1 Aug

Blessings for the sacred season of Central Summer!
The Celtic ‘gate of power’ Lammas / Lughnasad is now being celebrated.


Celtic Wheel of the Year, with Solstices, Equinoxes, and Central Season ‘gates of power’ (Beltane, Lughnasad, Samhain, and Imbolc)…/lammas.asp

Traditionally that’s on Aug 1. Exact mid (15°) Leo would be actually a few days later, Aug 7 / 8.
Central LEO is ‘double LEO’ (centre of the fixed sign, where energy concentrates): Solid Summer!

Many harvest festivals are starting at this time.
And it’s the celebration of Ceres the grain goddess (we just addressed the 4 major Inner Asteroid Archetypes, incl. Ceres / Demeter on Monday – how timely aligned!)
The AQ – LEO Full Moon is a cosmic mirror of that too: Celebrating the fruits of our co-creativity and work, in Community!
And actually, new seeds for creativity were planted already, under the New Moon on July 18 on the CAN – LEO ‘Creativity Point’…., as I mentioned above.



Guiseppe Arcimboldo: Summer

How has it been for you so far?
I hope your co-creativity sky-rockets, and you are super inspired these days – straight from the Heart. Esp. arising from the area of life that corresponds with the astrological house where LEO is in your chart, and that the ‘stinger’ from Saturn retro in late Scorpio doesn’t block your process but shows you only where it has to go deeper.

Simple 101 guideline:
1st house: How you show up,
2nd house: What you have;
3rd house: Your environment,
4th house: Your home,
5th house: Your creativity,
6th house: Your work and health,
7th house: Your significant others,
8th house: Your deep involvement,
9th house: Your travels and worldviews,
10th house: Your calling and purpose,
11th house: Your community,
12th house: Your oneness with ALL.

Speaking of 101, or rather 202 in this case:
Astrology 202 Summer class Ascendant and Houses starts next WED Aug 5, and goes until Aug 26.


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