VENUS is out of retro: REview & REnew Time!

6 Sep

Guess what just happened?
VENUS, in the middle of the night (1:29 am PDT) made her turnaround move from retro to DIRECT (moving forward from Earth perspective again)!
It’s been a VENUS RETRO MID SUMMER, since July 25!
Time to REview now:
:: Have some of your old RElationship patterns been REcognized and REleased?
:: Have you seen how waiting for others to make the first move (and them not doing it) is painful?
:: What happened to the passion, and what brings it back?
:: What are you attracted to and attracting now, from the inside out, based on your values, and on healthy self love?

VENUS on her RETRO course in LEO REconnected us with our heart, and showed us what it’s like to offer LOVE freely and generously, and to LIVE LIFE LOVINGLY!

Fresh Vibrancy after the Summer Rain

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