* FALL EQUINOX (Sept 23) – Perfect Balance

21 Sep

* FALL EQUINOX (Sept 23) – Perfect Balance

 Sydney Beach Circle

Amazing Sand Art by Jim Denevan

Balance – Balance – Balance…

… is a big theme at this seasonal time of year, and also for what’s been up recently and is coming to fruition now:

~ Sept 12 / 13 New Moon / Partial Solar Eclipse with VIR – PI with Balance theme.

~ LUNAR NORTH NODE, and LILITH, both presently in very early LI, on the cusp of the Equinox Point = with the EQUINOX SUN.

~ MERCURY retro in LIBRA


~ Sept 27 / 28 TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE / Full Moon in early ARIES / LIBRA

Let’s hold space, and find inner Balance, these times when it is more than ever required.

Wise choices result.

The SUN crosses from VIRGO to LIBRA this year on WED Sept 23 at 1:22 am PDT, the sacred point where ‘Perfect Balance’ resides:

On Sept 22 and 23, the days and nights are exactly equally long in the Northern and Southern hemisphere, as the SUN crosses exactly above the Equator!

Nice simple and clear astronomical illustration: http://www.timeanddate.com/calendar/september-equinox.html#what

Equi-nox literally means in Latin: Equal night.


Here is the chart of the FALL EQUINOX, as seen from Victoria BC.

Check out the LUNAR NORTH NODE and LILITH, both presently in very early LI, with the EQUINOX SUN, between Partial Solar and Total Lunar Eclipse.

Fall Equinox 2015

With the FALL EQUINOX, we are moving from the ‘Realm of the Sun’ – Spring and Summer in the Northern hemisphere when day light is longer than the night time, to the ‘Realm of the Moon’ – Fall and Winter, when night hours are longer than day light.

On this sacred Balance Point, we are celebrating one of the Four Solar Turning Points of the Year: Autumnal Equinox, a.k.a. Mabon.

In the Medicine Wheel it is related to the West, the place of the Setting Sun.

Which corresponds with LIBRA in the Zodiac, the energy we are moving into now with the Fall Equinox: LIBRA rules in the horoscope the 7th house above the Western horizon – the astrological field related to one-on-one relationships with significant others in our lives.



Celtic Wheel of the Year, with Mabon – Fall Equinox – related to the West.

In the Southern hemisphere, SPRING returns.

Happy Spring Equinox, dear friends in the Southern Lands of Planet Earth!

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