* SATURN will leave SCORPIO, cross the PHOENIX POINT, and enter SAGITTARIUS (Sept 17, 2015 – Winter Solstice 2017) :: The Truth shall set us FREE!

14 Sep

* SATURN will leave SCO, cross the PHOENIX POINT, and enter SAGITTARIUS (Sept 17, 2015 – Winter Solstice 2017)


The Truth shall set us FREE!

A short note here only, since there is so much going on, the Astro~News need to reach you, Saturn says: Less is More 🙂

And we will hear more from SATURN in SAG, you bet!

 Saturn Pop

The transformational effect of SATURN in SCORPIO in the last 2 years since Oct 2012 has shaped us. And even though the process has been painful for many of us, new authentic avenues open up now. What’s not in resonance with our core feels very hard and difficult to pursue – just doesn’t ‘taste right’ and is not supported – it’s just not our journey (now)!
Good to be aware and see the bigger picture, rather than have some attachment pain / hangover.
SATURN presently on the ‘PHOENIX POINT’ from Scorpio into SAG is pushing us out of the dark and transformational zone into the light, and into the truth of what’s real.
We realize, under SATURN in SAG, how our personal and ancestral old beliefs and ‘old stories’ have shaped us, and how their time has come.  However, the power and wisdom of storytelling (SAG) by Elders and Ancestors as well as from the perspective of our own inner Sage (SATURN) is coming through as a grounding we so crave for.


Questions for our journey with SATURN into SAG:

:: What holds you back? Why are you not going, moving upward / onward, and set yourself free?

:: What are the roadblocks?

:: What does your ego resist, even though you could be free?

:: Why are you loosing focus, and how can you get it back?
:: What’s our genuine vision, and how can we access inner guidance best?
:: How can we avoid trial and error, and the old sabotage of growth and happiness?
:: Where CAN the journey go?




As we are setting out on new journeys, let’s invoke Ganesh, known as ‘Remover of Obstacles’. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ganesha

‘Warning’! Ganesh, the Elephant deity doesn’t just automatically get the roadblocks out of the way.

In fact, he might show you where the REAL obstacles are. Which is a good thing.


For a deep group exploration, come join us at our upcoming MONDAY PARLOUR on Sept 14 (afternoon and evening groups)

* SATURN over the Phoenix Point, into SAGITTARIUS:
End of the Old Stories and Beliefs. Grounded Visions. Important and Intentional Journeys.


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