CANCER New Moon on JULY 15: Bringing Transformation & Liberation Back HOME!

13 Jul

CANCER New Moon on JULY 15, square stationary URANUS in AR.

MARS / MERCURY, also in CAN, opposite PLUTO retro in CAP:

Bringing Transformation & Liberation Back HOME!

CAN NM 2015

At first glance: What a Cancerian concentration and watery gravitation!

MERCURY / MARS in central CAN, opposite PLUTO retro in central CAP – on the day of the CAN New Moon!

Plus, the New Moon squares off with fiery, unpredictable, exciting URANUS in AR which is a stationary focal point in July!

Vive la (R)Evolution!

The URANUS in AR – PLUTO in CAP Squares (7 exact alignments from June 2012 to March 2015 – remember those?) are nowhere near ‘over’.

Their impact and effects move through our world and lives, these years,.…only makes sense – it’s an organic process, not just a mechanical series of ‘events’.
Some clients and group participants have been asking me over time, “What happened with that?”, “ Where is it going from there?” –

Voila, this upcoming New Moon is an activator and reminder for the integration of that big process.

The CAN NEW MOON, with its sharp (square, opposition) links to URANUS and PLUTO, brings the Evolution / Transformation (PLUTO) and Revolution / Liberation (URANUS) that got catalyzed from 2012 – 2015, back ‘home’. Can you FEEL it?

The Cancer NEW MOON with the opposition axis to PLUTO has almost a Full Moon flavour, and reverberates the Canada Day (July 1) Full Moon in CAP – CAN.

Plus, the NEW MOON squares URANUS in AR (the SUN exactly squares UR today, July 12, and the MOON will square UR on the day of the New Moon, July 15).

Here in Western Canada, we have seen a series of massive wildfires in the meantime which broke out right after the Canada Day Full Moon. It required the mobilization of emergency response and resources, and nevertheless caused widespread destruction of nature and homes, and displacement of people. It will take time to rebuild…
Things we lost in the FIRES – and through burning fossil fuels….

Is this a Wake-up call?

What’s with the upcoming federal elections in October?

We are all connected as the Human Family – it’s not just about Canada…

Late Cancer, where the New Moon will be, has a unifying Pisces undertone, and it is linked with NEPTUNE retro in early Pisces which has a Cancer undertone.

What’s with MERCURY – MARS, both uniting on the DAY of the New Moon, and opposing PLUTO retro in CAP?

How about speaking out, and assertively protecting our home land?

Good to be aware that resisting ‘powers’ doesn’t necessarily make them ‘go away’ or transform. It can (and often does) energetically ‘simply’ charge the issue.

On a personal level, this energy helps us with verbalizing our needs, and asserting (MARS) what works best and most sustainably, in in the long run (PLUTO in CAP).

State what you want and stand for, not what you don’t want anymore.


It’s also important to consciously take care of our needs, and not project those onto the outside world. And on the other hand, helping others helps us emotionally too.

What does your Inner Child and what do the Children of the world need, at this point?

And how is what you or they need already available? What do you have access to?

When you might feel deprived or abandoned if that experience that you see ‘over there’ is not available:

What of the quality you seek do you already have, and don’t need to go out and ‘get’?

And how can you providing for and nurturing others make you feel better too?

If you are sensitive by nature, and feel sooo much these days – no surprise, with so much Cancerian energy! – please give yourself credit.

This is not a weakness but a gift that you can be so empathic. How can this gift be best used and applied, for the highest purpose? (PLUTO in CAP)?

Energetically invite the Elders in, either biological ancestors, spirit elders, ancient ones, avatars… all of them are here to support us – a wonderful omnipresent ‘resource’.

How can you set an example of helping someone, ‘simply’ through the resources available to you? Connecting them to these resources might cost you nothing, and make a world of a difference for them.

This is empowering and strengthening for all (you’re not creating a co-dependency though…). There is not a lack of resources. They are just not always ideally allocated.

This can change, and is changing nowadays. So many great examples for that evolution.

What would be a creative, innovative, liberated, and awake approach to the whole situation (SUN & MOON square URANUS)?

We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for and looking up to.

We are the Change….

Let’s bring THAT back HOME now.


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