Super GEMINI NEW MOON on June 16: SO Much to Learn – Tending to the Mind Garden

15 Jun

Yeah, SO much GEM energy rolling in and through these days – check out the NM chart:

GEM NM 2015

The MOON (since this Sunday morning), the SUN – just passed MARS also this morning June14, and MERCURY, freshly out of retro (since June 11) and now moving out of the stationary (very slowly moving in the turnaround loop, from Earth perspective)’storm’ – a re-arrangement for mind, again guided by spirit (the SUN):
Thoughts and speech inspired by the consciousness of The Learner, and of the one who Asks and Inquires (Gemini): What’s new? What can I learn here? And even: Who am I?

The GEM MOON will pass MARS on Tue just an hour before the New Moon – SO much that informs us, SO much to learn!


Soo much to learn and see (inside and out) in Nature – photo from my retreat

You might have noticed over the last months (since Dec 23, 2014) that Saturn in early SAG showed us in contrast how ‘old stories’ and beliefs and the ‘know-it-all’ keep us in place, and lead to judgment and separation. Saturn in SAG would have also pointed to our blind spots. A contrast to the learner quality in GEM. Now, as Saturn drops back into SCO (this eve!) over the Summer (until Sept 17) it becomes more clear where these judgments and experiences of separateness come from, and what the scenarios are that ‘draw us into the dark’ where these judgments may come from that pretend to protect us. Deep clearing, releasing, and lightening of the load we carry from those places can be a good effect of Saturn in SAG. At the end of the day: Been there, done that, …. No more. Released with LOVE.

And what’s with the T-square of Lilith in VI and Chiron in PI to the New Moon / Mars?

If you followed AstroNews, or my posts on the FB Astro page, or even came to the Lilith – Chiron group last Monday – and if you simply tuned in, you might have noticed how being in integrity and aligned with your True Nature (Lilith in VI) and the journey of surrendering, allowing, letting go, or simply BEING (Chiron in PI) go very well together, and there is a lot to learn in this (GEM).

Our last Living Breathing Birth Chart on Friday showed us a lot about just that, so rich and easy – the field and our alignment inform naturally and very precisely. A model for Life. Our next LBBC / Embodied Astrology will be in 5 weeks, on Fri July 17 – all are welcome (no ‘experience’ required). Drop in and see.


Curious what the SABIAN SYMBOL for the New Moon at 25˚07 GEM (next to Mars at 24˚35’ GEM) shows us?



Huge leafy plant at the retreat grounds last week

Keynote: Bringing under control nature’s power of expansion.

The human intellect is like a tropical plant in that it tends to expand ‘wildly’ in many directions, seeking direct contrast with the sun’s rays. Like a palm tree it uses its dead leaves to protect itself against dry heat, the heat of the realm of the mind when deprived of the complementary power of the feelings.
A culture is characterized by specific ‘forms’ and ‘prime symbols’; education’s main object, at least in cultural and classical periods, has been to contain the imagination of individuals within these traditional forms. An entirely different approach to education is being attempted in our transitional age.

At this… stage, we have reached the level of fulfillment of the impulses which began at the first stage (GEM 21), in a tumultuous upsurge of self-assertion and protest against the past. Now this upsurge has found its place in the evolution of humankind and society; and symbolically speaking, ‘labour’ has become not only unionized, but a strong force in the body politic. Yet the energies released seek constant expansion, and therefore have to be controlled. There is need for repeated PRUNING.”

Melanie again (after end of quote):

Many layers to this one – personal, societal, and spiritual. End of Gemini is indeed double Gemini – the human intellectual mind growing wildly into many directions, and even (before the emotional realm of Cancer, first Water sign of the Zodiac) uses its mental capacities and old ‘dead leaves’ / dry intellect for self-protection from the SUN – from the rays of consciousness / spirit. Great symbol. So how can the MARS energy, rather than being the ‘warrior of the ego’, making a case from intellect, being used as a pruning knife. But not the mind-knife. What’s that??? Something to inquire into.


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