18 May

NEW MOON at 27º TAU on May 17 at 9:13 pm PDT / May 18 at 12:13 am EDT:

Earth My Body, Air My Breath…. &

Calm IN the (Mercury pre-retro) Storm

 TAU NM 2015

This evening at 9:13 pm PDT is the exact minute.

Let’s plant seeds (so Taurean) of intentions (without attachment of course, rather in ‘Beginner’s Mind’ innocence) and new connections (Gemini’s call).

The New Moon is clearly a CUSPY one (once again – notice the sequence since last year?).

Transition energy – esp. with movement friendly mutable Gemini on ‘the other side’.

And themes of ‘Embodied Communication’ – listen to the language of the body!

Cuspy vibes, from fixed, slow Taurean Earth to mutable, flighty Gemini Air….

Calm IN the (Mercury pre-retro) Storm….while SO much is indeed UP in the AIR – or gets us unstuck from attachments and comfort zones.

“Earth my Body & Air my Breath….”

A time to share our love for the Earth, and spread messages, con-spire (breathe together) with others, and on behalf of THIS beautiful planet.

After the ‘Hands Across the Lands & Sands’ gathering (a human shoreline chain standing for a clean energy future https://www.facebook.com/events/549297095211420/ ) yesterday Saturday here at Willows Beach, Victoria, where we sang in the end “Earth my Body, Water my Blood, Air my Breath, and Fire my Spirit” I looked for that song as a video for you. This is what I found – whoa, so powerful and touching. What a voice and spirit! Thank you, Nicole! https://vimeo.com/99806261

The New Moon has a strong draw over to GEM indeed, with stationary Mercury, next to Mars which are already stimulating thoughts, questions, learning, branching out….

The MOON will follow the GEM trend tomorrow May 18 at 2:27 am PDT, before Mercury goes retro at 6:49 pm PDT.

The SUN will enter GEM on Thu May 21.

The GEM energies will run very strongly this next week, from Mon May 18 / Thu May 21 on, with:

Moon: May 18 / 19.

Mercury: since Apr 30, until July 8, in stationary ‘storm’, and going retro tomorrow May 18.

Mars: since May 11, until June 24

Sun: from May 21 – June 21 (Summer Solstice).

These Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Mars energies are already and will definitely even more so energize all of our GEM sides / areas of life related to GEM houses in our charts.

ADJUSTMENT – says also the Sabian Symbol….


 Guatémala Women

Guatemala Women (photo credit: Vault)


Keynote: Peaceful adaptation to collective needs.

In contrast to the impetuosity of the Spanish serenade (26 TAU), we now see the quiet and smiling face of an old Indian woman offering for sale the traditional products of her tribal culture. She too is functioning within the culture which has been sustaining her activity through a long life, bringing to her personal peace and inner contentment.

In old age, the power of the collectivity once more asserts itself, overcoming the perhaps wearying effort man makes to assert his uniqueness and individual character.

At this… stage the aging mind of the individual peacefully reintegrates itself into the psychic matrix of his / her group and culture, in serene ADJUSTMENT to the vital needs of the whole of which s/he sees him/herself as a fleeting part.

Bringing our goods to the market is one of the literal meanings of the TAU – GEM transition.

Adaptation comes in as well, of course.

As well as critical questions / concerns of:

  • Are we selling out our values?
  • In our modern ‘tribal’ culture the ‘collective needs’ aren’t always healthy (late TAU has a VIR undertone). So we also need to be discerning with the adjustment.
  • Again, what does the body’s wisdom say?
  • When and how do we need to inform and be informed (GEM), and speak our truth (Saturn retro in SAG)?

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