Sophie Gregoire (* Apr 24, 1975, birth time / chart not published yet but the date tells me she’s got JUPITER in ARIES, otherwise quite ‘earthy’) who showed up very real and raw at election night.

I’m sure we will hear more about her in her new function. A short introduction of her: http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2015/10/20/trudeau-wife-sophie-gregoire_n_8335392.html

And an interesting interview with S.G. from Sunday Oct 18: http://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/election/sophie-gregoire-trudeau-on-life-with-justin-we-re-obviously-shoulder-to-shoulder-1.2615478


 Justin & Sophie Victory Oct 19

Justin & Sophie Oct 19


URANUS in ARIES – in contrast to PLUTO in CAP (which represents the transformation that must happen and which purges the shadow of die-hard structures) says: Sometimes, cathartic events produce quantum shifts, liberation of consciousness, and accelerations of change.

URANUS in ARIES was right overhead Montreal when J.T. held his speech.

The Liberal ‘Real Change Now’ motto points to a simple 3-word expression of URANUS in ARIES square PLUTO in CAP.

PLUTO in CAP is all about deep, substantial and sustainable transformation of leadership, governing structures, and of working with resources.

URANUS in ARIES catalyzes innovation, liberation, and a fresh, new, young spirit of collaboration and future orientation.

URANUS wins now over PLUTO…

Since the last URANUS – PLUTO square in April 2015, URANUS is now ahead, and planetary transits (yesterday the MOON in CAP) ‘hit’ first PLUTO and then URANUS, in other words, the old is being processed and transformed, making room for the new to emerge. Nice sequence, eh? (it was the other way round until April 2015 – new revolutionary action – see Arab Spring, Occupy Movement etc. – emerged but being suppressed / went under again through the power of the old….).

Is new trust in the future Justi-fied, under Justin T. and the Liberal majority government?

A political and personal affinity question, of course.

What does Astrology say about the inspiration, promise, and reality check?

Well, yeah, SATURN in SAG (now ‘established’ there since Sept 17) demands evidence for promises, and calls us to make the vision a reality.

And it looks like, with his NEPTUNE, MERCURY, and JUPITER in SAG (in his 4th house), J.T. can be very visionary, enthusiastic, idealistic, and charismatic in his speech and spirit – some of that inherited from his dad (4th house is related to the father, and Pierre T. had NEPTUNE, JUPITER and the MOON also united in a fire sign, LEO).

Just think of sentence fragments in his election speech, like:” Have faith in yourself and your country!” “We believe in our hearts….” “Being open-minded and optimistic”, “This is Canada. Better is always possible.” “We beat fear with hope….”

SATURN in SAG tests us re: can we achieve what we are aiming for? And also, I say to my clients who are affected by this transit: “It matters where you are going, but it matters just as much if not more where you are coming from. The archer/ess pulls the arrow back to his / her heart before aiming, and releasing it. With the heart at the right place and connected Spirit moves us where we need to go / be.”

J.T. is experiencing SATURN in SAG transiting his NEPTUNE this year (exact Feb – April, and again just now, end of October!). Literally: The hard work of bringing his vision into a form and being a visionary leader – and the effects of that will be shown. Also, since it all happens in his 4th house, relating to home / father: An initiation / threshold, outgrowing and yet being blessed by the charismatic spirit of his dad. Amazing how the elections happened one day after Pierre T.’s birthday, and how his spirit is now very present in Canada.

SATURN on J.T.’s MERCURY (thoughts, communication, mind, speech) and JUPITER (gifts and opportunities) in SAG will be tested, filtered, matured, and re-established in a grounded way in 2016 (MERCURY) and 2017 (JUPITER). This SATURN transit over his SAG planets is only the second one in his life (SATURN has a 29 year cycle).

The SATURN in SAG transit comes for J.T. also as a SATURN opposition!

He has basically a SATURN and a URANUS opposition now. Relatively rare, since he is at age 43 coming up to 44 late with the URANUS opp. (in one’s late 30’s / early 40’s) while just in time with his SATURN opp. (between 43 and 44).

So, yes, his natal SATURN (the only retrograde planet in his chart) is in early GEMINI, on his midheaven!

A big call to grow up from a Gemini like adolescence, and find his inner authority (SATURN retro), supported by perhaps an old connection with dad, yet to step into leadership in his own right.

The time is ripe for that. A SATURN opposition shows what comes to fruition from the seed that was planted under the SATURN Return, but also where we stand now, in relation to that time. At his SATURN return, in the year 2000, Pierre Trudeau died – on Sept 28 when SATURN was stationary on the first degree of GEM – right on Justin Trudeau’s SATURN. He gave at age 28 a eulogy for his father that caught attention. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_jiFO3uBTw


Lots of evidence of that SATURN in GEMINI opposed by SATURN in SAG theme in the election speech:

Authentically bi-lingual…

“Quebec is truly returning to the government of Canada(!)”

Committed to diversity. Intending to bring people of different perspectives together.

All in all, yes, he raised the bar with his speech, and the next year will certainly be a testing time for how the ideals can be implemented.


Justin & Canada

Lastly, an illustration of Justin Trudeau’s connection with Canada:


Justin Trudeau & Canada

What stands out is:

  • His ARIES MOON / CHIRON on Canada’s NEPTUNE / AC: A new hero for the country? URANUS transiting Canada’s AC and J.T.’s MOON may use his appearance as a catalyst for breakthroughs (“I am here because you put me here…!” has perhaps a deeper meaning…).
  • His MARS in PI on Canada’s CHIRON, presently transited by the North Node: Releasing the passivity / waiting position.
  • Canada’s MARS on J.T.’s VIRGO AC: Be of service, and step into action!
  • J.T.’s URANUS / LILITH in LIBRA on Canada’s DC: A ‘significant partner’ for the country who may be considered odd, different, or a breath of fresh air, to create new balance.
  • Justin Trudeau’s early CAP SUN (transited by PLUTO in 2009 / 2010) on Canada’s LILITH / midheaven, and opposite Canada’s MOON – SUN / URANUS midpoint: This country needs leadership in true essential integrity, authorities who lead by example (not by position), and who are able to speak to a variety and diversity of people and groups (MOON in GEM). Canada being home to people who maintain or regain their freedom and uniqueness (SUN / URANUS in CAN) requires leadership that respects and supports this unity in diversity.

That’s it for today, we’re only on DAY ONE.


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  1. SGC Admin October 21, 2015 at 8:51 pm #

    Thank you so much for sharing all this work with us… I could understand what you were saying and it all makes perfect sense… 🙂 it is nice to believe in Canada again… Have a fabulous day… 🙂

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