2 May

‘Buddha’s Full Moon’ on May 3, 2015:


Bali Lotus Morning Prayer HH

Early Morning Prayer – Lotus with Orb – Photography by Helga Hendricks


The Buddhist community celebrates every year the Full Moon in May as the Wesak Moon: The Buddha’s birthday, attaining of enlightenment, and leaving of the earthly incarnation. Excellent article:

The Wesak Moon in most years (if it happens before May 20) highlights the Taurus – Scorpio polarity astrologically whose themes are aligned with the core of the Buddhist teachings (‘Four Noble Truths’):

The basic suffering or even just basic dissatisfaction (‘dukkha’) in the human condition are due to attachment and its frustration (not getting what one wants, and not being able to get rid of the unwanted).

This is also a basic Taurus / Scorpio theme:

Taurus (ruled by Venus) represents desire, pleasure, comfort, joy, erotic attraction and assimilation through the senses (with the shadow of attachment to the material and worldly plane and to physical satisfaction, hording, stuckness, greed, stinginess).

Scorpio (ruled by Pluto) on the opposite side of Taurus takes us to emotionally intense and uncomfortable places where the ‘muck’ and hidden, often covered or repressed material sits. This very ‘human humus’ and shadow can’t be just ‘gotten rid of’ or ‘hidden away. However its purpose is to be spiritually processed so that it becomes a ‘fertilizer’ for renewal – the Alchemy of life.

Scorpio has been quite the ‘boot camp’ for humanity also, under Saturn in Scorpio (since Oct 2012, until Dec 2014, and a ‘residual processing phase’ from June 14 – Sept 17, 2015 is coming up). The Saturn influence – soon back into Scorpio – is an incentive to get to the bottom of things and purge, and also a karmic harvest: find completion and closure.

The peaceful Buddha ‘beyond satisfaction’ sits on a beautiful Lotus flower (SUN in TAU) that has its roots in the ‘deep, dark and dirty’ pond (MOON in SCO), which can be also seen as a Tantric symbol of Yin/Yang union.

The paragraphs below *** expand on the Wesak Moon theme…


YinYang Infinite

The Yin-Yang is a perfect symbol for a balancing the Yin and Yang / Lunar and Solar influences in us under each Full Moon, but esp. under this very astrologically potent (SCO – TAU) and spirited Wesak Moon.

The Wesak Full Moon is a magnificent divine and meditative moment when transformation (SCO) can be anchored (TAU), and attachment to longing or to pain incl. feeding those ‘hungry ghosts’ (TAU) that show up in obvious or subtle personal and collective / cultural addictions and compulsions (more consumption, information, work, entertainment is never enough…) can be put into the bonfire of the soul (SCO) for the Alchemy to do its job.

Here is the Full Moon chart:

Wesak Moon 2015

Let’s see what the chart reveals:

The exact Fixed T-square of Sun (next to Mars) in TAU, Moon in SCO, and Jupiter in LEO shows us where pressures building up, in the domains of

  • Desire to have, own, build security (TAU)
  • Desire to create, be seen and loved (LEO)
  • Desire to go into deep, intimate, transformational places (SCO).

…which makes centering very challenging, yet rewarding (if not mandatory).

Can you feel the tugs, and yet the need to stay centered?

Jupiter in mid LEO (13º34’) as the apex of the Wesak Full Moon T-square (see chart) offers an outlet for the tension.

What an amazing Sabian Symbol for

14º Leo:


Cornucopia Fractal

Keynote: The yearning for self-actualization.

Behind the many rhythms and drives of individual existence, beyond the child, the adult, and the old person, stands the soul seeking always to manifest itself through the personality. This is the transpersonal urge of the spirit, expressing itself in many ways during the whole life span. But most avenues are blocked, and the soul waits until it can wait no longer. Then comes the dramatic release, which may mean a joyous carnival or madness.

This… stage… brings a transcendental clue to the technique of living: Let the soul speak out! Allow the power of the true tone of your being to manifest itself smoothly, easily, unobstructed – or expect a variety of consequences. LET the soul manifest!”

What a powerful statement, as an outlet for the Wesak Moon tension!!!

Also in the signature of the Wesak Moon ‘matrix’:

MERCURY now in GEMINI is a flighty and ‘centrifugal’ draw to the sirens’ of inner and outer voices and quest(ion)s, tons of information, options, and choices that overstimulate our mind, vitally enhanced by the omnipresent communication cloud. So much to ‘check out’ and to sample.

Guess what? Mercury will also go retrograde in Gemini soon (May 18 – June 11), and its pre-retro shadow phase starts – on May 4!
More about the Mercury retro itinerary in the Wesak Moon AstroNews.

MERCURY will square NEPTUNE in PI 3 times, on May 9, 29 (in retro) and June 23. Let’s be extra mindful of how our energy gets drained when we let this flighty yet highly addictive ‘cloud’ have its way with us. It might take us nowhere except to superficial cruising. However letting the ‘monkey mind’ surrender (I picture a monkey with a white flag, for fun…) re-connects us to Oneness and in ‘the field’ that allows spirit to guide us (rather than ‘squirreling’ around).

As always, the Mercury retro phase is about ‘RE-adjusting’ Mind to its function of serving Consciousness (as represented by the SUN), not the other way round.


CHIRON / NEPTUNE in PI remind us that allowing and being with what IS in Oneness Consciousness offers healing and is a profound timeless teaching.

Buddha Nature is everywhere, just as nature by nature is always in interconnected union, yet it can’t be held or grasped…(even photographs are merely frozen moments in the flow of life…).

Let Buddha Nature Manifest!



Here is a beautiful chant and imagery for the universality of life:


*** More astrological info about the SCO – TAU Wesak Moon, and its distribution:

From fixed T-square to mutable T-square

Scorpio is for the Moon the most ‘challenging’ sign (while the Moon is considered ‘exalted’ in Taurus, it is considered ‘in fall’ in Scorpio):

The Moon represents our emotions, our instinctual mind (in a broad sense of body-mind, feeling-mind), and the needs and habits developed from that place, which by nature long for nurturance and sustenance.

Taurus is the sign that provides such sustaining delivery and assimilation – it’s all about feeding and reliable presence… whereas Scorpio rules necessary detoxifying elimination, partly through painful processes, which is not what our Lunar (representing also the inner child) side is most comfortable with, to put it mildly.

Under a Scorpio Moon (whether we are born with it, have it by progression for 2½ years every 29 years, or whether the Moon in Scorpio for 2½ days per month affects us), we are instinctively sensitized towards the need to purge and to ‘get rid of’ what is toxic and outlived, of what controls us, and doesn’t allow us to be free in a deeper sense. The process calls us to go into the ‘mouth of the monster’ and through its bowels even, while our head and ego might severely protest and resist. A Scorpio Moon experience can lead us to the deepest abyss of our inner worlds, yet is an opportunity to take us through it, and be regenerated and transformed through the process.

The Scorpio / Taurus Wesak Moon each year is a fully solar illumined (therefore the most potent) Scorpio Moon, which brings revelation about our deepest notions for transformation.

Consciousness (represented by the Sun) has to be intent to patiently stay and ‘sit with’ (Taurus quality) what comes up from the depth, for the processing. In that sense, the polarity axis of Taurus and Scorpio can be bridged in complementary, cooperative, and productive ways.

The central spiritual (esp. Buddhist) themes of attachment & transformation are being highlighted in the ‘Bull’s Eye’ and the ‘Scorpion’s Stinger’:

The fixed earth sign Taurus (ruled by Venus) celebrates the physical senses, comfort and pleasure, and what creates security and grows over time, like a garden or a solid investment. Taurean energy takes roots, builds, cultivates, and conserves, like a gardener, farmer, and good custodian of the Earth. Taurus likes to attract what’s pleasant, to experience it via the senses, to eat, assimilate and accumulate, and to claim ownership and territory. Taurus slows down, after the fast and furious Aries energy, and favors predictability and patience; therefore habits and routines are likely being formed. Its orientation is very life affirming, yet can lead to stuckness, attachment to the known and comfortable, hence has a challenge with change and letting go.

The fixed deep water sign Scorpio (ruled by Pluto) in contrast to the ‘above ground’ Taurean world, penetrates the underground / underworld / underbelly, which can be a painful process (Taurus – Scorpio also represent the pleasure – pain, and life – death axis), yet sharply points out where deep ‘down under’ transformational ‘digestion’ and purging release of something that is actually already dead needs to happen, so that it can become a fertilizer for new life.

Just as in late Oct – late Nov the leaves rot and go under the earth, the Scorpionic energy takes us to emotionally deeply affecting processes that have nowhere to go but down and through, so that the alchemical work can be performed.

In Buddhist tradition, the image of the Buddha floating on a (Taurean) lotus flower that blossoms so purely and beautifully while being rooted in the (Scorpionic) mud swamp, represents the enlightened quality of having gone through and continuing going through deep processes. The embodiment of the enlightened consciousness continues and sustains.

The Sun – Moon Full Moon tension in Scorpio / Taurus sheds light from an astrological perspective on the Wesak theme every year. It offers a strong reception, safeguarding, and distribution of spiritual energy on the Earth plane from many dimensions and traditions.

Another excellent article (referring to Alice Bailey’s Theosophical teaching) can be found here


Wesak Moon

Buddhist Stupa under the Full Moon (author of photo unknown)


The Wesak Moon offers a very potent time for receptivity, assimilation, and attunement to the cosmic energies, meditation and openness to transformational change. Its effects extend over several months, some people say until the next Wesak Moon, a year later.

The spiritually auspicious Wesak Full Moon in its charged Scorpio / Taurus energy has been building up well before and is still available well after the exact alignment, as it requires and also helps us to ground ourselves, even in the apparent predicament and abyss of it all. So let’s be present with what IS, even with overpowering inner and ‘external’ demons, while sustaining a vision for humanity, together with others (the universal Sangha = spiritual community)!

The Wesak Full Moon 2015 highlights 13º22’ Scorpio and Taurus (see chart).

The Sabian Symbol for 14º Scorpio (for the Moon) says,



Keynote: The need to establish new channels of communication.

The growth of community feeling among separated human beings requires the development of constantly more complex means of interchanging feelings and ideas. Wherever this symbol is found, the indication is that such channels of communication are essential for the success of any interpersonal relationship. They are not only to be built, but to be used significantly and wisely.

This… symbol brings to our attention the essential value of communicating with our fellow-men and even our close associates – with whom such a communication may not always be easy. There can be no communion without communication at some level, including the level of biological attunement.

This points us to use the Scorpionic transformation for new ways of hearing, listening, comprehending, responding, commun(icat)ing…

Sounds like Mercury in Gemini opposing Saturn in SAG retro on May 3 – and Mercury retrograde foreshadowing to me… 

Here is a corresponding quote by J. Krishnamurti that just ‘popped up’ this evening in a small booklet from the Krishnamurti Educational Centre of Canada:

“We can understand our problems only if we have the capacity to listen, to pay full attention, and such attention is not possible if we are seeking an end, an answer. There is attention only when the mind is really quiet, and then it is able to receive, to comprehend; but a mind that is occupied with its own answers that is caught up in the search for a result is never quiet, and such a mind is incapable of full attention. So I think it is important to listen with full attention, not just to what is being said, but to everything in life, for only then is the mind free to discover that is true and find out if there is something beyond its inventions.”


The Gemini (Mercury) – Sag (Saturn) opposition is also very apropos what follows the exact Wesak Moon:

In esoteric traditions (see, the day of the Wesak Festival is considered the “day of safeguarding”, followed by 2 succeeding “days of distribution”.

In short, on the Wesak Moon day (of safeguarding), the spiritual community is called to regard themselves as recipients and custodians of as much of that inflowing spiritual force as they can possibly hold. This corresponds with the quality and capacity of fixed signs, and is a perfect expression for the Scorpio / Taurus Full Moon, this year active from Saturday May 2 at 6:47 pm PDT until Tue May 5 at 4:13 am PDT, peaking at the exact Full Moon, at 8:42 pm PDT on Sun May 3 (see chart).

In the days of distribution following the festival, it is suggested to turn the attention away from one’s inner subjective planes, in order to pass on the spiritual energy that has been received, ‘to whom it may concern’.

This corresponds with the mutable, distributing and ‘broadcasting’ Sagittarius Moon that follows the Scorpio Moon ‘container’ (active from Tue May 5 at 4:13 am PDT to Thu May 7 at 11:16 am PDT).

The days of distribution will be this year quite charged as well:

The SAG Moon will be on May 5 conjunct Saturn, opposite Mercury in Gemini, and square Neptune in Pisces – a mutable T-square (following the fixed T-square!)!

Outlet for this Gemini / Sag tension that can be quite ‘centrifugal’ (Sag can have an agenda, and knows what’s the way to go, Gemini questions and wonders…) is Neptune in Pisces:

Surrendering to Oneness in the quantum field, letting BE, letting GO, being okay with what-IS, being available without getting ‘hooked’, relaxing our attachments, and letting the universe unfold.

© 2015 Melanie Lichtinger

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