* Transit Activations for CANADA’s Federal Elections Oct 19, 2015

4 Oct

I set up the Election Day chart up for the minute on Oct 19 when the CAP MOON meets PLUTO = 3:12 pm EDT in Ottawa.

This Synastry chart is an overlay of the Election day chart with Canada’s Confederation birthday midnight chart from July 1, 1867.


Canada Fed. Elections Synastry

A few striking features:

:: URANUS, now in ARIES, has just crossed (every 84 years!) Canada’s NEPTUNE / AC in AR:
Wake UP – Rise UP to the Occasion, Canada!

:: The LI NEW MOON (Oct 12) in Canada’s 7th house opposing URANUS in its 1st: Renewal requires cooperation / coalition. And for the voters the apparent dilemma comes up: Do I vote for what I truly want (AR), or do I vote strategically (LI)? Can both be combined?

:: MOON in CAP (remember the CAP – CAN Full Moon on July 1 this year?! – Moon in CAP again on Election Day!) RE-activates PLUTO in CAP opposing Canada’s SUN / URANUS in CAN, and Canada’s NEPTUNE in AR! A critical, crucial, cardinal choice for RE-structuring and RE-generating the country, in integrity, sustainability, and respect for natural resources. What is the wisest choice for the best long term effect, and brings Canada back to a position of modeling values-in-action to the world?

MOON / PLUTO in CAP: Will women in leadership and timeless essential ways of living be empowered to make a difference? Will the needs of the people and the respect of nature turn the ship around?

:: SATURN in early SAG on Canada’s 8th house cusp, just coming out of Canada’s SATURN return in mid SCO (which was in 2013 / 14) in its 7th house: We can SEE and understand better more than a few things clearer now, after a process around control, repression, hiding, covering, and change – not necessarily for the better, via ‘significant others’ relating to the country? Where does the transformational journey with an inspiring, mature leadership have to go now?

:: NEPTUNE in PI on Canada’s JUPITER (every 165 years!), and CHIRON return (every 50 years, coming up in Spring 2016, and 2017) in PI, both in Canada’s 12th house: Water is everywhere… yet, we are NOT an island, and our natural bounty that just IS there is not up for abuse and selling-out. We are all in this together. What’s good for Canada is good for the Planet, and vice versa.

:: Nodal Return, with SN in PI in Canada’s 12th, and NN in VIR in Canada’s 6th house (every 18 ½ years, building up to it now, will be exact in May 2016), activated at the elections also via…

:: VENUS, MARS, JUPITER on Canada’s North Node in VIRGO: Let’s release carelessness, passivity, and / or being paralyzed in the victim-perpetrator-martyr triad. What’s the most practical thing to do? What needs to be cleaned up? Rather than ‘going under’ in the mess, and allowing more poisoning and loss of nature and species, how about more new clean solutions?

I leave it with this. And trust you make a well informed, responsible choice! 🙂


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