July 31 – Aug 1 AQ – LEO FULL MOON, with URANUS and SATURN stationary :: Co-Creative, Wide Awake, and Deeply Committed to Change

31 Jul


Crow Guardian, Photo by Melanie, July 2015

Sleepless nights, anyone?

Not ‘just’ the bright Midsummer Full Moon…

Climaxing last weekend, the Awakener struck us (and thunder was heard too here in Vic, a rare thing on the coast), as URANUS (the planet of this Archetype) turned from direct to retro – this ‘U-turn’ energy makes end of July / early August a very Uranian time.

What’s that?

URANUS – representing the Transpersonal Archetype Prometheus the Awakener, has been in fresh, fierce, fiery, and adventurous ARIES since 2011 (in fact, entered this sign on the DAY of the Fukushima quake, March 11, 2011). Erratic, upsetting, revolutionary, out-of-the-box, wake-up call scenarios are common under a Uranus influence.
I surprised myself by being awake until dawn, creatively playing with my website project. My intention is to launch it on Aug 15!

I heard from friends and clients that they had, for various, exciting or upsetting, reasons sleepless nights recently. The influence will fade now, and when we are on the other side of the Full Moon. Great to consciously align with its higher vibrations!

After outer experiences of upsets, unsettled energy, and situations that might have kicked us out of our ‘comfort zone’, Liberation and Awakening from within is the motto, under Uranus’ retro (inward – backward) journey which goes until Christmas Day (yearly for 5 months) bring

The energy of ARIES which URANUS will activate until 2018 is always up for something new NOW. You never know what comes next. Expect the Unexpected, take quantum leaps. Which is now turning into an inner experience. Surprise and liberate yourself! Wide Awake!

URANUS is the planet that rules AQ where the FULL MOON will be tomorrow morning!

So there is an inner ‘kinship’ between these energies, stimulating each other.

Which brings us to:

AQ – LEO FULL MOON 2015 – exactly climaxed this morning, July 31 at 3:43 am PDT.

AQ - LEO FM 20150002


The only AQ Full Moon this year, even though you might have heard it’s considered a ‘Blue Moon’. But that’s not based on Astrology but on the Gregorian calendar:

July 1 was the first Full Moon in July, and July 31 is the second. They nicely ‘frame’ July.

Astrologically, they carry different, and (as always) evolving energies.


A lot has been processed, for many of us, since the last FULL MOON on Canada Day, July 1:

The Moon was in CAPRICORN then, aligned with PLUTO, highlighting our needs for Integrity, Maturity, and Accountability / Commitment.

If those weren’t met a Plutonic process started…

With the CANCER – CAP axis that has been processed:

Where is our Tribe that we belong to? Where is our (inner!) Leadership?

On that note, check out Seth Godin’s excellent, inspiring TED Talk – I came across it this last week: http://www.ted.com/talks/seth_godin_on_the_tribes_we_lead?language=en


The seeds we planted under the last NEW MOON in late CANCER (the ‘Creativity Point’), on July 15, brought excitement, surprises, or upset that was bound to turn into liberation and authenticity, via the square with stationary URANUS. And VENUS went retro in the meantime, on July 25 – Liberation from old relationship patterns, and for a new found Self Love.

Now, under the FULL MOON in AQ – LEO, we can see the ‘harvest’ of the last New Moon:

From the place of authentic Creativity and Heart-Love from within (LEO), we can meet our like-spirited friends, comMOONity, and forward-thinking groups in the web of Humanity (AQ), and co-create for a future that we wish to see.


So, where is your Spirit Tribe?

Mature, responsible, and visionary friendships want to come into the ‘limelight’ also, under the AQ Full Moon.

Let’s celebrate the heart connection with those humans whom we are in circles with!

May the Long Time Sun shine on our Friendships, illuminate and inspire our shared endeavours!

Let’s CO-CREATE, because we LOVE!


Saturn Pop

And what’s SATURN got to do with it?

And PLUTO standing by, heart-fully….

Pluto Heartjpg

What’s the Heart and Core of things….?


Our ringed friend, presently in Pluto ruled Scorpio, is indeed making a ‘move’:

SATURN, retro since March 14, and presently very sloooowly moving (= stationary), will turn DIRECT on Aug 1, and gradually forward again, from Earth perspective!

Saturn is another ‘focal point’ that we can’t ignore, initiating a turn-around…

Ha! Another Harvest theme this Summer….
Saturn, known as ‘The Reaper’, shows us where things are ripe, where karma and ‘inner contracts’ are ready to be completed, so that we can integrate the lessons.

Which is often a painful process – when the ego resists, and when fear persists, and we hold on to the old for all too long.

Saturn ‘dipped’ back into the tail end of SCORPIO, in retro mode, on June 14, and showed us where ‘Residual Processing’ (my Saturn mantra ever since) is necessary.

Now, Saturn has reached the furthest point back, at 28° 17’ SCO, from which the ‘U-turn’ happens tomorrow, Aug 1. Saturn will re-enter SAG for good (not to return to SCO until 2041) on Sept 17.

Doing the deep dark ‘ground work’ and putting an end to self-inflicting pain and sabotage is inevitable – and rewarding.

The first step is to acknowledge what you have hidden, avoided, procrastinated, what keeps ‘biting’ you, and how you hurt yourself by engaging in old patterns. In the meantime, with Saturn’s retro effect since March, we have been shown how this is an ‘inside game’ and related to old conditioning. In other words: We are doing it to ourselves, we can be our own worst task master, saboteur, but also: We are the ones who can turn this around.

Good old Saturn shows us our perception of separation. We hurt ourselves most with that perception of reality where we need to guard, strategize, protect, cover, you name it. Yikes! Time to release that ‘stinger-selfie’.

“The urge to purge” can be well channeled into transformational processes.

PLUTO in Saturn Ruled CAP, knows a lot about that too – and shows us that we always have inner resources we can invoke: Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Ancestors, and our Inner Elder, while the Liberating AQ Full Moon’ shows us that a trusted comMOONity or with friends whom you feel comfortable with to show your naked face and ‘true colours’ helps immensely too.

Ask yourself honestly:

  • What is it that I can pro-actively clear and complete now?
  • How can this make my life and my journey (SAG) so much clearer, lighter and more focused?

Make a commitment with yourself (and with Saturn, if you will ).

Don’t be afraid to go into the ‘underground’, dark zones and corners of our lives that are usually hidden (Scorpio rules in the body the large intestines and sex organs).

Saturn supports us as we approach and process the inner shadow that we usually hide from ourselves and the world (for better or worse) and that makes us cover up something, or a few things. In that dark zone, the magic and treasures are being found when we let transformation happen. Let them see the light of the day! Definitely by Sept 17, when Saturn enters SAG – or any time between now and then.

Saturn rules the Root Chakra, by the way. Foundation matters.

In our Crown-to-Root / Sun-to-Saturn Manifestation Journey which started right after the Cancer New Moon, we will reach Saturn, and complete the group process end of August, by then under Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter in earthy Virgo, very timely aligned.

The Saturn turnaround is an excellent time to create a new foundation from the ground up, esp. for endeavours that are oriented towards deep change, magic, and vision.

Saturn now forward moving in SCO loves us when we are deeply committed to this ‘underground / underwater work’.


Saturn in Scorpio can affect you strongly, and you can use this energy for the highest good, if you have planets, Sun, Moon, AC at the end of the fixed signs, in other words, end of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius.

And in case it’s not happening quite NOW for you if you are not in the ‘target group’ of the Full Moon T-Square (and you are not in denial… 🙂 ) it’s still an excellent Summer to do a major clean-up in the ‘attic or basement’, and renovation. Either literally, or symbolically, depending on where Scorpio is in your chart.

Quick guideline for where the realm of transformational purging needs to happen, as Saturn in Scorpio is transiting your…

1st house: How you show up, 2nd house: What you have; 3rd house: Your environment, 4th house: Your home and history, 5th house: Your creativity, 6th house: Your work and health, 7th house: Your significant others, 8th house: Your deep involvement and ‘contracts’, 9th house: Your travels and worldviews, 10th house: Your calling and purpose, 11th house: Your community, 12th house: Your oneness with ALL.

If you have planets, Sun / Moon / AC in late Scorpio, or Taurus, Leo, or Aquarius these sides of you will be strongly affected by the Saturn station. In a private (I bet your Scorpio side will like that) session we can explore the exact alignments more deeply, and safely go into the ‘personal underground’ – which is very timely, healing, releasing, and rewarding now.

August would be a great time to come if you’d like to take me up on my Anniversary Client Appreciation Offer, Aug 1 – 31.
10 up to 50% discount on personal sessions (depending on how long ago your first one was)!


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