* LIBRA NEW MOON Oct 12 Opposite URANUS retro in ARIES: Authenticity and Balance with All Our Relations

12 Oct

Check out this ‘New Moon’ chart – looks (and feels!) like a Full Moon, with the opposition to URANUS in ARIES – a reverberation and integration of the AR – LI Harvest SuperMoon Eclipse?! Obviously, we’re not ‘done’ with the AR – LI theme…


Libra NM 2015

As you can see, the SUN and MOON union in LI is exactly (only 1° difference) opposite URANUS retro in AR. Planet Earth is now exactly between these two energy activations, and we are called to integrate ‘best of both worlds’ (opposition). All oppositions can in ‘Libra like’ ways be felt as ‘either – or’ dilemmas that call to be synergistically bridged.


URANUS in ARIES has been ‘around’ for a while already, exactly since March 11, 2011 (remember what happened on that very day? Fukushima, from sea quake in the last hours of URANUS in PI to reactor accident when URANUS had entered AR – a major wake-up call for humanity, incl. involving the use of Uranium / Plutonium). Lots of uprising, like Arab Spring and Occupy Movement also happened right at the onset of URANUS in AR.

Humanity is waking up, societally, politically, environmentally, relationally, and we are personally awakening and liberated from the dream, and into the authentic Self.
URANUS will be in AR until March 2019.


Angel_of_Revelation _W.Blake

Angel of Revelation, by William Blake


Where ARIES is in your chart…

…that’s the area of life in and from which you have experienced any or many of the following: shocks, surprises, jolts, the unexpected, unsettled times, complete renewal, freedom from and for…, living radically authentically, wake-up calls, and awakening.

If you have your AC, MC, SUN, MOON, or planets in ARIES get ready to be completely new with, and even free from your identification with these archetypal energies (those of you with early / mid ARIES in their charts know well what I’m pointing to)!

URANUS in AR squared PLUTO in CAP between 2012 and 2015 SEVEN times, as the forces of the new, radical, awake, and revolutionary challenged controlling structures. But also new evolutionary and innovative expressions of ancient traditions with their timeless wisdom, and sustainable ways of working with resources are transforming and reforming the old ‘operations’ from within.


The New Moon in LI activates URANUS retro in AR, via opposition, and is ‘backed up’ by VIR planets:

When you are truly authentic in a liberated way (the aggressive, reactive, ‘survivor and fighter’ shadow side of AR is now being transformed, via the AR South Node Total Lunar Eclipse from Sept 27 / 28) this helps with breakthroughs in / liberation from old relationship issues.

You attract from an authentic and balanced place new and better matches for synergies, cooperation, win-win situations, and partnerships on all levels, as the Universe responds to your powerful vibration of being radically YOU.

Practicing living from our Higher Self receives now a big incentive and energy boost, via VENUS, MARS, JUPITER, and newly also the North Node in VIR, and leads to balance, health, and well matched relationships on all levels.



LIBRA by Johfra Bosschart

Symbolism from several esoteric traditions


Where LIBRA is in your chart…

…that’s the area of life where new seeds are being planted, where a conception happens (the YIN quality of the New Moon), and where you might feel called to set new intentions and take new pro-active steps (the yang quality of the New Moon) for balance.


LIBRA in your…. House: Invite authentic newness and dynamic balance into your…

1st house: Self (as you show up)

2nd house: Security, Belongings, Finances

3rd house: Environment, Learning

4th house: Home / Family

5th house: Play / Creativity / Children

6th house: Lifestyle, Work, Health

7th house: Relationships with significant others

8th house: Involvement and Sharing

9th house: Travel, Teaching, Life Direction

10th house: Purpose

11th house: Social co-creation, Friendships

12th house: Soulful Surrender


If you live at a place significantly distant from your birth place (more than 300 km away) your houses change, and the New Moon also brings Newness into the area of life corresponding to the house where LIBRA is in your relocation chart.


If you have your AC, MC, SUN, MOON, or planets in LIBRA these sides of you move into a new seasonal cycle, asking you to be in well balanced relatedness, while authentic, awake, and free to be YOU (via URANUS in AR opposite).


The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon degree (19°20’ AR) says:


Moses and 10 Commandments

Moses with the 10 Commandments, by Rembrandt



KEYNOTE: The ability to draw on the power of an ancestral tradition in order to serve and inspire one’s fellow human beings.

Here we see at work the constructive use of rather rigid yet effectual sociocultural and religious patterns. The energies of the collective Unconscious are channeled through well-defined, age-old forms and formulas. This implies limitations and the possibility of sclerosis or inertia when confronted with new situations, yet there is beauty and wisdom in such a ritualization of behaviour and of thinking.

At this stage, the relation of the individual to his community and beyond it, the universe – is seen in stabilized and effective operation. INHERITED WISDOM can be focused through a person who accepts its limitations.”

Looks like this symbol, technically for the New Moon in LIBRA, also points us to PLUTO now stationary in CAP: working with and living from the simple essence of ancestral wisdom and traditions, for the highest good – natural laws that our inner ultimate authority / soul / conscience know.

BE the Spiritual Authority in your life that knows about Balance and Right Relationship with All Our Relations.


And the Sabian Symbol for the URANUS degree (18°28’ AR – going further retro until 17°46’ AR this month) says:




KEYNOTE: A constructive alternation of activity and rest.

The symbol refers to the ability to balance outer vitalistic activity and withdrawal from such activity and relaxation. The owner of the hammock is active, but in his / her consciousness s/he can hold the image of rest in the midst of reenergizing nature. The concept of following the rat race of business therefore has no hold. Potency may be preserved and extremes avoided. Time is found for recuperation.

This is a third stage (here: 3rd decanate of Aries) symbol which suggests a middle path between total involvement in instinctual or social drives, and withdrawal in impotent silence and narcissism – thus LIVING RHYTHMICALLY.”

What a wonderful symbol of pro-active balance, following natural rhythms. In itself very much ARIES – LIBRA.


And a good symbol for the spirit of Thanksgiving – not as a once a year ‘to be observed holiday’ (which can turn into more busy ‘production’) but as an inbuilt spirit into our every-days as holy / wholeness days with healthy balance and an attitude of gratitude.



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