FULL MOON in SAG – GEM on June 2: Walk the Talk, with Head & Heart, and Unified!

2 Jun

FULL MOON in SAG – GEM tomorrow June 2 at 9:19 am PDT:
Walk the Talk, with Head & Heart, and Unified!

SAG - GEM FM 2015

The MOON crossed the ‘Phoenix Point’ from SCO into SAG this (Mon June 1) morning, at 11:39 am PDT – can you feel the lifting?
‘On the other hand….’:
Lots of GEMINI’esque talk and thought and action is going on these days, with Mercury (the headliner of Saturday – fully enlightened by the SUN and half-way through its retro phase: Birth of a ‘New Mercury’), and Mars / Sun (both unite on June 14).
For our GEM side, intellectual concepts, discussion, reading, writing, and learning are a ‘given’. The AIR sign GEM loves to play with ideas.
SAG on the other hand, brings spirit and the heart into the picture. Seeing is believing, or believing is seeing – a vision emerges from the heart.
Ideally, under this Full Moon, we bring ‘best of both worlds’ together. Head and Heart.
And walk (yay, SAG literally likes walking and moving in the landscape, flying through space, and with spirit) our Gemini talk.

SAG is also about images and symbols, so let’s see what the Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon has to say:

The SUN will be at 11˚49’ GEM, and the Moon at 11˚49’ SAG.

12˚ SAG:

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle – picture credit: Ken Thomas

Keynote: The spiritualization and promotion of great symbols of a New Age by minds sensitive to its precursory manifestations.

In the background of this strange allegory we can recognize the deep-seated belief that the American nation and its basic democratic institutions were constituted to be the cradle for a new step in human evolution. The ‘flag’ is the abstract symbol of the nation; it becomes an ‘eagle’ – another U.S. symbol – when the concept is made alive by bold and transcendent action. The eagle symbolizes spiritual will and the power to rise to the highest possible altitude of consciousness and purpose. Flying at such an altitude, the eagle is the first living creature to perceive the rising sun. Having perceived it, it heralds it – and by so doing is identified with the crowing chanticleer, who had convinced himself that his resonant cry was responsible for the rise of the sun and the coming of a new day.

This… stage… speaks of ‘peak experiences’ instead of the wisdom found in the organismic depth of the body-consciousness. It urges us to bring our noblest ideals to actual life through the power of the spiritual will. A keyword might be ANNUNCIATION.”

Interesting, how the image for the Full Moon degree also reflects the Sun / Mercury conjunction: Spirit and Consciousness informs and leads the message.

The AC degree of the U.S. chart is actually at 12˚13’ SAG – so it will be interesting what this Full Moon brings to our neighbour down South.


* Mutable T-Square of the Full Moon with NEPTUNE on June 2:
~ Unifying ~
Looking at the Full Moon chart, with the Mercury retro / Sun / Mars trio in GEM, and the Moon in SAG, they both square Neptune (now stationary, going retro on June 12) in PI – and together form a ‘Mutable T-Square’ (in the 3 mutable signs GEM, SAG, PI).
In all these comings and goings, and (ahh, thank you, transpersonal Neptune!) it’s good to remember that THIS and THAT are ultimately expressions of the ONE.

Can you surrender, drop judgment and doubt (SAG – GEM ‘low vibrational tempters to the mind’), and be ok with what IS, even though it might not be what you thought is is or where it would go?
Could be a blessing in disguise…

 caduceus Hermetic_Staff_AA_Raphael

Caduceus – Hermes’ Staff with the unified dual (Kundalini?) serpent

In Tarot, Gemini is associated with the Major Arcana VI – LOVERS

From the ‘Tree of Knowledge’ to the ‘Tree of Life and Love’ – Unifying polarities…

Voyager VI Lovers 

Voyager Tarot VI – LOVERS


* Grand Fire Trine on June 2:

> Inspired Creative Action <

After the Moon will have passed through Saturn’s ‘eye of the needle’ (yes, it requires and trains In-sight!) on June 1, and after the Full Moon and opposition with Mercury retro and Mars in GEM ‘she’ will go into an energizing Grand Fire Trine, with Jupiter in LEO and Uranus in AR, on Tue June 2 evening.

Time for letting the good times roll, or, even better perhaps, BE awake and authentic (Uranus in AR), creative, loving and heart centred (Jupiter in LEO), and in-spirited and inspiring (Moon in GEM).

Be moved by spirit, and follow the Heart!

Chakras 4 Anahata Heart

Anahata – Heart Chakra Yantra

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