* VENUS crosses the ‘SPHINX Point’, and enters VIRGO on Oct 8 :: Inner Sacred Feminine in the Temple of Wholeness, Relax, Receive, and Reconnect!

8 Oct

VENUS crosses the ‘Sphinx Point’, and enters VIRGO on Oct 8 for a journey in the sign of the Sacred Feminine until Nov 8.

VENUS is about to square (can you feel it already?) SATURN in SAG on Oct 10, and oppose NEPTUNE retro in PI on Oct 16. Later on this month, VENUS will go into trine alignment in Earth signs  with PLUTO on Oct 23, meet JUPITER on Oct 25, and opposes CHIRON  retro in PI on Oct 27 (Full Moon Day).

The grand finale of VENUS’ journey in VIRGO land will be ‘her’ conjunction with MARS (they were already together, in LEO, on Aug 31) on Nov 2.


4 R

Johfra Bosschart: Virgo, ruled by Mercury


Inner Sacred Feminine in the Temple of Wholeness, Relax, Receive, and Reconnect!

Get ready to bode VENUS farewell in LEO where ‘she’ has been for an unusually long time this Summer and early Fall, due to her retrograde journey (July 25 – Sept 6), almost entirely in LEO. What an extended and generous – too hot and fiery in the forests and in the land! – Summer 2015 it’s been! I trust your inner journey has shown what brings you true joy, from the inside out.



VENUS will re-visit the Sphinx Point from LEO to VIRGO on Oct 8 – where ‘she’ already hovered from July 18 – 31, and from which ‘she’ went retrograde on July 25. Remember?

After the retro phase that completes its shadow phase just now (yep, the shadow takes until VENUS goes in forward motion to the place from which ‘she’ went retro before) the ‘RE-newed VENUS’ enters VIRGO on Oct 8 to travel fully through this energy of initiation, purity, alignment, practice, service – and these qualities come now from our intrinsic value/s.

Have you RE-visited old stories of being too dependent on and oriented towards how others respond to you, where you have been strategizing your relatedness, under VENUS retro? The new VENUS (in her Morning Star glory) attracts from her intrinsic values, and the VIR side shows us that we don’t ‘need’ private one-on-one relationships because we feel incomplete or ‘not good enough’ without them. What matters primarily is our wholeness, in alignment with spirit and soul. We offer our skills and service from that place. ‘Work relationships’ in this sense are fulfilling. The LIBRAN dance with another may follow.
VENUS on the ‘Sphinx Point’ again – yet anew now – initiates us into self-awareness and service.

A time for RE-flection, indeed, also under MERCURY now in retro storm (going direct on Oct 9), in LIBRA (until Nov 1) which is ruled by VENUS.
VENUS in VIR (ruled by Mercury) and MERCURY in LIBRA, both travelling about the same speed, one sign from each other, and they will be in ‘mutual reception’ (in each others’ ruled signs) that creates an ‘infinite loop’ and energetic focal point.
Which can be a good thing, as we enjoy getting things done, cleared and organized, and drawn to develop healthy, productive habits (VENUS in VIR), and engage our mind in reciprocity and mutuality (MERCURY in LI) – in other words, we don’t have to do it all ourselves (VIR is so self contained – partially out of integrity, partially out of perfectionism, or even angst), yay!
VENUS in VIR and MERCURY in LI in combination are not the best team to be blunt, direct, and assertive. Diplomacy and cautious, considerate negotiation and coordination with others are rather their signature. Which is an art and virtue, but can be also an obstacle when it comes to pro-actively stepping forward. Who’s making the first move?

Good thing that both of these planetary energies are now REnewed, and ‘Morning Stars’, AFTER the VENUS RETRO phase and the MERCURY RETRO phase, and can be accessed more ‘from the inside out’ and Self directed:
With VENUS post-retro, we can more fully value ourselves and attract from there, yet also know that what we attract is a reflection of aspects (incl. projected shadow aspects) of ourselves.
VENUS, only 2 days into VIRGO will on 10 / 10 square SATURN in SAG which helps us see that shadow projection too.

You may say: VENUS is considered ‘in Fall’ in VIR (‘she’ is exalted in PI) – what’s with that?
This too only illustrates and warns us of the shadow and ‘low grade’ VENUS in VIR: Pleasing because of inner inadequacy, self-critical tendencies, and a need to fabricate perfection. After the VENUS retro phase there is a much better chance to not buy into those old stories and conditioning anymore, and rather value one’s wholistic inner sacred Feminine.

Our work and practice is our temple, and so is our body. Let’s treat them with reverence, and begin every day and every new act of service as if we entered a sacred space.

VIRGO’s journey has to do with alignment of the human self with cosmic consciousness, through awareness, spiritual practice, and acts of service.

The MOON – esoteric ruler of VIRGO – Sacred Feminine / Priestess / Virgin / Mother Mary, and Harvest Goddesses /– welcomes VENUS on Oct 8.

All of us are called to do our sacred work and practice, in this Body-Temple and Temple of the Here-Now. And to harvest its fruits, in inner fulfillment.


Saturn Pop

On Oct 10, right after entering VIR, VENUS squares SATURN – for the 3rd and last time since ‘her’ retro phase (also on July 13 in pre-retro, and in retro on Aug 5).

Having gone through the VENUS retro phase of RE-connecting with intrinsic values and healthy self-love, it is much easier and we are clearer when it comes to discerning what serves and is healthy (VIR) and saying NO (SATURN) to certain offers and directions (SAG) so that we can say YES to others that we are aligned with (VIR). When such a challenge arises that feels like a rejection / limitation ask yourself: What’s the initiation here? It might feel like a test – but hey, be the tester too!



VENUS will oppose NEPTUNE retro in PI on Oct 16 – not really a ‘challenging’ transit aspect. More a dilemma between (VENUS in VIR) our love for ‘doing the work’, and receiving, surrendering, relaxing, just being (NEPTUNE in PI). NEPTUNE is also the ‘higher octave’ of VENUS, transpersonal and universal loving-beingness. So let’s allow it to reach us, and allow ourselves to reach others and meet life from this space. Working in the ‘field’ (as in: quantum field), and helping from a loving place where energy streams is a beautiful way of being with this tension.


Pluto Heartjpg

On Oct 23, VENUS in VIR will go into trine with PLUTO in CAP, a stabilizing effect, esp. for relationships and work projects that have integrity.


Jupiter Eye

VENUS in VIR meets JUPITER on Oct 25, and opposes CHIRON on Oct 27 (Full Moon Day). Yes, this will be also the signature of the Full Moon in TAU – SCO on Oct 27. Doing the work, being of service, and doing the ‘little things well’ can be very fulfilling. Let us be grateful (JUPITER) for our health and well-being that allows us to be available, to offer our presence, and to be where help is needed.

The VENUS / JUPITER in VIR – NEPTUNE / CHIRON in PI bridge is also loosely linked up with the new Nodal Axis theme, of Lunar South Node in PI and Lunar North Node in VIR, from Oct 10 on.
More about the NODAL SHIFT in the next ASTRO~NEWS Blog.


Hubble Mars

Finally, at the very end of her journey through VIR, VENUS has a ‘date’ with MARS, on Nov 2. Not the first one this round (usually once a year), mind you, since both planets already united on Aug 31 in LEO, while VENUS was still retro which could have evoked drama, passion, the need to be seen and loved, and how that is projected outward and onto us. Did we engage in the outer world / with others, or take time for reflection in that regard? Maybe both. We know more now, are more seasoned and down-to-Earth again, which can support unions and creative endeavours that are more healthy and functional, and where we come from a place of integrity and inner wholeness.

Blessings for the month with VENUS in VIRGO!
May the inner Priestess-in-wholeness be our muse and mentor.




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