JUPITER (closing) square SATURN # 1 – The Big Cycle at a Crisis Point

3 Aug

Another major alignment this week – no shortage of those:
Today AUG 3
JUPITER square SATURN # 1 (again, extended time in Spring 2016)
A juxtaposition of / conflict that calls for action, between:
Where the opportunities are, what is growing (JUPITER)
Where the challenge is, what we need to work on, what’s the base line (SATURN).

Jupiter & Earth

The ‘Big Ones’ in our Solar System are squaring off (in relation to the Earth).
JUPITER and SATURN, in their 20-YEAR CYCLE, are going into a ‘closing square’ with each other. The first time exactly today (oh yes, since both planets move relatively slowly this has been building up, and doesn’t come ‘out of nowhere’), and then again, extensively, almost over the whole SPRING 2016.

Saturn & Earth

We are looking at a SOCIETAL / POLITICAL / ECONOMIC CYCLE here which started in MAY 2000 when both planets aligned in TAURUS, planting a seed for what presented itself so far as a quite conservative political landscape, all over the map.
The first crisis via the ‘waxing’ square of JUPITER in SCORPIO and SATURN in LEO happened END of 2005 / mid – late 2006, which pre-dated the U.S. and global financial crisis of 2007/8.
The opposition of JUPITER in ARIES and SATURN in LIBRA happened exactly in MARCH 2011 – Arab Spring, Occupy Movement, global Fukushima Shock.

What’s up now?, you might ask, with baited breath…
Without making any political / economic ‘predictions’, here is a brief outlook on the upcoming ‘weather’ (more to come, as the planets move ahead, and the scene unfolds):

This first square, exact today, is a cuspy one: JUPITER is on the VERY tail end of LEO, before entering VIRGO, in just 8 days, on Aug 11! And SATURN is on the VERY tail end of SCORPIO, before entering SAG on Sept 17.
The LEO / VIR ‘Sphinx Point’ Enhancer (JU) vs. the ‘Phoenix Point’ Challenge (SAT).
In other words, societal awareness (“Who are we?” and What are we doing?”) and conscientiousness are growing. Creativity (LEO) and its practical, solution oriented application (VIR) is indeed a grand opportunity.
On the other (Saturn related) side: When it’s hard to process, when we resist the change and go into denial (Saturn in SCO) we need to go deeper, into the heart of the matter, and clear the decks, so that we can raise and move forward.
The UN Climate Change Conference in Paris end of Nov 30 – Dec 11 is an expression of this crisis dynamic that indeed is a call for ACTION.

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