VENUS Retro Summer 2015 – Practicing True Self Love & Attracting for Real!

14 Jul

The VENUS Retro ‘Season’ is ON!

July 13: VENUS – SATURN Square #1 (out of 3) 

July 18: VENUS will cross the ‘Sphinx Point’ into VIR

July 25 – Sept 6: VENUS Retro phase (from early VIR back to mid-LEO)


Venus Birth Botticelli

Birth of Venus – by Italian Renaissance painter S. Botticelli



How has your VENUS – JUPITER journey been so far?

Remember? On the day of the last Full Moon, July 1, they showed up so beautifully together in the evening sky… and Venusian themes have been enhanced, since their first rendez-vous…
Yes, under VENUS in LEO, you feel inspired to party and enjoy the Summer festivals, but hey, this Summer of Love energy doesn’t require any external reinforcement if the Heart is in its true place. It’s all about basking in the radiance of the Self, and Living Life Lovingly.

Just before the New Moon, tomorrow, July 15, VENUS stationary in Leo (also getting ready for her ‘U-turn’ to retro, on July 25) exactly squared SATURN which is presently retro / stationary in Scorpio.

This squeezy alignment happens now for the first time, and again twice, on Aug 5 (with Venus retro, and Saturn just out of retro), and on Oct 11 (with Venus then in Virgo, out of retro, and Saturn then in Sag, also post-retro).

Big stuff here:

‘Just say NO’ to what’s not a good fit from a deeper (Scorpio) place, even though it may ‘look good’ and pamper the ego (Leo).

Let’s not get ‘sucked in’ (SATURN in Scorpio can help us with boundaries there) into others’ agenda that triggers our stuff. Yes, we are all ONE, and there is also the human drama playing itself out. VENUS soon retro in LEO can show us where we are attracted to / attracting attention via drama.

VENUS is slowing down, to go retrograde, exactly from July 25 – Sept 6.

Venus goes retro approx. every 1 ½ years. The last time Venus went retro was in late-to-mid CAP, from Winter Solstice 2013 until early Feb 2014. Remember?

The theme was valuing oneself and attracting (from) sustainability, resilience, maturity, and simplicity.

VENUS presently the ‘Evening Star’, will go ‘into the underworld’ to regenerate herself as the Morning Star. We are invited if not required to let old patterns round relationships, pleasing and comparing ourselves with others (Evening Star quality of Venus, with a Libra undertone) die, so that a renewed way of attracting from loving self-worth (Morning Star quality of Venus, with a Taurus undertone) may arise.

With Venus ‘cruising’ now on the LEO – VIR ‘Sphinx Point’, it’s all about self (LEO) awareness (VIR), doing daily heart centred (LEO) practice (VIR), and offering service (VIR), based on love and joy (LEO).


4 R

Virgo, ruled by Mercury, by Johfra Boschart

Venus will briefly cross over the ‘Sphinx Point’ (Self Awareness Point) into VIR on July 18, go retro from the first degree of VIR on July 25, and back into late LEO on July 31, to continue ‘her’ retro journey until Sept 6, and finally leave LEO on Oct 8.

With Venus’s slowing down period now (in pre-retro ‘shadow’ and from mid-July on in stationary ‘storm’) you might have noticed ‘early Venus retro symptoms’ and premonitions about the effect of Venus retro.

Have you (RE?)connected with women from the ‘past’ (even from different time lines)?

Have you been RE-minded of, and attracted to RE-connect with loved ones and lovers ‘from the past’?

Are you drawn to standing in the full light of your loving Beingness (LEO), to Live Life Lovingly, and ‘operate’ / work from there, in pure alignment, as the Sacred Feminine in her temple (VIR)? Alignment is crucial for Virgo.


The Venus retrograde phase will be also a checking in on our values, desires, connections, and attractions.

And, even more so, it’s a RE-newal and RE-alignment of the Inner Feminine with Spirit (the SUN). With the LEO / Sphinx Point vibe be aware of your attraction to show / performance / narcissism, as a compensation for the need to be seen and loved, vs. true intrinsic Self love, and radiance through Spirit, in natural Self Awareness.

What  makes you unconditionally happy from within?

What’s the Truth about the Love of the Self?


I wish I could show you, When you are lonely or in darkness, The astonishing light of your own being ~ Hafiz

I wish I could show you, When you are lonely or in darkness, The astonishing light of your own being ~ Hafiz


In this cycle, Aug 15 will be the half-way point ‘, Day of the SUN – VENUS alignment (both in radiant Leo!), and ‘Birth of the New VENUS’

Which happens to be also quite the ‘Goddess Day’ in the Catholic calendar: The heavenly Assumption of Mary

And it will be the day after the LEO NEW MOON (Aug 14).

Mid-August promises to be a potent time for new beginnings.


VENUS also meets JUPITER 3 times, during ‘her’ pre-retro (happened on July 1), in retro and connected with LEO’s brightest star Regulus (Aug 4), and post-retro phase (Oct 25) – then as the newly born ‘Morning Star’, and in VIR.

To be in loving alignment, to find the Love and the WHY (Jupiter) for our ‘work’ and ‘service’, and for our practice-in-love could be an inquiry and intention for the journey with Venus and Jupiter this Summer and early Fall.

Maybe we (RE)connect with loved ones in a way that shows us why our Love matters….


Keep an eye on the area in your chart in late LEO / early VIR (VENUS / JUPITER ‘resi-dance’ these days / months), and late SCO / early SAG (SATURN’s domain over the Summer / early Fall) esp. if you have planets, Sun, Moon, AC, MC there.

These sides in you are called to loving self-awareness (LEO / VIR), and to go deeper, and rise from there (SCO / SAG).


For a group exploration of our journey with Venus Retro, join us

NEXT MON, July 20

* VENUS RETRO 2015 (July 25 – Sept 6) Triple-Squaring Stationary Saturn:
Practicing True Self Love & Attracting for Real!

7:20 – 10 pm: Group drop-in Session

How these energies are affecting you, and how you can be best aligned with them can be seen by consulting with your personal birth chart, based on your birth date, time, and place, its unique pattern, and, foremost:
It depends on how YOU live from the energies of your chart (that’s why I find it’s so important to work with clients in person, and I refuse doing written reports).

If you feel a resonance, and hear the call to work with me come for a 1-on-1 consult session (incl. an initial 1 hr orientation session), or book a package of 3 – 5 sessions: Intentionality and commitment have by nature deeper effects. But hey, try my services out before you commit to a series of sessions!

We can go into the heart of the matter, and draw out what’s possible to help you change from within.


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