SATURN back into SAG (June 14 – Sept 17): Residual Processing, and Magic Revealed

13 Jun

Don’t miss the MAGIC out of Fear!
It’s true, it’s real:

SATURN now retrograde in SAG, will cross back over the ‘Phoenix Point’ in to SCO this Sunday June 14 (until Sept 17), for Residual Processing that can reveal Magic and bring deep Transformation – if we’re not afraid of the Dark:

Is SATURN squeezing you? Maybe it’s a gift in disguise?
Saturn’s return to SCO might feel like a ‘downer’, but really, it’s an initiation into something magical that you might have been resisting all along. We’re into a Summer of digging up treasures from your dark hiding places.


Human Germination Artist unknown – let me know when you detect him / her

What’s the time line of Saturn in SAG?

Dec 23, 2014: Saturn crossed the ‘Phoenix Point’ from Scorpio to SAG: “Ahhh, coming out of it, now I see….”
March 14, 2015: Saturn went retro: Acknowledging and completing old and told stories and limiting beliefs.
June 14, 2015: Saturn re-enters Scorpio: Back into the transformational clearing ‘cauldron’ for residual release.
Aug 1, 2015: Saturn will go direct again: Time for outer transformation as in: building new foundations.
Sept 18, 2015: Saturn will cross the ‘Phoenix Point’ again, and finally enters SAG: End of limiting beliefs. Manifest the Vision. Intentional Journeys.
Dec 20, 2017: Saturn leaves SAG, crosses the ‘Integrity Point’, and enters CAP (its own domain).

In the process of Saturn going through SAG, until Winter Solstice 2017, we go back and forth between the old and told, and the cleared and renewed Self-expression in true authority and inner wisdom – it’s a journey.
Saturn not only teaches but actually shows us in REAL LIFE that every ending and closing of a door takes us over a threshold, an ‘initiation’, and leads to a new phase, which can be a new chapter, a new structure from which we will be operating, an ‘upgrade’, a freedom from the ‘known’.

If YOU were born from Nov 1985 until Feb 1988, and June – Nov 1988 your Saturn is in SAG, and you will have your 1st Saturn Return, during Saturn’s present journey in SAG:
• A major maturation threshold in life in your late Twenties, to have your act together, as the real adult.
• It may be related to building something, based on your inspiration.
• The shadow elements of hopelessness, lack of focus etc. might come up, only to give you a training in finding those things in a self-motivated way, with your inner esp. spiritual authority.

If YOU were born from Jan – May 1956, and Oct 1956 until Jan 1959, your Saturn is also in SAG, and you will have your 2nd Saturn Return, during Saturn’s journey in SAG:
• Another maturation threshold in life, as you step into the ‘Age of the Sage’ in your late Fifties.
• Usually, the 2nd Saturn Return is easier than the 1st – unless your worldview and judgments have become too rigid and crystallized, in which case Saturn will teach you some lessons.
• For the 2nd Saturn return clients: Saturn was the last time in SAG from Nov 1985 until Feb 1988, and June – Nov 1988.
What comes full circle there for you?
How can you now, one generation older, speak to the one you were then (not from the old story, but from a wiser, clearer, simpler place), to acknowledge the younger YOU for finding his / her way, and drop self-judgment?
Acknowledge how you have matured since then, esp. in the area of life related to the house where SAG is in your chart.
Time for a new foundation for building and manifesting, based on your vision and on opportunities.

In the Transits and Archetypes focused GROUP SESSION on the first day of Saturn’s re-visit in SCO we shall intentionally join forces to meet Saturn in the dark that’s pregnant with possibilities and apply the message from Saturn right to you personally:

MON June 15:
SATURN Back Into SCORPIO (June 14 – Sept 17)
Residual Processing, and Magic Revealed

Did you see (in the email AstroNews)?
I also offer Focused SATURN SESSIONS – For Your Saturn Return, and for Saturn going back into SCO.




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