PLUTO Focus this April – and Mission to PLUTO

18 Apr

PLUTO is being catalyzed by today’s New Moon! 

2 days ago, on April 16: Pluto went retro (until Sept 24)

Regeneration of Spirit, and Empowerment with Timeless Wisdom and Common Sense, from the Inside Out.

Deep Inner Core Transformation and Empowerment Mirror the Bigger Collective Evolution.

April is not only a Jupiterian month (Jupiter in LEO turned around from retro to direct) but also a Plutonic month:

After a very intense and cathartic month of March, and an amplified, Pluto charged Total Lunar Eclipse, Pluto has shifted gears, and is now on its yearly 5-months retro (‘inward-backward’) journey, to help us integrate all these intense outward changes, and translate them into inner change.

A yearly ‘tanker U-turn’ that takes us into old power themes, and gives incentive to retrieve our inner connection to ultimate natural power from within, and go through core essential transformation and renewal. Higher Power working through us…

When Pluto goes direct again on Sept 24 the inner alchemy of the year should be ‘done’ so that we can change from within, and experience the world very differently than now, esp. in the area of life that relates to mid Capricorn in our charts (where Pluto is now retro).

Esp. over the coming Summer (mid June – mid Sept 2015) when Saturn will be for the last time in this round in Pluto ruled Scorpio while Pluto will be still retro in Saturn ruled CAP (= they will be again in ‘mutual reception’, informing each other) will be an important time for residual processing and inner integration of what the very transformational ERA 2012 (2012 – 2015) has brought.

Pluto and its Moons

Pluto and its Moons – Photo credit: NASA

Apropos Pluto focus in April:

At the occasion of the NASA New Horizons mission to Pluto which was launched early 2006 (before Pluto was astronomically demoted as a ‘Planet’, in Aug 2006) while Pluto was in the Galactic Centre end of Sag – the big Unknown and notion to know the Ultimate – this astronomical article re: Planet Pluto popped up:

Closest encounter with Pluto is scheduled for July 14. The day after, July 15, 2015, will be a New Moon, and on the same day Mercury and Mars (driving force to learn and understand) will oppose Pluto. Interesting astrological schedule!

SEE you soon, Pluto!


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