* MARS crosses the SPHINX POINT, and enters VIRGO (Sept 24), to immediately square SATURN in SAG (Sept 25) :: What’s True Strength and Self Control?

24 Sep

PLUTO is the ‘transpersonal MARS’ – Higher Power vs. Personal Power, Will, Assertion, Life Force.

Today, on the SAME day when PLUTO turns from retro to direct (see previous post), MARS goes over the ‘Sphinx Point’ from LEO to VIRGO, and squares SATURN in SAG right away, tomorrow.

How about this simple quote (a client of mine said it at the beginning of a forward): “You might see this differently…”  ?
SO the high road for Saturn in SAG squared by Mars in VIR. Rather than preaching (watch for Saturn in Sag shadow of dogmatic rigidity and “ONLY I / we know what’s right and true here…”) and criticizing (one of the Virgo Mars ‘specialties’). If only more people could truly, honestly say that. If only the leaders (politically, religiously, and wherever a lot is invested in beliefs, opinions, and ‘paths’) could say that to each other and mean it….


Crystal activated Voyager Tarot XI Strength

Photo by Melanie


So, with MARS on the Sphinx Point, square SATURN on the Phoenix Point:

What is real Strength, and Self-Control?

Here is an excerpt of the Voyager Tarot book for XI Strength says it all::

“As Leo the Lion, symbolic of rulership, Strength represents the law of self-dominion. Strength is the free and controlled total expression of your being. As symbolized by the headrest Shu – Egyptian god of the air who brought order out of chaos – maintain dominion over your mind. The pool of fiery water symbolizes your emotional control. The hand on the lion’s face represents dominion over your physical and animal lusts and appetites. The Parthenon is a symbol of your mastery over your worldly life.

Your supportive, non-possessive hands represent the freedom of expression you give to your attributes. Like the singing bird and blossoming flower, don’t be afraid to declare yourself and show your colours. Have the courage of the lion to be yourself.

Like the half-human, half-animal face, you can put on many masks, Be versatile, a player of many roles. As the fragile but strong egg and butterfly, express yourself in the yin and yang. Strength is living in full accord with the undiluted multiplicity of your spirit.”


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